News! Be Our Guest Restaurant to Accept Advance Dining Reservations for Lunch Starting February 25th

A few days ago we found out that FastPass+ testing for Lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant would end on February 24th. FastPass+ testing has been available to Disney Resort guests through email invitation for some time, and it was indeed a test, allowing guests to try out systems such as the first time use of FastPasses for a restaurant as well as methods for pre-ordering food for their entire party.

Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Now that FastPass+ opportunities for lunch are coming to an end, this relatively new system (in regard to restaurants, anyway) is giving way to a tried-and-true: the opportunity to make Advance Dining Reservations for lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant will be available for all Disney World guests beginning February 25th.

Guests can use the My Disney Experience app, website, or call 407-WDW-DINE to obtain their reservations — exactly the way they would make their reservations for lunch or dinner at any Disney restaurant that accepts Advance Dining Reservations. Even though Advanced Dining Reservations are typically utilized for Table Service restaurants, Be Our Guest LUNCH will continue to be considered a Counter Service option, utilizing one Quick Service Credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

However, lunch guests will retain the ability to pre-order their meals! While Advance Dining Reservations can be made 180 days out from the desired dining date, the window for pre-ordering meals using My Disney Experience will open 30 days prior to the reservation date.

Pre-Ordering Meals at Be Our Guest Restaurant for Lunch

Pre-Ordering Meals at Be Our Guest Restaurant for Lunch

The ordering kiosks will

still be available inside the restaurant for those who do not wish to pre-order.

Kiosk Where You Place Your Order

Kiosk Where You Place Your Order

Pre-ordering will affect lunch only, and dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant will operate as usual. We look forward to bringing you updates on any further developments!

What do you think of making Advanced Dining Reservations for this popular lunch spot? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. ran6110 says

    So, how about no show penalties? I imagine a lot of people will start locking up multiple reservations and freezing others out…

  2. says

    ran6110 — All of Disney’s advance dining reservations carry a cancellation and no-show policy that includes paying a fee per person. A credit card is required for all Disney dining reservations for this reason. We have no reason to believe that this policy won’t be extended to cover the Be Our Guest Restaurant lunch reservations as well.

  3. Erin says

    I’ll be there on the 25th. No reservations are showing up though. Does this mean the word is out and they were all snatched up already!? Or can you only begin making them exactly on the 25th?

  4. ran6110 says

    Thanks AJ, I figured as much but this is lunch and sometime the rules for dinner don’t apply.

    But I do have to say the place is so popular that they had to do something, the lines were getting out of hand.

  5. Sue says

    We’ve enjoyed lunch there on each of our trips since it opened, so I will probably try to make ADRs next time we go. Still, I’m struggling to wrap my head around having to make reservations for rides and counter service meals. I enjoy planning, but I do not enjoy having to heard my kids to multiple “appointments” while at Disney.

  6. Galloping Gourmond says

    Upon reflection, I think this is a fine idea. However I do caution people on ordering food so far in advance. That braised pork may look good now, but after a spin on Space Mountain and a later than expected breakfast because the kids couldn’t get up you might sit down and be in more of a vegetable quiche mood.

  7. ran6110 says

    @Galloping Gourmond – I was thinking the same thing, I could see pre-ordering a few hours before you show up but not 30 days. Well, unless of course the customer only eats one thing there every time they go.

    It’s like the French Market at Disneyland, my wife and I use to stop there for dinner at least once for each trip and we only ordered one thing, the French Quarter Chicken. Then after many, many years they changed it and now it’s just plain boring chicken and we don’t order it any more…

    But for years we could have pre-ordered that for each trip!

  8. Linda says

    So, I’m going to Magic Kingdom on April 1st and I really want to lunch at be our guest. When will I be able to make reservations based on this new system?
    Thanks a lot!!!

