News! Lunch FastPass Testing to End at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Scoring a Lunch FastPass from the crazy popular Be Our Guest Restaurant has turned into an epic feat of sorts.

We (and countless others of you) have spent the better part of the last year trying to figure out how to get an elusive FastPass for lunch at Be Our Guest. It’s turned into a a full time endeavor for some guests.

And while those staying at Disney Resorts had a glimmer of hope for getting one, Annual Passholders and guests staying off property were shut out of the system altogether.

But change is clearly on the horizon. Today, we’re getting official word that Lunch FastPasses will no longer be available as of February 25, 2015.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Lunch FastPass Testing Will Be Ending Soon

Be Our Guest Restaurant Lunch FastPass Testing Will Be Ending Soon

According to this banner message that we’ve just discovered on the Be Our Guest Lunch Website given to resort guests, Lunch FastPasses have always and ever been tests. Lunch FastPasses will officially come to an end on February 24. The messages goes on to state that, beginning February 25, “Guests should log on to for more information about dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch”.

And so it seems that lucky guests who’ve managed to book their FastPasses by February 24 are golden, but if you’re looking to have lunch at Be Our Guest on February 25 or after, it’s a stand by game at this point. Or maybe they’ll open reservations for lunch? We really have no idea!

Braised Pork Coq Au Vin Style

Whatever You Do, Disney — Please Keep the Braised Pork Coq Au Vin Style on the Lunch Menu!

So…what does this mean? Well, your guess is as good as ours. We can tell you that Be Our Guest Breakfast Rumors continue to abound, and that when we spied some online indication that BOG Breakfast may soon become a reality, the first date to book was February 25.

Be Our Guest Breakfast Option That Was Briefly on Disney World's Website

Be Our Guest Breakfast Option That Was Briefly on Disney World’s Website

We know that you are just as eager to learn what the future holds for Be Our Guest as we are. Be assured that we’ll bring you all the latest news as soon as it breaks!

Now we want to hear from you! What changes to Be Our Guest Restaurant’s offerings do you hope to see on February 25? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!


  1. Dan says

    My family and I were there on Dec. 19 with a fast-pass lunch reservation. It was really delicious. My son and I had the Slow cooked pot roast. For dessert what else but the Grey Stuff Cupcake (It is delicious). My wife had the sandwich and said it was good also. The theming was awesome and you sit where you like and they come to you with your pre-ordered meal (THAT WAS CREEPY). Would most definately eat thier again. :)

  2. Hannah says

    The fast pass for lunch at BOG was fantastic. Waiting in such a long line is no fun. We have done both. If the line goes back to a 45 minute wait, I may have had my last Braised Pork.

  3. Galloping Gourmond says

    I have been here both with and without Fastpass ordering. When I was there before the Fastpass the line was a little long but it was efficient, the wait time was accurate, and the only issue was finding a table. I ate here using the Fastpass back in October. It was more than a little annoying, to be honest.

    First, we were there at 11:30 and at no time was the place more than 3/4 fill. However they were turning away people from the walk-up booth. It made no sense to us at all. There was a lot of money left on the table that day.

    Next, they really pushed the pre-ordering. It was not clear that we could order when we arrived and some of us just simple were not in the mood for what we had selected previously. The one person who didn’t pre-order was ushered to the room with the touch menu and had to find us. We got the food well before he did.

    Finally, and this may have been more of a MyMagic+ issue, we had a hard time getting all 3 of us in on the same reservation. I got the promotion, I was allowed to invite the other person I’m my room, but not the person in the other room who was a member of our party. Guest relations had to step in.

    I hope they learned from this.

  4. Audrey says

    We plan a trip in 4 weeks. Can we wait in line for lunch at Be Our Guest and if so how early do we need to get there?

  5. Sarah says

    Oh! Thank goodness we got ours already! We are there during that week and we have a FP+ for the 22nd! I am sad that they will do away with the opportunity to give resort guests the benefit, although it was a completely ridiculous hoop to jump through to get the FP. Maybe they will create a more streamlined system.

  6. says

    While we certainly enjoyed our lunch FP+ at Be Our Guest in January, I think it makes much more sense to standardize the Be Our Guest lunch reservations. Hopefully they will use the existing ADR system that is more familiar and accessible for everyone. A FastPass+ for a meal always seemed a little strange.

    Breakfast would be an awesome addition! Magic Kingdom could use another breakfast restaurant. Croissants will surely make an appearance.

  7. Kimberly says

    Apparently it will now be an ADR for lunch. I just did a test for 2/26 and it shows BOG as a lunch restaurant with no availability yet.

  8. Joe G says

    Whatever may have been visible before is now gone. As of this morning (2/3/2015), breakfast and lunch have both been removed from the time selection, drop-down menu.

  9. Galloping Gourmond says

    @Kimberly – An ADR for lunch would make sense, IF they convert it to a true sit-down meal.

  10. Jenn B says

    We traveled November 15-23, 2014 and both days we visited MK (one was a Sunday the other was a weekday) we ate at BOG without a FP and less than 10 min wait. On both occasions we walked to the outdoor que area between 2 – 2:15pm and asked about the wait. Cast members just ushered us right in. If I remember correctly the CM said that the FP were not issued for times after 1:50. Might be worth a shot if you don’t mind a late lunch and you’re traveling the next 3 weeks.

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