New! Olaf Frozen Lemonade Strawberry Bar in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Welp, they’re at it again. If the Frozen cupcakes, drinks, cookies, a gingerbread castle, and an entire dessert party weren’t enough for you, there’s now an ice cream bar in the Magic Kingdom that you just might love!

New Frozen Olaf Lemonade Strawberry bar

New Frozen Olaf Lemonade Strawberry bar

This bar features Olaf — the best character from the film (except for, possibly, Sven).

Frozen Olaf Bar Packaging

Frozen Olaf Bar Packaging

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Info

He’s a lovable snowman who’s a big fan of Summer…which he’s never actually experienced. One of his most memorable lines from the movie is featured on the treat packaging: Some people are worth melting for.

Worth Melting For

Worth Melting For

Inside the wrapper, you’ll find a mottled red and yellow frozen fruit bar.

Frozen Olaf Bar

Frozen Olaf Bar

Take your first bite and you’ll realize why they’re calling this a Lemonade Strawberry bar versus what we’d expect to be the more likely “Strawberry Lemonade” title. This thing is really super tart!

This bar has bite!

This bar has bite!

I’m a huge sour fan, so I very much enjoyed it! But it may be too tart for your little ones.

That said, candy companies market sour candy to kids like crazy, right? So, if your kiddo tends to really like all of that sour stuff, they’ll probably enjoy this as well.

Olaf Bars can be found throughout the Magic Kingdom

Olaf Bars can be found throughout the Magic Kingdom

You can find the Olaf bars throughout the Magic Kingdom, but I didn’t see them anywhere else on my adventures this week. It’s possible they’re trying them out there on a trial basis and will move them elsewhere in the new year.

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Is an Olaf Lemonade Strawberry Bar in your future? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Rune says

    I think it’s a wee bit sad that they are calling it the Olaf Frozen bar when all he’s featured on is the wrapper. Set against the good old Mickey Bar / Mickey ice cream sandwich, it just seems a bit of a shame. (I know there are other ‘just the wrapper’ treats around the parks but I seem to recall shaped / moulded characteric ice lollies / popsicles from my youth so surely it wouldn’t have been too hard for Disney to add a little extra magic and make them at least a little bit Snowman shaped? =)

    That aside they do look pretty good. I’m a sucker for the frozen lemonade in tubs as well as the raspberry lemonade slushie at Cheshire Cafe, and all things sour in general so this is going on the must try list.

  2. Sarah says

    I agree with some of the previous commenters. Naming a bar after a character just because he’s featured on the wrapper? Seems silly and just another way for Disney to capitalize on the Frozen name. I mean, the wrapper is cute, but seriously.

  3. Jursica says

    The Olaf bar is around in Hollywood Studios as well (fitting, right?), and it’s actually been around there for a few weeks now.

  4. Stevie says

    I mean, I understand the complaint about the price hike. However, the others are a strawberry fruit bar or a mango fruit bar. The Olaf bar is a strawberry lemonade bar. So it’s a specialty treat. Of the six treats, four are 4.00 and two are 3.75. The .25 price difference really isn’t that big of a deal. Even if you were buying for a family of six, that would only be 1.50 difference between the other bars, and that wouldn’t even be enough to buy another bar. So that .25 cents is fairly negligible.

    As for marketing: yes. Everything is about marketing. And it’s smart, too. Disney is ENTIRELY about getting you to enjoy the magic. A Mickey bar tastes heavenly in Disney for a reason–it’s the ambience. It’s the magic of the parks. At home, they don’t taste the same.

    So an Olaf bar is a SMART marketing move to sell a fruit bar to kids that likely would’ve gone for a Mickey bar instead. What you’re saving on calories makes up for that .25 cents, in my opinion! :)

  5. Kendall says

    This was my favorite thing to eat at Disney World. They were really refreshing on a hot summer day. And so sour. I definitely would recommend these popsicles. I really want a recipe for them.

  6. kellie says

    I have just returned from a holiday in Florida with my family and my son who is not a fan of frozen loves these olaf ice lollies, he has a dairy allergy so was restricted to what he could have, since we returned home he has asked me to buy some of those olaf ice lollies from the supper market and when i told him you can not buy them back home he was very disappointed.

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