  9. says

    ran6110 — Yep; if they do stick with the counter service format, reservations are unprecedented, so a cancellation/no-show fee would be as well. It’s my guess that they’ll uphold the fee rules, but we’ll have to wait and see! :-)

  10. Emily says

    About the cancellation fee, I was at BOG yesterday and was told they have no plans to enforce any kind of cancellation policy yet because they fear it could turn into a huge mess due to people frequently missing fastpass windows for a variety of reasons. My guess is they’re just going to have to figure something different out for this, but I hope people don’t take advantage of that!

  11. Katrina says

    Going the first week of March – already have my alarm set on the phone for just before midnight on Feb 24 so I can log in and get us an ADR for the day we planned on eating there! I’m excited because the kids didn’t want to use FP for a meal and I wasn’t looking forward to a never-ending line!

  12. Scott says

    I have called multiple departments at Disney. All information says you can start making reservations at 6am on line or 7am if you call on the 25th.

  13. Rach says

    Another note on Pre-Ordering, if you have any food issues at all (Like allergies, gluten free, or dislikes) you should not pre-order. It wasn’t until I talked to a chef that I found out some of my allergens were hiding in a dish they shouldn’t have been in.

    Really, pre-ordering just makes it better for them because if they get the food to you faster you’ll leave faster. ;-)

    We had a Fast Pass for lunch on Monday & it worked perfectly. Walked right up to the castle. Only had a couple people in front of us before we got a kiosk. The chef showed up just as we were walking to the ordering screen. Our food wait was a little longer being it had to be prepared specially. But it was the perfect timing to run to wash hands before eating.

    My biggest bummer is that if you have a Magic Band they won’t give you a rose, since they can find you by the chip you’re wearing.

  14. Leslie says

    I don’t like the idea of ADR for lunch…as this could lead to this happening at other quick service locations. I know that people go crazy for this restaurant, but I would not lose any sleep if I never ate there. If I were to check and it was available then fine, if not so be it, lots of other dining options to choose from.

  15. Syndy says

    With this new format of lunch at BOG, I’m wondering if the opportunity to photo op with the Beast will be offered as it is at dinner time. That is the determining factor in deciding which meal I plan to ADR for my upcoming visit in Sept 2015. Although you may not know right now as it is a new program, I would appreciate updates & hopefully a first-hand review will answer my questions.

  16. Megan says

    I tried booking a reservation for lunch. It was only taking lunch reservations for Feb. 25th and no other day. Are reservations only available for the day of???

  17. Beckie says

    Looks like they rolled out the ADR capability early. I was able to make 2 reservations for next week at 4:00am!

  18. Meghann Chesnut says

    I have been trying to make lunch reservations since 5:50 am (EST) to no avail for our trip in May. The website seems to not be able to handle the traffic, I’ve made it to the “RESERVE” button (5) times and then it brings up an error. Very disappointing.

  19. Gabriela Irene says

    Love that!!!!!
    I think it will be easier to choose the date and the other system conditional on certain days and sometimes those days you already had another plan in the time available. and the day that you had no plan they offered not to be

  20. Kellie says

    I logged in yesterday evening and made a 10:35 reservation for 8 of us on April 8. It was the only time available so I went for it!

  21. Linda D says

    We made reservations 180 days to the day and did our menu choices 30 days to the day as allowed. When we arrived, our name “didn’t show on the list” of the first hostess that we came to (there were several) so we were directed to the line of people that hadn’t made their menu choices. We waited a lot longer than we should have in this line. When we got to the last check in person, she did find our menu choices but had to delete them and start all over to allow us entry. I guess there are kinks in the system yet.

  22. Eileen says

    I am getting tired of having to pre plan everything. I liked being able to have good that was a step above the usual counter service menu. What is really disappointing is that I had called Disney to ask about this in January and was told that they would be going back to the usual walk up service after Feb. 24. Had they told me that reservations would still be needed I would have known to watch for them.

  23. AImee says

    I’m wondering how the fast pass works with tables. Do they have tables open for you to sit at around lunch time?

  24. Connie says

    I think some reservations should be available each day for people who unaware of the new system. Many children are leaving disappointed because they are unaware of reservations

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