Review: Ghost Cupcake at Disney’s BoardWalk Bakery

The Boardwalk Bakery is scaring up some Halloween fun this year. Our twitter followers wanted to see what was inside this Ghost Cupcake! (And, let’s be honest, I did, too!)

No stranger to unique treats of any sort (Peanut Butter, Banana, and Candied Bacon Pie, anyone?), the BoardWalk Bakery has earned its place as a go-to stop for cupcake gems — both seasonal and otherwise.

We’re talking everything from the Red (Velvet), White, and Blue Cupcake to celebrate this past Fourth of July to the recently made-over staples: the Strawberry Cupcake and the (soon to be reviewed here on DFB) Oreo Cupcake. So, it’s not exactly a surprise that the newly renovated Bakery would conjure up a little something (see what I did there?) to commemorate Halloween.

Ghost Cupcake

Ghost Cupcake

Taking it from the very top, our little ghost friend is formed of fondant, just like the Ghost Cupcake featured at Gaston’s Tavern at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. While technically edible, it’s not recommended. He’s really there for decoration and — clearly — a super high fright factor ;). 

Ghost topper

Ghost topper

Also like Gaston’s version, his ghostly form is supported by a (totally edible!) marshmallow tucked underneath.

Marshmallow ghost

Marshmallow ghost

The “frosting” is whipped cream (WHY??!??!?!?!???!!!). The whipped topping has been a trend among specialty cupcakes at the BoardWalk Bakery as of late. Blergh.

Whipped cream frosting

Whipped cream frosting

They tried to hide the fact that it’s WHIPPED CREAM with a swirl of caramel and a sprinkling of candied nuts. Good effort, but still NOT FROSTING.

Anyway, you know my take on the whole thing, so we’ll move on.

You can’t tell from the wrapping, but the base is yellow cake. And the filling? Well, it’s called a “caramel apple” filling, but really it’s pretty much butterscotch pudding with chunks of apple in it. I have no problem with this. I like butterscotch pudding.

"Caramel apple" filling

“Caramel apple” filling


"Caramel apple" but-really-pretty-much-butterscotch filling

“Caramel apple” but-really-pretty-much-butterscotch filling

It’s cute. Sure. But all in all, as I’m sure you can tell, this isn’t my favorite effort to come from the typical greatness that is BoardWalk Bakery cupcakes.

But Halloween is just days away now, which means — ready or not — the winter holiday cupcakes aren’t far behind. After last year’s Peppermint Cupcake, which was one of the greats, we’ll be stopping by BoardWalk Bakery again the minute the very first Resort Gingerbread House hits the scene to see what’s next!

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Would you like to try the Ghost Cupcake? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Chrissy Olson says

    This may please a few readers. I have a couple family members that prefer a whipped topping on their cake to a heavy buttercream. Not me…but they’re out there.

  2. Joni says

    I prefer the whipped cream topping. Other is just too sweet. I know I know… Will look forward to the Holiday treats.

  3. Cristy says

    I tried this cupcake last weekend and loved it! I found the whipped frosting much nicer than the heavy butter cream that you typically find on a cupcake. The filling was wonderful. I usually don’t purchase cupcakes because they tend to be overly sweet. This was perfect for me!

  4. Essie says

    I like frosting, but not if it’s greasy like sugary lard, only if it’s a good buttercream frosting. I’m not sure why, but I don’t think I’d like this cupcake. I like butterscotch pudding, but the entire mix together just doesn’t entice me. I like fondant and the ghost is cute, but I’d opt for something else.

  5. Sarah says

    I tried the cupcake earlier this week and enjoyed it… but I really like whipped cream topping. I thought it was a much better balance with the sweetness of the filling than a buttercream would have been. Not as apple-y or caramel-y as I was hoping for, but still pretty good. I second not eating the little ghost on top– PURE SUGAR and not in a good way!

  6. Alicia says

    I hate buttercream frosting, it’s dense and too sweet! BLECK! I myself, welcome any form of whipped cream, as long as it’s the real stuff and not some hydrogenated oil mess.

  7. Agnes says

    I will not participate in this whipped cream anarchy. But I will patiently wait for the review of the Oreo Cupcake! Does that have cream cheese frosting?

  8. Avaitor says

    Hmm, I don’t recall seeing the Ghost Cupcake at the Boardwalk Bakery when I went. Then again, my eye was focused on trying the famous Strawberry Cupcake once and for all, so I’m not surprised. While that passed my test, I wish I had known about this one to try instead, since the strawberry cupcake will likely still be around the next time I come back.

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