News! Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Souvenir Popcorn Bucket at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

So. If YOU had a Mine Train cart of your very own, would you fill it with jewels…

Gems in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Queue

Gems in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Queue

or with Disney Popcorn?

Disney Popcorn!

Disney Popcorn!

What if you didn’t have to choose? Because you can have BOTH, thanks to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Popcorn Bucket, available at Popcorn Carts throughout Magic Kingdom!!!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train popcorn bucket

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train popcorn bucket

This one is a beauty, and just like the cars on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Roller Coaster, the body of the cart swings from side to side.

Swinging Mine Train Bucket

Swinging Mine Train Bucket

AND if you have more than one, you can

hitch the carts together to build your own train. SWEET!!

Popcorn Cart Jewels

Popcorn Cart Jewels

For you bucket collectors out there, I’m thinking this one is probably a must-own. But what do YOU think :) ? We’d love to hear it!

Find it for $12.50 at several Magic Kingdom popcorn carts while supplies last. Or on e-bay for, like, $50. ;-D

Is owning the Mine Train Popcorn Bucket on your bucket list? Please let us know your thoughts with a comment!


  1. Essie says

    It’s a cute idea, but I think it could have been made a lot cuter. I’m not big on the top. Why did they make all of the gems red-orange with a small number of turquoise? They don’t really look like gems. I’d have paid more money for one that looked more like the real thing with some bling or at least more colors in the stones!

  2. Miles says

    I’m with Essie. Though I believe the reason for the ugliness is likely to keep costs down and return on profit up, up, up, I still think they could have done something more to make this a more desirable piece. I know people collect these, but this one wouldn’t make my shelf. It’s not that it’s cheesy (that is always fun), it is that it looks cheap.

  3. Sarah says

    I agree as well. I love the idea, and overall I think it’s very cute. Something as simple as adding more colors to the “gems” would have made this a must-have.

  4. Brian says

    Waste of money and you would have to carry it around for the day. No one is going to lug it back to the park each time they go.

  5. Nancy says

    I do have to agree about the gem colors. The fact that they made them all red with only a fair few being painted turquoise looks really cheap. It’s a shame cause if the jewels didn’t look so cheap or careless, this would be a must-have for me and I don’t even collect the popcorn buckets!

  6. Galloping Gourmond says

    I like everything about the design except the rubies on top. It looks more like hot coals than rubies. Maybe it looks better in person. That said, I like the idea of a swinging popcorn bucket. Does it have a way to block the swinging action?

  7. Wendy says

    Galloping Gourmond — I didn’t really see any way to block the swinging action. But, it was able to hold the angle when I tipped it in one direction for the photo, so it doesn’t sway “loosely,” if that makes sense :).

  8. Shelly says

    Not very pretty, but as my husband is a big popcorn bucket fan we will be having to get one of these for sure!

  9. Lisa says

    Cute idea but they fell short when they brought it to reality. Would love to see this with all gems not only multi-coloured but transparent in true jewel tones! I’d pay a premium price for something like that!

  10. db says

    Yes, the bucket could have been painted much better….with very little effort.

    That being said, we are at the parks this week and now have two.

    My son loves both the mine ride and trains so he is thrilled to be driving them around the hotel.
    They couple together perfectly.
    The lid is transparent red, so when we get home we can throw some small Christmas lights in them.
    Made pretty well, working wheels and a lid that clasps closed.
    The car fully swings and that can’t be stopped or locked in any way.

    For $12.50 it could be better, yet is at least fun to play with.

  11. Paula says

    We bought one over the holidays. Sorry, but I disagree with the others. It’s just very cute all the way around. And my kids love it when I put candy in it :)

  12. Amy says

    We have the dumbo bucket and love it. My four year old saw the Cinderella carriage and mine train and said we HAVE to get those. How long to they usually stay available? We are going in 2 months

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