Happy National Coffee Day! Three Unique Ways to Enjoy Coffee at Disney World

In case you didn’t know, today is National Coffee Day. And we all know that java lovers don’t check their passion for this Drink of Life when they step foot inside the Big Purple Gates!

coffee hut typhoon lagoon

There are the big headliners in the Disney coffee game. With Starbucks at two parks and Downtown Disney (and coming soon to Disney’s Hollywood Studios), you’re never far from your favorite coffee beverage. And Joffreys coffee stands inside and outside the parks lure us with those fresh coffee smells and giant doughnuts. But what if you’re looking for something a little different? Today, we have a few suggestions for other spots to indulge in some really unique coffee treats in Disney World.

Tipsy Ducks in Love

Looking for a coffee drink with a little “cheer” involved? Try the Tipsy Ducks in Love at the Joy of Tea in the China Pavilion at Epcot. Besides the crazy fun name, this refreshing Iced Mocha comes with two additions to make it extra special — a shot of Bourbon and a crown of Whipped Cream.

Tipsy Duck

Tipsy Duck

It’s the perfect drink for strolling the Promenade on a hot day. Or enjoy it after dinner as dessert!

Cappuccino Chocolate Cupcake

Speaking of dessert, one of my favorite ways to enjoy coffee is in cupcake form. :-) So when the craving strikes, head over to Toy Story Pizza Planet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a Cappuccino Chocolate Cupcake.

Since I prefer to get my coffee buzz with liberal amounts of other flavors thrown in, this mammoth cupcake is perfect! The coffee flavors are very subtle, and take a backseat to the chocolate. But it’s a flavor that’s more complex than your garden variety chocolate cupcake.

Cuppuccino Cupcake

Cuppuccino Cupcake

And the whipped Buttercream Frosting and Toffee and Nut Bits that complete this classic are a nice addition.

Victoria & Albert’s

But if you’re looking for a coffee experience, you must try Victoria & Albert’s.

Oh, sure. We know that you aren’t just going to drop by V&A and order a paper cup of joe to go. But if you’re looking for yet another reason to make an advance dining reservation at Disney’s top dining spot, great coffee might be it.

The vacuum press coffee pot that you find here is truly unique — it’s the only one of its kind featured at Disney. And coffee connoisseurs insist that it’s one of the best methods for brewing.

Coffee at Victoria and Albert's

Coffee at Victoria and Albert’s

Besides, it makes for great beverage theatre!

Want Even More Tips About Where to Enjoy The Best of Everything Edible in Disney World?

If you’re looking for more ideas for where to find great coffee and coffee-flavored treats, check out The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining.

2014 dfb guide 3d cover

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Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a coffee fix in Disney World? Leave your suggestions in comments below!


  1. Marc says

    After one of our earlier visits to Victoria & Albert I purchased a vacuum press coffee pot. It makes the most delicious cup of Joe around!

  2. karen mays says

    Yes!!! Coffee service at Victoria and Alberts is awesome,of course the entire experience was so worth it and AWESOME!!!

  3. Miles says

    Tipsy ducks in love is not a joke. They pour that thing with a strong hand. I shared it with my wife last spring and well…it is named very appropriately.

  4. Kim says

    I live in Maryland & am unable to come to Disney,it’s been several years ago since I could come, but I crave the Pizza Planets chocolate cappuccino cupcake. Is there anyway I could get the cupcake & icing recipe??

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