Disney Food Throw Down: Best Fish and Chips in Walt Disney World

There are some pretty serious debates about where in Walt Disney World you’ll find the best fish and chips. Today, we thought we’d throw a little fuel on that fire by taking a closer look at some of our favorites.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Mention that you’re visiting Walt Disney World and you’re hankering for this traditional British fare, and it’s a sure bet that somebody’s gonna have an opinion. And chances are good that you’ll be told to make a beeline for the UK Pavilion in Epcot.

When you get there, you’ll find two different spots that offer fish and chips. We’ll take a look at Yorkshire County Fish Shop first.

Located just before you cross the bridge into France, Yorkshire is a walk-up window where they keep it simple: you can order fish and chips, a cookie, or your choice of a few beverages.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

And thank goodness for simplicity, because even with it, the lines here can get loooooooonnng. But there’s a really good reason for that…the fish and chips are pretty great.

Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips from Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Because this spot is so busy, the fish is usually pretty fresh. The crunchy batter isn’t too greasy or heavy, and the chips really are more chip-py than french fry-like.

Cross-section of fish

Cross-section of fish

And since it’s counter service, you can score delicious, filling food with no advance dining reservation. We also hear from lots of you that a stop at Yorkshire is a WDW ritual worth keeping during every visit!

BUT — seating can be hard to find on busy days. We’ve enjoyed our Yorkshire fish and chips sitting on a curb or while standing a time or two.

Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room

And that brings us to the next contender: Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room right next door.

Whether you’re just after a pint or you’re looking to enjoy a meal, this traditional British pub is an extremely popular stop. If you’d like to dine here, we strongly recommend you book an advance dining reservation.

Outside of the Rose and Crown

Outside of the Rose and Crown

At Rose and Crown, you can order fish and chips off of the pub menu, or you can order them in the restaurant as well. Size and price vary depending on where you’re enjoying your fix. ;-)

But having them served at a table service restaurant means that you have more choices. With a menu that includes other fish and chip shop standards, like mushy peas, you can round out the meal a bit.

Classic beer-battered fish and chips with tartar sauce.

Fish and Chips from Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room

Seating choices include comfy a/c inside, or gorgeous views of World Showcase Lagoon on the patio.

Cookes of Dublin

But then, there’s the relatively new kid on the block who has brought some serious fish and chips game. Yep, we’re heading to Downtown Disney for a trip to Cookes of Dublin.

Cookes of Dublin Mirror Sign

Cookes of Dublin Mirror Sign

This counter service spot, located right around the corner from Raglan Road Irish Pub, offers a far more extensive menu than Yorkshire. With a wide array of savory pies, plus several other fried offerings, this could be the answer to satisfying everyone in your party — even if there’s a non fish and chips lover among you.

Cookes prides itself on fresh ingredients and old family recipes.

Fish and Chips from Cooke's of Dublin

Fish and Chips from Cookes of Dublin

We quite agree that the fish and chips here are some of the best we’ve had outside of the UK.

Gluten Free Fish and Chips at Raglan Road Irish Pub

But what if you follow a gluten free diet? Are your fish and chips dreams dashed for all time?

They don’t have to be. Because neighboring Raglan Road Irish Pub offers not only customary fish and chips, but a gluten-free version as well.

Gluten Free Fish and Chips

Gluten Free Fish, Pictured with Skinny Chips Substituted for Regular Chips

We’ve tasted them side-by-side, and there’s absolutely nothing missing from the GF experience in terms of flavor or texture. Of course, you can also get the customary recipe, too.

Fish and Chips at Raglan Road

Fish and Chips at Raglan Road

But how awesome is it to know that everyone can have their fish and eat it, too??

Columbia Harbour House

Our final stop on our quest for the best fish and chips takes us to Columbia Harbour House at Magic Kingdom.

Known for offering some interesting counter service options, the restaurant, which straddles Liberty Square and Fantasyland, is another spot that ranks highly on the “must visit every trip” list!

Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House

Technically, they don’t call it “fish and chips” here, but rather the Battered Fish Plate. I suppose that’s more accurate, since the potatoes are definitely more french fry like, and less chip-py.

Either way, the fish here is tasty. But if you’re looking to change it up a little, you can get a combo of fish and the world’s best Chicken Nuggets!

Fish and Chicken Combo at Columbia Harbor House

Fish and Chicken Combo at Columbia Harbour House

That fact alone makes Columbia Harbour House a major contender in this battle.

And for even more great seafood recommendations, be sure to check out our DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining! With hundreds of details and pictures covering every food you can think of in Walt Disney World, we’ve got you covered, regardless of your craving!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Ok, guys: you’ve seen the pictures and you’ve heard the arguments. So now, we want to hear from you! All of you who are passionate about fish and chips, let’s hear your favorites.

