Review: Tiramisu at the Gelato Stand in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

Could it be true? We’re stopping by the Gelato Stand in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion and not having gelato?!

If you’re not familiar with this understated kiosk, the main draw here is, obviously, gelato ;) . You can have your choice of flavor served in a cup or cone, or enjoy one of the “Gelato Creations” like the Coppa Delizia or the Espresso Gelato Affogato. There’s also the gelato sandwiches, made with chocolate chip cookies. And a selection of wine and beer is also available, along with a few specialty coffee beverages and Italian sodas.

But there are a couple of sweet concoctions here that tend to fly under the radar against all that gelato goodness, so we thought we’d shine a light on one of those today: the Tiramisu.

Italy's Gelato Stand

Italy’s Gelato Stand

Alongside the Cannoli also found at this spot, Tiramisu is a well-known Italian dessert featuring layers of mascarpone cream and Savoiardi biscuits (ladyfingers) dipped in espresso and dusted with cocoa.



This tiramisu is light and creamy, but packed with flavor thanks to the espresso and the layer of cocoa on top.

Side view of Tiramisu

Side view of Tiramisu

I don’t think there’s much middle ground when it comes to Tiramisu. It seems to be one of those desserts that people love or hate, without much room in between. Personally speaking, I’m not crazy about it. While I enjoy the coffee flavor and the not-overly-sweet factor, it’s the texture of the soaked lady fingers that doesn’t sit well with me. I didn’t find these to be overly soggy, it’s just a personal preference.

View of layers of the Tiramisu

View of layers of the Tiramisu

However, I DO love mascarpone cream, and I can’t complain about a serving that’s this generous (and I love seeing that thick layer of cocoa sitting on top). Coming in around five bucks, this is a pretty terrific portion for those who are fans of this classic Italian dessert.

Bite of mascarpone cream layer

Bite of mascarpone cream layer

Regardless of your thoughts on tiramisu, now is an especially good time to check out this unassuming little stand in the Italy Pavilion. With Holidays Around the World in full swing at Epcot, holiday traditions from Italy are marked at this kiosk with Panettone (a sweet bread loaf), as well as Ciocolata Calda (hot cocoa).

So, be sure to swing by on your next trip around World Showcase and say “Ciao,” since there’s bound to be something here to strike just about everyone’s fancy!

Have you tried the Tiramisu in the Italy Pavilion? Please let us know what you thought with a comment!


  1. Jenny says

    My husband loves tiramisu, if a restaurant offers it he’s going to order it. I like it, but can go without.

  2. Sarah says

    I’m definitely in the “love it” category- this despite not being a big fan of coffee. There’s just something about that combination of mascarpone, cocoa, and espresso that gets me.

  3. Mike V says

    Wife is in LOVE IT category, I enjoy but gimme something peanut butter instead.
    BUt this is a must have when circling the countries.
    Deal is….I get my drink, she gets her mousse and tiramisu.

  4. Angelina says

    yeah I could take or leave (but mostly leave) the tiramisu…that cannoli on the other hand….

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