Review: Liberty Tree Tavern at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

We are heading to one of my favorite Walt Disney World restaurants today — Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom!

“This place is awesome, why?” you ask? Because it’s FOOD and LEARNING all in ONE! Shazam!!! Beat THAT, Be Our Guest!!! ;-D

OK, so I clearly have a soft spot in my heart for LTT, and it really is a bunch of comfort food with a hearty side of history blended in. Ready to take a peek? Time to board the learning train! Woo-woo!


Liberty Tree Tavern is situated in Liberty Square, just a stone’s throw from Cinderella Castle. While the main focus of Liberty Square and the restaurant itself is a celebration of Colonial American History, it’s also an important spot in Disney History; Liberty Tree opened with the park on October 1, 1971. See? Staying power.

Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom

Enter the lobby and check in at the podium just to the left of the door. The lobby itself is cozy and rustic, with wood paneling and wrought iron chandeliers. A huge fireplace — the kind used for cooking and big enough to stand in — is the focal point of the room. But soaring, two-story ceilings and all of those hard surfaces can make for a lot of noise. Be prepared!

Be sure to arrange an advance dining reservation if you’d like to eat here, as it’s usually a pretty busy place. And keep in mind that lunch and dinner have different menus and service styles. More about that in a bit!

Liberty Tree Tavern Lobby

Liberty Tree Tavern Lobby

Once your table is ready, you’ll be announced by a cast member — Town Crier style! Talk about an entrance. ;-) But get your head out of the clouds, already; we have learning to do! En route to your table, have a look around; there are some interesting details here and you don’t want to overlook them.

Within Liberty Tree Tavern, you’ll find six distinct rooms or seating areas, each named for a notable historical figure. See if your favorite Colonial American hero numbers among them; the list includes Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, and George Washington.

This spot with hats and coats hanging by the door has always been one of my favorite details. There’s John Paul Jones to the right!

Coats and Hat Hanging at the Ready

Coats and Hat Hanging at the Ready!

Walls in all of the seating areas are covered with Colonial-Era paintings and portraits, and you’ll also find super detailed decorative touches, like this model ship.


Portrait and Model Ship

You’ll know Betsy Ross’s Room by the flag, of course!

Flag in Betsy Ross Room

Flag in Betsy Ross Room

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s portrait hangs in the room commemorating his life and work.

Benjamin Franklin Room

Benjamin Franklin Room

You’ll also find his famous kite! I love this. You’re SO going to impress your friends by knowing about all of these details. You can see your kids’ “what I learned on my vacation” report writing itself, can’t you?

Kite in Ben Franklin Room

Kite in Ben Franklin Room

Here’s more from the John Paul Jones room.

John Paul Jones Room

John Paul Jones Room — Inside

When it comes to seating and surroundings, you may find yourself feeling like you’re dining in someone’s home. Tables and chairs look like they’re straight out of your grandparents’ (great grandparents’? great great grandparents?) dining room.



While chairs comprise most of the seating, you’ll also find some mixed banquette and chair seating.


Another Seating Area

Time to turn our attention to the food! Let’s take a look at what we enjoyed during our most recent visit to Liberty Tree.


If you’ve never dined at Liberty Tree Tavern, you should be aware that Lunch and Dinner are different types of meals. While dinner is an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal (Thanksgiving!!!), served family style, lunch is an a la carte situation. You’ll choose each of your courses from the menu and pay for everything accordingly, rather than a set per-person price.

The good news is that if you’re trying to get a dinner ADR but can’t manage to swing it, you can still get some of the dinner options on the lunch menu — you just can’t get seconds and thirds. :-)

Lunch Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Lunch Menu — Click to Enlarge

I decided to start off my meal with Today’s Soup Kettle option — the Soup of the Day. The hearty Vegetable Beef Soup featured a rich Broth, and was loaded with Roast Beef and a ton of Vegetables. Very satisfying.


Vegetable Beef Soup

My friend decided to give the Freedom Pasta a try. The dish includes Farfalle Pasta tossed with Vegetables, Mushrooms, and Chicken in a Cream Sauce. The dish came topped with a spinkle of grated Parmesan Cheese. While it’s nothing fancy (or particularly colonial ;-) ), it IS very good.

I can remember when this one was new on the menu (using a different pasta) and how much I liked it! It was better back then (a thicker cream sauce, more flavorful chicken-with-skin, etc), but it’s still a filling, very comforting option.

Freedom Pasta

Freedom Pasta

Now, my favorite thing to order when I come to Liberty Tree is their Angus Chuck Cheeseburger. I hardly ever miss a chance to enjoy it — it’s one of my favorite Disney Burgers!

Cheeseburger at Liberty Tree Tavern

Cheeseburger at Liberty Tree Tavern

But during this visit, I decided to try another dish that Liberty Tree is known for — the Pilgrim’s Feast.

Craving Thanksgiving Dinner in the middle of July? No problem. Whether you visit Liberty Tree for lunch or dinner, you can enjoy a Traditional Turkey Dinner with many of the trimmings! You can see from the photo — this is the real deal, with real Roasted Turkey Breast Meat, complete with Skin!

Pilgrim's Feast

Pilgrim’s Feast

There’s also mashed potatoes, green beans, and STUFFING!!!!!!

Herb Bread Stuffing

Herb Bread Stuffing

This one’s tough to photograph as there’s so much hidden beneath the stack of turkey…and the gravy tends to get a little skin on it, so it looks weird…but it is a delicious meal. Even for people like me who don’t LURVE Thanksgiving dinner.

