News! STK Comes to Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom Starbucks Locale Suspected

We recently took a look back at some of the top Disney Food News Stories of 2014. And today, we’re happy to let you in on some of the new dining experiences you can expect in 2015. We figure there’s lots more to come, but this is certainly a good start!

STK Coming to Downtown Disney Orlando

First up: another new restaurant is coming to Disney Springs! STK by the The ONE Group Hospitality, Inc., will open in The Landing area of the new development, which replaces the closed entertainment district Pleasure Island.

STK is Coming to Disney Springs in 2015

STK is Coming to Disney Springs in 2015

STK will be a modern steakhouse, but will channel the atmosphere of a “sleek lounge”. Plans call for the restaurant to encompass approximately 14,000 square feet, two dining levels — and a DJ! This leaves us wondering — will STK make up for some of the night clubs we lost when Pleasure Island closed?

An Artist's Rendering of Disney Springs -- The Landing

An Artist’s Rendering of Disney Springs — The Landing

The DJ and lounge aspect sounds pretty cool, but we’re also looking forward to checking out the planned rooftop dining — the only such area slated for Disney Springs at present.

Interestingly, STK is the first announcement of a chain restaurant that we’ve seen slated for Disney Springs. Other locations include New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and London.

Probable Starbucks Location in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We are also hearing lots of rumblings about where Starbucks may be located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom when it opens later this year.

Starbucks logo

Starbucks logo

While it hasn’t been officially announced, it looks like retail outlet and My Magic + Service Center location Creature Comforts will close this month and reopen as Starbucks later in the year.

The rumor is supported by the fact that the Joffrey’s Kiosk Isle of Java, which was located on Discovery Island, will be opening a service window located in Flame Tree Barbecue.

Isle of Java, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Isle of Java, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Starbucks locations are planned for both Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2015. Once completed, the two new stores will bring the total number of Disney World locations to six.

So, what are you looking most forward to in 2015 — STK or sipping Starbucks while strolling through Animal Kingdom? Tell us your thoughts below!


  1. says

    Morimoto’s? Fancy steakhouses? Are they planning on bringing anything affordable to Disney Springs, because all of the new offerings feel like $75/head, minimum!

  2. Jenny says

    How pricy is STK? it sounds wonderful but I’m on the same page as Justin. Is everything just going to be $$$ table service? O don’t want fast food but maybe something more priced to Applebee’s.

  3. Hannah says

    Guess I stick with Earl of Sandwich…for price. As far as Starbucks, I’m still disappointed that WDW is putting those in when I can get Starbuck’s anywhere. I miss the WDW exclusive pastry and coffee shops. I know Earl’s isn’t exclusive to Disney but it isn’t on every corner across the country. I’m with Jenny, there are plenty of fancy steak restaurants at WDW. More affordable sit downs would be appreciated.

  4. Sandra says

    So not loving the Starbucking of WDW! We’ll stick with Joffrey’s, thank you. Count me as one who is disappointed to see the specific to Disney offerings going by the wayside for something I can buy across the street from my work. And I also am concerned about the price points for the new restaurants. Not all of us can afford to spend $300 on dinner, nor do we want an elaborate meal each time we eat. There needs to be more along the lines of Wolfgang Puck Express and Earl of Sandwich for families who want something different from burgers but don’t want to spend their whole week’s food budget on one meal. We might do one special meal per vacation (like the wonderful Il Mulino last trip) but I really don’t want to spend more than $20 a person for most dinners.

  5. Brian M says

    Apparently the new food truck area will be the “affordable” dining offerings although in wondering what those prices will be like.

  6. Jessica says

    I have always been disappointed by the coffee at Disney. Starbucks isn’t the best, but it’s consistent. And they are good employers. Obviously Disney is responding to consumer demand for Starbucks so I support the addition. With all these changes it’s apparent they REALLY don’t want guests going off site to eat or shop. My mom works at WOD and is pretty blown away by Disney Springs. She too was upset, especially about the Starbucks in Magic Kingdom. Frankly I was relieved to be able to get a decently made cappucino in that park. Kinda spoiled I guess.

  7. Jon says

    Oh please tell me I will still be able to get an Island Cappuccino when they move Joffreys! I travel all the way from Brisbane, Australia just to have one when we’re at WDW! (Christmas 2015 is our next planned trip! See you there!)

  8. Winston says

    A steak house with a DJ? Hummm..
    From their website: STK is a high-energy, vibe-driven atmosphere where mingling and meeting new friends is all part of the social experience.

    To me that means people standing around shouting WHAT? What did you say? WHAT? HANG ON I”LL TEXT YOU. And then eventually giving up all together and stare into their iPhones.

  9. catherine says

    the best nightclubs at pleasure island had neither a deejay nor much music besides an accompanying pianist. So no, won’t be a substitute.

  10. Alec says

    STK in Vegas is excellent, but it’s definitely a high-roller steakhouse. Not affordable in the least.

  11. Keith says

    It is nice to see more upscale dining venues coming to property. Average, mid-priced dining with mediocre food has become ubiquitous on Disney property…nice to see that trend changing for the better with Tutto Gusto, Spice Road, Bull&Bear, Capa, Ravello, Morimoto’s, Trattoria al Forno, the revamped California Grill, etc.

  12. Katie says

    i would say place to eat bc I’m not into Starbucks I love my dunkin donuts which is the only thing I’m missing when I’m in disney !

  13. Hendric says

    I can understand several reader’s concern regarding the upcoming restaurants to Disney Springs. However, let’s not forget there are more that are still to come.

  14. James says

    I still miss McDonalds at DTD. It was always busy so people wanted to eat there unlike what replaced it.

  15. Cole says

    I live across the street from the STK in Atlanta. Definitely more of a night club vibe that a traditional steakhouse. It’s very loud inside with a lounge area that’s larger than the restaurant. Hostesses are dressed in very skimpy attire. They have bouncers and there is a line to get in with a velvet rope at 10PM every night. Food was good, but not as good as other steakhouses in Atlanta. But the atmosphere was not enjoyable at all. Definitely not recommended for families. More for those who want to “see and be seen.”

  16. Aldo says

    With the high end nature of these eateries going into Disney Springs I can’t see the DDP being offered up for any of them. Hopefully in any negotiations Disney have had with the restaurants they have ‘emphasised’ the importance of them accepting it.

  17. Susan says

    I was a HUGE Adventurers Club fan and have been bitter since it closed in 2008; however, we revisited DTD for dinner at The Boathouse, and I can feel my faith in Disney slowly returning. The Boathouse is impressive, and the food is outstanding. The venues that are slated to open are phenomenal. Many West Coast places are coming here to Central Florida, and I could not be happier to bring some cred to Orlando.

  18. Dru says

    Just picked up Birnbaum’s WDW 2016 and you will all be relieved to read the following how’d they do that review… “Steak is the obvious star, but this lavish restaurant has a lot more to offer… Most palates can be pleased here. This modern steakhouse-meets-sleek lounge opened in late 2015 and has been sizzling ever since”. I think “not open at press time” would have sufficed but that’s just me… Enjoy!

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