Snack Series: Mickey Cupcake at Contempo Cafe in Disney’s Contemporary Resort

We’ve hopped the monorail for another fun check-in at the Contempo Cafe!

On a recent jaunt through the Contemporary to view the Frozen Gingerbread Display, I couldn’t resist checking out the pastry case at the Contempo Cafe. More often than not, I usually find a new-to-me cupcake there!

Now, at first glance, this one doesn’t seem all that interesting. But let’s dig a little deeper. First off, the cupcakes featuring Mickey Mouse’s likeness at the Contempo in the past have been topped with a Chocolate Mickey — like this Red Velvet Cupcake. This one features a Souvenir Ring. SWAG! ;-)

The top of the cupcake is crowned with a light Buttercream Frosting, and it’s finished with cute Mickey-shaped Confetti in classic colors. But we know the Contempo well enough at this point to figure there’s a surprise inside.

Contempo Cafe's Mickey Cupcake

Contempo Cafe’s Mickey Cupcake

…And right we are! This cupcake features the same structure of others sold here; the center plays host to some filling. In the midst of that yellow, vanilla-flavored cake, I struck gold. Well, white. Thick, rich buttercream frosting — not that thin stuff on top. Heavenly.

Mickey Cupcake -- Inside

Mickey Cupcake — Inside

While the flavors might be a little ho-hum for some, I think this is a great classic choice, and I love that you leave with a little ring to remind you of fun Mickey times between trips.

Will you be heading to the Contemporary to sample a Mickey Cupcake from Contempo Cafe? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


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