With a delicious meal under our belts, it was time to check out our options for a sweet ending. I can never resist a Fruit Crisp, so that was our first choice. Topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, this classic combo of peaches and cream, and hot meets cold, didn’t disappoint.

Johnny Appleseed's Cake

Johnny Appleseed’s Cake

But while it was just as delicious as it looks, it couldn’t steer me away from ordering one of my most favorite desserts in all of Disney — Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake!

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake

So pretty, right!?

Warm, sweet, gooey, and delicious, this one is the perfect vacay indulgence. And if these pics are causing you to crave this treat like I am, check out our handy recipe!


If you’re looking for surprises…you’ve probably come to the wrong place. I have loved Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch in the past, and I continue to love it. Its terrific track record holds, and I’m happy to continue recommending to anyone who will listen!

It’s the complete package: the food, while nothing particularly fancy, is always good and fresh. The decor does just exactly what it’s supposed to do — it immerses you in another time and place. And with every delicious meal I have here, I recount countless memories of good times with friends and family from years past.

Plus, I often (not always, but often) have great service here. I think a lot of the servers have been at LTT for a long time, and they really know how to handle a tired, stressed park-goer who just wants some good food fast. ;-D

And so, I’ll continue to eat at Liberty Tree Tavern (especially for lunch), and I’ll keep recommending that you do the same!

Is Liberty Tree Tavern one of your Disney favorites as well? Leave a comment and tell us what you think of this beloved Disney World restaurant!


  1. Michelle says

    Family favorite. It’s the one restaurant that the kids never want to skip. Always our first meal of the trip! And the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, my favorite dessert of the trip

  2. Kelly M says

    My visits usually go like this:
    Pilgrims Feast, extra mash, extra gravy please! Then leave me be – I’m happy.

  3. Joni says

    I always get the pot roast and declaration salad. SO Good but I never have room for dessert :(
    I know I should try something else but……

  4. Brenda says

    My visits include the Clam Chowder or the Fried Cheese then for some reason I love that Colony Salad, the vinaigrette is nice and light tons of nuts and berries and cheese. And no visit is complete without the ooey gooey! Yumm!!!

  5. shannon says

    An absolute favorite for sure. Pilgrims feast is great — and yes, extra gravy please! Love the pot roast and the veggie burger is totally delicious. Ooey gooey cake is deceptive — it’s more like a decadent chocolate chip cookie, don’t you think? I never miss this place for lunch. We always follow it up with dinner at Columbia Harbour House and desserts at Sleepy Hollow. Hooray for Liberty Square dining!

  6. Lisa C. says

    This used to be a great place, but I find it really disappointing now. I am e vegetarian, and they used to have a wonderful vegetable pot pie. Now the only option is a $13 veggie burger. Wow. The service used to be great as well, but I got horrible service the last couple of times I was there. Even the chef was rude. Usually, with dietary restrictions, the chefs bend over backward to be accommodating. Not so here. We dined there during dinner, which is an all-you-can eat situation. Since I don’t eat any of the main courses, I wondered if the chef could make me a simple pasta dish ore something. He came to our table, looking like he was highly inconvenienced. He said, “We don’t do special orders. If we did that for one person, we’d have to do it for everybody. The menu is what it is. You can have a veggie burger. That’s it. Take it or leave it.” This was very un-Disney-like, and I was kind of shocked. Well, we ended up leaving. I don’t intend to go back. This is the only restaurant in Walt Disney World where I did not get fantastic service. :(

  7. Sarah says

    Went here for the first time on our trip last month. Have to agree with the other comment on the Colony Salad. It was a great mix of ingredients, and the vinaigrette was delicious. It’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for something lighter. Of course I had to try the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. Let me just say that it lives up to its reputation. Sooooo good.

  8. DebC says

    This is our must do stop every trip. Usually right before we leave to go home. I get the pot roast and my husband gets the Pilgrims Feast. He always asks for extra gravy, cranberry sauce and dinner rolls. And he gets them.

    I agree with Shannon. No cake at all in that ooey gooey stuff. Basically just a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top with chocolate syrup and toffee crumbs. I’d rather have real cake, like the Martha Washington Cake. but we seldom get dessert because the meal fills us up.

    When our son was little, he’d get the Tavern Fryed Cheese (back then it was both cheddar and mozzarella) for his lunch.

  9. April M says

    We have an ADR here for lunch this Thursday. So excited! Plus my daughter is studying the American Revolution and is finishing a project on the Battle of Lexington and Concord so this time period will be relatable to her.

  10. Betsy says

    I have to say, the liberty tree Tavern is also great with people who have food allergies.I have several food allergies and the chef here was fantastic! Believe it or not, I am allergic to chicken. Chicken broth is used in a lot of different things such as gravy, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. The chef here was great making sure that there was nothing I was allergic to in my meals. She even went so far as to make gravy for me separate from everyone else’s so that there was no chicken broth used. Most commercial kitchens have chicken broth in at least the gravy, So most of the time I can never have a Thanksgiving dinner. This is the only restaurant I know that will make me my own gravy and make sure I won’t end up with a life-threatening allergic reaction. I am grateful to have such a great place to eat.

  11. Paul says

    You have just given me a GREAT idea for an ADR for lunch on our next trip! We have not been to the LBT in several years. Those desserts look wonderful!

  12. Essie says

    We ate here once when it was still a character meal. We had the Thanksgiving dinner and it was pretty good; the character interaction was wonderful. They were a lot of fun and very accommodating for photos. My one disappointment was that the dessert was an everyday type of apple crisp; I’d have much rather had the Toffee cake. Luckily, the DFB gave us the wonderful recipe. Thank you!

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