Review: Porterhouse for Two at Yachtsman Steakhouse in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Today, we have a real treat for you. It’s time to highlight a special dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse.

This signature dining spot, located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, offers up a full array of classic steakhouse fare. But you’ll also find innovative dishes with an emphasis on using seasonal ingredients.

While we often find our favorites still on the menu during a visit, we can always count on some surprises. We had the pleasure of dining there with some friends on a recent trip, and I just had to share with you a glimpse of our special meal.

32 Ounce Porterhouse for Two at Yachtsman Steakhouse

I always enjoy a visit to Yachtsman Steakhouse. (Check out this dinner review of a full meal we enjoyed here recently.) While the atmosphere isn’t particularly inspired, we’ve had some truly amazing meals here!

A quick look at the menu will show you what I mean about the combination of steakhouse-classics-meets-seasonally-inspired fare. And notice the emphasis on Charcuterie — something we’re seeing in other signature restaurants like California Grill as well.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

But even though it’s tough to make a choice from all of those steaks, we were after just one thing: the 32 Ounce Porterhouse for Two.

After we placed our order, we were surprised with an Amuse Bouche — this Savory Mickey Waffle! This had to be just about the most adorable started to a meal, ever. The Sweet Potato Waffle was delicious, and I loved all of the little touches on the plate.

An Amuse Bouche Featuring a Savory Mickey Waffle

An Amuse Bouche Featuring a Savory Mickey Waffle

Soon, however, we were ready to dig into the main course — that beautiful Porterhouse! It’s presented tableside already cut into pieces. I thought this was a great touch, and made sharing a much neater situation.

You can see that the meat was cooked to the medium rare temperature that we requested. In fact, it was a little on the rare side. The dry-aging process lends complexity and depth to the flavor and makes the meat very tender.

The steak comes with plenty more to share as well, including the Trio of Classic Steakhouse Sides: creamed spinach, mushrooms, and onions.

32 Ounce Porterhouse for Two with Trio of Steakhouse Sides

32 Ounce Porterhouse for Two with Trio of Classic Steakhouse Sides

And I couldn’t help but order the killer Potato Gratin…because I super needed more food, right? Potatoes and a combination of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Gruyere Cheeses. You just can’t turn that down.

Potato Gratin

Potato Gratin

Basically, this is a family-style meal of the highest caliber for two people.

And the Garlic Butter! How have I not mentioned it yet? Of course, it lent incredible richness and flavor to the dish. This whole deal won’t likely do any favors for your cholesterol levels, but it sure will wow the rest of you.

A Closer Look at the Trio of Steakhouse Sides

A Closer Look at the Trio of Classic Steakhouse Sides

With its steep price tag, it is a bit of a splurge…but I’d say it’s well in line with the other menu items here. And it’s a great way to go if you and your dining partner are of one mind when it comes to ordering! (On the other hand, ordering two different things means lots more variety…)

What do you think of sharing the 32 Ounce Porterhouse for Two? Leave a comment and tell us if you’d enjoy this classic steakhouse meal!


  1. says

    I don’t know if I’d be up for sharing it, but it definitely seems like something I would love to order. That load of garlic butter on top really cinched the deal. Steak and cheesy potatoes, how can you go wrong?

  2. Becky says

    Hello, do you know if this can be ordered as part of the dining plan? I will be in Disney next summer with my boyfriend (my first visit :) ) and we are planning a meal at the Yachtsman and this looks like great option for us. I know a meal there will be 2 credits each but wasn’t sure if we could select a sharing main like this or whether its a good use of credits to do so.
    Really like the site I am always reading it and getting excited about my trip as well as getting some great tips.

  3. Mark says

    Seriously, $110? Try Longhorn, just a couple miles away and only $43 for their porterhouse for two. It has become a vacation tradition for us. Highly recommended.

  4. Kim says

    I’m with you Becky. I’m headed here in May with my mom for her big birthday celebration and we are booked here on night. Interested to see if you can do this on the dining plan. Also can you get something else than mushrooms? Allergy

  5. Stevie says

    It’s definitely expensive at the Yachtsman, and while I went this summer and it was great, I probably won’t go back SIMPLY because of the price tag. (Unless I hit the lottery and have more money than brains.) But it’s definitely GORGEOUS in there. The ambience of the place alone pays at least a quarter of the bill. And besides, it’s not $110 per person, is it? So that’s more like $55 a person, plus tax and dessert, etc. So that’s a lot more reasonable when you consider you’re not buying two steak dinners, just one.. to share.

    Almost everyone in Disney is incredibly inflated. That’s how they make their money. :) I say: yes. If you’re not in Disney, go to the Longhorn. But if you’re in Disney–make a memory, splurge a little, enjoy the fact that you can’t go to the Yachtsman anywhere else in the world!!

    Besides: the staff is incredible. We had the most amazing conversations with the staff. And the whole resort is stunning. Sometimes it’s nice to spend a little extra here and there–just not repetitively.

  6. anna says

    Was there any bread or rolls served? And about how much was this meal? Were reservations needed 6 months out? I looks amazing :)

  7. Keith says

    While the Yachtsman is a pretty nice steakhouse, there are others so much better on property. Shula’s and Bull&Bear are far superior…food quality, creative cocktails, ambiance, and especially service. I just don’t see the appeal of Yachtsman when there are such better options.

  8. Mike says

    Mark, are you serious? The absolute worst steak I ever had was at a Longhorn’s. You get what you pay for. It just leaves another table open for me

  9. Brett says

    For everyone asking, you can get the Porterhouse with 4 dinning credits [i.e. 2 per person x 2 people]. They will not allow you to swap out the sides for something else. My wife is allergic to onions and the only option we had was to double up on either the mushrooms or spinach. The meat was cooked to our liking, but had no seasoning at all. It is also served on a very hot iron skillet, so if you like the temperature of the steak, I would suggest to get it off of there as soon as possible and onto your plate. You can watch a piece go from medium-rare to well-done in a matter of minutes in front of your eyes.

  10. Carmen Calixto says

    We coincidentally ordered this yesterday without reading your review. What a dish. Yachtsman has been the only place at Disney where we have actually enjoyed a red meat dish. The whole experience was one of our top 5 on a par with California Grill or Brown Derby. We broke the bank but it was worth it. Lobster bisque was also one of the best I’ve had anywhere.

  11. Elizabeth says

    My husband & I shared this meal each using 2 deluxe dining meal credits. They do give you rolls and butter and the most delicious baked garlic. We chose salads as our appetizers. When the steak arrived, it was sizzling very loudly ! The steak is enormous and we could not finish it. The sides are very good but too salty !! Next time we will definitely order our own meals but this was fun to share and we have great pictures !! Oh, and there is always room for dessert !!

  12. Mike says

    We had this on Christmas Night. I have come to the conclusion that every other steak place is simply doing it wrong.

  13. Mayra says

    I would like to know the same thing, about be able to order a 32 oz porterhouse for one. The last time I went to Disney, about three years back, they had the one person porterhouse and I ENJOYED IT!

    Planning on have it again this time, for my birthday dinner, but find out that they had this two for one special and was totally PO.

    I’m hoping to ask and see if they could cut me one special, if not, just got to pick an other one. :*(

  14. shea says

    I would consider the 32oz porterhouse is a great choice, (sides are too salty) but still rather the 28oz. I find a lot of guests prefer their own steak, over sharing. From reading all the blogs and reviews, Yachtsmen should have the 28 oz as it seems to be the better of selections. Is there a way you can special order the 28 oz ? We eat there several times a year with friends and would enjoy if possible. We are going Oct 8. cant wait!!!!

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