Disney Details: Yak and Yeti Restaurant Lighting

One of the lesser-known, but still pretty awesome restaurants in Disney’s theme parks is Yak & Yeti, found in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Our experiences there have always been good when it comes to the food, but one of my favorite parts of the dining spot is the decor.

It’s clear that Disney’s imagineers searched high and low for authentic props and “set dressing” for this restaurant, and I’ve always been captivated by the lighting particularly.

On a visit many years ago, I snapped shots of several of lamps, light fixtures, and even chandeliers that make this restaurant so eclectic. I just came across the pics and wanted to share them with you. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know which Disney restaurant decor you’re most fond of!

Yak and Yeti Restaurant

Yak and Yeti Restaurant

Yak and Yeti Restaurant Lighting Elements

This incredible chandelier hangs above the main staircase up to the second floor. Its tiered crystals practically drip down to the railing!

Atmosphere from lighting

A few old-fashioned and vintage options look like they were taken right out of the 1920s.

Small light

ceiling chandelier

intricate beads and lights

This Buddha lamp base is topped with a striking red shade — a fun contrast to the green walls.

Table lamp

downcast lamps


bare bulbs

Be sure to seek out this bright red hanging lamp that casts a fun pattern on the ceiling!

red light casted on ceiling

Frontierland, anyone?


This one is my favorite. The green glass adds a colorful, but still subdued, look.

green-tinted lamp

red ambiance

bronze fixture


candle bulbs with beads

This one feels like it came right out of the Morocco pavilion!

exotic shade

Here’s another angle on that gorgeous chandelier!

fancy chandelier

And this stained glass lantern is different from anything else in the place!

stain glass lantern

So there are just a few of the fun additions — that many people never even think about — in Disney’s Yak and Yeti Restaurant! Thanks for indulging me in a little non-food show and tell!

Have you found a decor element you think is particularly interesting in Disney’s restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Robyn says

    That does it! Next time I’m in Animal Kingdom I’m stopping at Yak and Yeti! I always seem to be rushing by it to get to some fast pass or other. It looks like the kind of place I’d love too…tons of atmosphere. Yup, you’ve sold me.

  2. Essie says

    I love this restaurant. It’s the first time that I was in a restaurant that actually took me away to a foreign place! I really felt like I was in some far away country in southeast Asia and it made everything seem like such a great adventure; the Imagineers got this right in every way. The fact that the food was so very good was an added bonus. You’re right to focus on the fascinating décor; it definitely adds to the overall enjoyment of this amazing eatery.

  3. Eli Caroline says

    I love that all the lighting is mismatched. Those chandeliers are beautiful.
    Will be at Animal Kingdom this weekend. I will have to stop in and check this place out.

  4. Hannah says

    I have been here 3 times and never once noticed the lights. I was so mesmerized by the good food that I guess that’s where all the attention was.

  5. Joyce says

    This is one of my very favorite restaurants at WDW! Love the food and the atmosphere! I’m definitely going to have to check out the lights next time though!

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