Dining in Disneyland: Big Hero 6 Teriyaki Street Dog & Coconut Milk Tea from Award Wieners

If you haven’t seen Big Hero 6 yet, then you need to get to the movie theater ASAP. My whole family, teenager included, enjoyed it. I’m now totally in love with Baymax.

So, when I saw that there were Big Hero 6 special menu items at Award Wieners in Disney California Adventure, I was all in.

Award Wieners

There are two special menu items, the Teriyaki Street Dog and Coconut Milk Tea that are definitely worth a visit to Award Wieners.

Big Hero 6 Meal Description

Big Hero 6 Meal Description

Both items are unbelievably delicious. I’m normally not a hot dog person (I’ll take a corn dog over a hot dog on any Disney day), but the flavors in the description intrigued me.

The Teriyaki Dog is a Teriyaki glazed all beef hot dog served on a Garlic Chive Roll.  It’s topped with Wasabi Mayonaisse and Ginger, Carrot & Cucumber Slaw.  If you’re not into spicy, don’t let the word wasabi scare you away. I’m only a mild spice type of person (so this means I’m just mildy boring, right?) and I could totally handle it.  In fact, I really loved it.

The mayo had just a little bit of kick to it and combined with the flavors of the hot dog and slaw, it was perfect.

Big Hero 6 Teriyaki Street Dog

Big Hero 6 Teriyaki Street Dog

The Teriyaki Street Dog is $8.50. It’s generously sized comes with your choice of apples or a snack size bag of regular Lays Potato Chips.  Warning though, it’s messy!  Grab extra napkins and you may even want to consider a knife and fork… .

I also ordered the Coconut Milk Tea for $3.59.  The tea is served cold with Coconut and Lychee Flavors.  It’s very sweet, but oh so yummy.  I’ve actually gone back for the tea again. So good!

I was told that Teriyaki Dog and Coconut Milk Tea would be available through the holidays.

Complete Big Hero 6 Meal

Complete Big Hero 6 Meal

Award Wieners is also where you can snag a Big Hero 6 Baymax “Personal Beverage Companion” Sipper.  I know the day I was there they were flying out the order window.

Baymax Sipper

Baymax Sipper

A Cast Member told me they were selling out on a daily basis.

Have you tried the Big Hero 6 special menu items at Award Wieners?  If so, what did you think?  If not, do you plan to?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Stephanie says

    Joni- I just purchased the Baymax cup this weekend at the ABC Commissary at Hollywood Studios. According to this article from the Disney Parks Blog (http://bit.ly/1CaCC8C) it is also available at other locations at HS:

    “Baymax is now also available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort. The sipper is sold at ABC Commissary, Backlot Express, Rosie’s All American Café, Peevy’s, and at popcorn carts and outdoor kiosks throughout the park.”

  2. says

    The Baymax cup is available at Hollywood Studios. I got one there last weekend, but they too are selling out daily. The first day I was there I waited to get one at the end of the day so I wouldn’t have to carry it around. They were gone from all the carts. A cast member told me they get a new box each day, but when they’re gone for the day, they’re gone. So get one early. I ended up going back to HS the next morning just to get one. Worth it. They’re really cool.

  3. Claire says

    Yep, we just came back Saturday and they were at Hollywood Studios. The quick service locations had them, ABC Commissary, Backlot Express (the one beside Indiana Jones). I think they were $9.99 filled with a beverage.

  4. Heather Sievers says

    @Joni – Hope you found one!

    @Stephanie, Brandon & Claire – Thanks for the info! I didn’t have a chance to answer while I was in Tokyo!

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