Disney Food Pics of the Week: Awesome Krispie Treats!

We are back with a sweet installment of Disney Food Pics of the Week — courtesy of YOU!

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Today, we’re celebrating a treat that’s loved by both kids and kids at heart! Let’s check out a few super cool Krispie Treats that feature Disney Flair!

Turkey Leg Krispie Treat

Photographer: Jobber99

When is a Jumbo Turkey Leg not made of meat? When it’s made of cereal, marshmallows, and butter, of course! The Turkey Leg Krispie has to be one of the most awesome Krispies we’ve seen. Which one do you prefer — the savory or sweet version?

Is It Turkey or Is It a Krispie??

Is It Turkey or Is It a Krispie??

Mickey Krispie Treat Covered in Reese’s Pieces

Photographer: Bowler Hat Girl

Krispie Treats are pretty much awesome by themselves. But if we were going to try to make them better, I’m pretty sure that a dunk in Chocolate and a roll in Mini-Reese’s Pieces would probably spring to mind!

Mickey Krispie Covered in Reese's Pieces -- Yes Please!

Mickey Krispie Covered in Reese’s Pieces — Yes Please!

Ice Cream Cone-Shaped Krispie Treat

Photographer: Riniel Calaelen

In another stellar example of Krispie-as-another-food, one of our readers spied this Ice Cream Cone-Shaped Krispie. I think this is perfect for those Disney days when your ice cream is melting faster than you can eat it. ;-)

Ice Cream Cone Krispie

Ice Cream Cone Krispie

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