Review: New French Dip Burger at Epcot’s Electric Umbrella

Truth: it’s not very often that I visit Epcot’s Electric Umbrella in Future World.

From time to time, it’s  been known to debut something unique, but other than that, the regular items don’t hold a ton of appeal when compared with so many crave-worthy hits around World Showcase. However, they’ve switched up the menu here a bit recently, so it’s time to check it out and see how the new items fare.

But first, I should mention that there is potential for this to be the scene when you hit Electric Umbrella around dinner time while everyone else is tasting their way around World Showcase during the Food and Wine Festival

Electric Umbrella outdoor sign

Electric Umbrella outdoor sign

Outdoor seating at Electric Umbrella

Empty outdoor seating at Electric Umbrella

View of the Fountains

View of the Fountains

Not bad!

The last time we headed to Electric Umbrella to check out a new burger was when the Macaroni and Cheese Burger arrived on the scene. That one didn’t make the cut for the updated menu (and it definitely wasn’t my favorite). Neither did the Meatball Sub, though the fan favorite Vegetarian Flatbread remains.

Now you’ll find a Sausage and Pepper Sandwich (Italian sausage, peppers, onions, and tomato, topped with Provolone cheese), and a Veggie Naan Wich (broccoli slaw and edamame topped with tofu wasabi dressing).  I found the Veggie Naan Wich of interest because that brings the vegetarian options to two — which doesn’t sound very impressive until you consider that there are only five spotlight items on this menu.

Electric Umbrella menu

Electric Umbrella menu

But having tried the previous version of an “Extreme” burger at the Electric Umbrella, I just had to get the final new item on the menu: the French Dip Burger.

French Dip Burger

French Dip Burger

Of course, it comes with fries.

Fries on the side

Fries on the side

This Angus burger is topped with brisket and crispy onions, and a slice of Muenster cheese is tucked underneath the burger.

French Dip Burger close up

French Dip Burger close up

I must admit: I’m always a little hesitant about the whole meat-topped-with-even-more-meat thing, even though it often ends up being pretty delicious (cases in point: the Barbecue Slaw Dog found at Fairfax Fare and Casey’s Corner, and Sci-Fi Dine-In’s Famous All-American Picnic Burger). I entered into this new dining scenario with the same hesitation.

Unlike a regular French Dip sandwich with the au jus set on the side for dipping, the brisket here is… well, already dipped :). It’s drenched just enough to give it plenty of that delicious, brothy-beef flavor without making a huge mess (a small miracle, considering everything going on here).

Brisket and crispy onions on top of burger

Brisket and crispy onions on top of burger

The result ends up being a Disney burger that is, overall, really quite moist — and since a common complaint about burgers at Disney is that they are often dry, this is a very nice surprise.

The crispy onions break up both the the texture and the flavor. I’m a huge onion fan, so believe it or not, I could’ve happily taken more of them on the top. And the Muenster cheese was a good choice here (you can finally see it under the big ol’ beef pile in the pictures below), adding just a bit of mild creamy flavor to finish everything off.

French Dip Burger cross-section

French Dip Burger cross-section

French Dip Burger cross-section

French Dip Burger cross-section

I’m shocked to say, I didn’t find it to be overkill. In fact, I kind of loved it. For me, it’s made for sharing, but my husband said he easily could have finished it on his own. The French Dip Burger is fun, tasty, and I think this is a good addition to the choices at Electric Umbrella.

Would you like to try the French Dip Burger? Please let us know your thoughts with a comment!


  1. Logan says

    Just a tip we learned on last year’s trip (during the Food and Wine Festival): food from the festival can be taken into the Electric Umbrella to be enjoyed! Beer, too! This was great for us to be able to get out of the heat and have a place to sit while noshing. :)

  2. says

    Being a burger purist, I cringed when I read the description of this burger. But over the years I’ve learned that AJ and I have similar tastes, so I’m putting this on the list of things to try on my next visit.

    And for the record, I think the Electric Umbrella would make a great table service location if they re-themed it. I’m thinking a Tron Legacy, End of Line Club theme…

  3. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at the Electric Umbrella, and probably because it’s so unassuming in Epcot. This however looks like something we should add to our Future World food list, especially since you said it’s good for sharing :) The brisket and onions sound divine, and since you said it’s not too much meat-on-meat, it sounds alright! Thank you for the review!

  4. Belinda says

    Electric Umbrella is the only (and I mean only) place in WDW where I refuse to eat. After three consecutive visits with horribly cold fries and burned, inedible burgers, I decided there were much better counter service meals. It’s a shame, too, because that’s one of the most convenient locations in all of WDW. It wouldn’t matter what that burger was topped with, I will pass it by and head to World Showcase.

  5. says

    That looks really difficult to eat, but it also looks like the reward would be worth the effort. Definitely a fork and knife operation, though.

  6. Kathy says

    OMG!!!! Love this burger! We were there last month and were looking for a place to rest and grab a bite to eat on our way out of the park. I generally gravitate towards anything but a burger since well…they are just burgers. I can get burgers at home. Well glad I was wrong on this one. It was just as you say it was, moist but not overly so. Very flavorful! Wishing I could get it here at home. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. mmmmmm

  7. Essie says

    I’ve eaten here only once, but if I had to again this burger would def be my choice. It really does sound very good.

  8. Anna says

    Wendy, great review. Looking forward to hearing about the veggie naan wich! Innovative idea for a sandwich!

  9. Roland says

    I will confess that I love Electric Umbrella! My wife and son, not so much. We saw this new burger last week. I’m not all that into French Dip but your description of added moistness sounds interesting. We may try it when we’re there in the spring.

  10. Diana C. says

    I have eaten this burger several times because I simply cannot get over it! It is SO GOOD! And my fries have been awesome. The burger is substantial, and my husband and I have purchased one burger and fries and ordered a side of fries also, and split the burger. It was TONS of food. Now I want to go back and get another!!!

  11. Tom H. says

    Will try this burger and probably the Naan Wich as well. Is this the same Sausage & Pepper Sandwich as the highly rated one from Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner?

    Thanks for the discovery.

  12. Johnny says

    Hey! I got an idea…. Why not just offer a French Dip!

    When I want a Burger…I eat a Burger! And when I want a French Dip…I eat a French Dip! ;-)

  13. Julie ny says

    WOW after all these quick service reviews i my just switch to Q/S dinning plan cant wait im starving

  14. Debbie says

    Every time my husband and I go to Epcot, we always have to get the french Dip Burger. It is so amazing. and we rarely eat hamburgers. I must try to make this at home.

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