Who has the BEST fish and chips in all of Disney World?

Leave a comment below and tell us which Disney World dining spot you think offers the best version of fish and chips!


  1. Lisa C. says

    Without a doubt, Raglan Road has the best fish and chips. I had the gluten free version this week, and it was absolutely fantastic. Cookes of Dublin has a great version, too. I was very disappointed with the fish and chips at Yorkshire County Fish Shop. I was excited to try it because I had heard such great reviews. Both the fish and the chips were so greasy that I could not even eat more than a few bites.

  2. Robb H says

    Cooke’s of Dublin … we’ve tried them all and the lighter batter, mild seasoning, VERY fresh fish, and “Doh Bar” chaser make this our favorite!

  3. PaulSC says

    im bias towards Yorkshire County Fish Shop. Mainly because i never made to the other places due to, being 3 sheets to the wind…

  4. Lee says

    We’ve been reluctant to try the Fish & Chips at Columbia Harbor House because, well, we’ve seen more than one other site refer to them as being “barely better than supermarket fish-sticks in taste and quality”. That evaluation seems in stark contrast to your review. I guess we’ll just have to try them and see for ourselves!


  5. Linda says

    I’ve tried them all except at DTD. My favorite has to be Yorkshire. We have to stop every time we visit and when those lines are loooong and there’s no place to sit we park it n the ground to enjoy. Yes…they are that good!

  6. Brad says

    The best fish and chips of my life were at the bar at Rose and Crown at park close after a “drink around the world” day, so my viewpoint may be a little bit off :) But I always thought they were better than the Yorkshire fish and chips next door.

  7. Essie says

    I’ve had the food at CHH and it’s always been good, but I’ve been wanting to try the fish and chips at Yorkshire; I hope to do that next Fall.

  8. Rebecca says

    The gluten-free fish and chips at Raglan Road are hands down the best, even better than the regular versions. There’s something about that GF batter that’s *so* perfectly light and crispy.

  9. Galloping Gourmond says

    Cooke’s, hands down. The hard question is what’s the second best place… I’ll have to think on it.

  10. Sandra says

    The limited menu at Yorkshire meant we have passed it by because my son wouldn’t eat fish, and now that he does, my husband can’t eat chips! We loved the fish and chips at Cooke’s and with the other options there, it will be the place we go for fish (plus beer!). However, we also find CHH a must on each trip. They have expanded their menu a bit, so it should have something to appeal to all. I like their fried fish and shrimp fine, but my favorite is still the Lighthouse sandwich, huge, filling, and fish-free.

  11. Sam Winston says

    What type of fish is used in what place? Cod or Haddock?
    Cod was placed on the endangered species list by the WWF. And if I’m not mistaken there was a ban cod fishing in Canada after the species vitually vanished due to over fishing.

  12. Dana says

    Hand’s down, the best come from Raglan Road. The gluten-free version is to die for, not to mention it’s a really special treat being able to eat fried fish in the first place!

  13. Tom W says

    Cooked of Dublin wins hands down. Same portion as Raglan Road at a much cheaper
    price. I highly recommend ordering a Doh bar for dessert, which is absolutely amazing!

  14. shannon says

    Hey, i was at Liberty Tree Tavern two weeks ago and they had fish n chips there. I went for the turkey, but I’m curious. Has anyone tried them at LIberty Tree?

    My vote from having had them at all the other spots: Yorkshire!

  15. Chrissy says

    For me, it’s Rose & Crown all the way. I’ve had the fish and chips at Cooke’s and Yorkshire, and just wasn’t impressed with them. There’s just something about drenching my fish and chips in vinegar and then dunking them in ketchup that I love.

  16. Natalie says

    Being from Yorkshire, I have to vote the Yorkshire Country. Seems a bit silly to go, but always makes a fun photo. The Fish n Chips here tastes most authentic, we find.

  17. Dawn says

    We recently stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter. Nothing was speaking to us for dinner, so we walked over to Port Orleans Riverside. Riverside Mill Food Court offers fish and chips on their menu. That’s what we got, expecting the heavily battered, somewhat greasy fish. It was actually far better themed to the resort. There were three huge slabs of fish served southern style (breaded with spices), very little greasiness, and a bunch of fries. We had come from Food and Wine Fest earlier in the day, and the servings were so generous, we could have shared a single dish and been satisfied. We really enjoyed it!

  18. Ed says

    We tried both, both are the best fish and chips we ever tried. So Disney’s, to us, has the best fish and chips in the world, period. Among the two, Yorkshire has a better batter and is the one we prefer.

  19. Elaine says

    On our last visit to the Rose and Crown (April 2018) we learned from a cast member that the fish they use is TILAPIA!!!???? Can anyone confirm this? We won’t go back if this is the case.

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