News: Changes to Afternoon Tea Packages at the Grand Floridian’s Garden View Lounge

Are you looking forward to an Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian?

The Garden View Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian hosts Afternoon Tea each day with Advance Dining Reservation opportunities starting at 2:00 pm.  I mention Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) because this has become quite a popular experience, so planning for your tea in advance is becoming more of a must.

In order to help you with your Afternoon Tea plans, we wanted let you know of some very recent changes to the Tea Packages available for purchase.

The previous menu featured packages ranging from $25 (the Buckingham Tea) to $45 (Princess Kate Tea), with the $13 “Mrs. Potts Tea” package for children ages 3-9. Packages on the new menu start at $30 and go up to a pretty penny for a big vacation splurge. Here’s the full rundown:

The Garden View Lounge Afternoon Tea menu

The Garden View Lounge Afternoon Tea menu

The Bedfordshire Tea includes finger sandwiches accompanied with berries, cheese, and lavosh; a buttery scone and jam tart; and a dessert course with the guest’s choice of pastries, strawberries and creme, or English trifle. And, of course, a pot of tea. The cost for this package is $30 per guest.

Bedfordshire Tea package

Bedfordshire Tea package

For a comparison to the previous menu, it closely resembles the former Buckingham Tea package which was $25, but with the addition of berries, cheese, and lavosh.

The Derbyshire Tea features all the

inclusions of the Bedfordshire Tea with the addition of a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne at $45 per guest.

Derbyshire Tea package

Derbyshire Tea package

The Cheshire Tea is priced at $48 per guest. No champagne with this one; rather, it has an additional course beyond the Bedfordshire package, which is a selection of “exotic fruits and imported cheeses.”

Cheshire Tea package

Cheshire Tea package

Please note: the following packages are created for two guests to share.

The biggest splurge on the new lineup is The Yorkshire Tea. It is enhanced with a First Course of North American Caviar and two glasses of Veuve Clicquot Champagne. The tab? $175 for two guests to share (breaking down to about $88 per guest). The shared packages include two pots of tea — one for each guest.

Yorkshire Tea Package

Yorkshire Tea Package

The Berkshire Tea is essentially the Yorkshire Tea minus the champagne. The price is $150 for two guests to share.

Berkshire Tea package

Berkshire Tea package

For children, the Mrs. Potts Tea has the addition of a Jam Tart from the previous version of the package, but the price remains the same at $13.

Mrs. Potts Tea package

Mrs. Potts Tea package

And while we’re at it, here is the current listing of tea selections at the Garden View Lounge.

Tea menu

Tea menu

Tea menu

Tea menu

For a full review of Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian, you can read about the experience here.

What do you think of the new tea packages at the Garden View Lounge? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. ran6110 says

    Sounds interesting and my wife is all ready to go. My obviously not a big tea drinker is how much tea is in the pots and for that price shouldn’t a second pot be free?

  2. Gail says

    We made reservations for March, based on your review from early January. Now I’m a bit disappointed by the recent changes. So are these the only tea pkgs? The 3 listed for individuals, and the 2 listed pkgs for sharing and the child’s pkg. A total of 6 options for tea packages?

  3. Sam Winston says

    This used to be one of my favorite places to go. Unfortunately it will no longer be on my ‘must do’ list.

    All of the options include sweet things. I don’t care for sweets and prefer savory things. My MIL is diabetic so this would be off the list for her. I would much prefer the old school al la cart menu, where you could order a cheese plate and sandwiches.

    I know they could accommodate those with diet restrictions…but would they give me a discount for things I do not want–or sub more quantity of stuff? Some people don’t want ‘sugar free surgery tasting things’–just like Vegans don’t want fake meat. And I don’t want more food than I’m comfortable eating at a seating. Why should I have to make a special request, when the old menu was not just fine but a lovey way to relax and have a ‘tea’ and not a meal.

  4. Cindi says

    This is a bit pricey for sandwiches and tea, but the atmosphere is lovely and elegant and the setting is beautiful with the garden outside the floor to ceiling windows that span the entire wall. I’ve been twice and plan to go back as it is serene and quite enjoyable and a relaxing break from the parks. Yes, it’s a bit steep, but it’s the whole package of atmosphere and setting and a lot more than just food. It’s an unrushed, unhurried pace. Some folks dress up but most are in theme park attire and it all works.

  5. Shannon says

    I was there last weekend & was surprised to see the new menu. It’s still tasty but I will really have to re-evaluate value for a return trip. They did let you sub items you don’t like for another, but I didn’t get a choice. I don’t like egg salad so they brought an extra cucumber but in the past I have been able to request the substitution sandwich I preferred.

    I got the Bedfordshire and enjoyed the cheeses which added a good balance to the sweet fruit. On prior visits, the strawberries and cream were plated individually by the server as you ordered. This time, they were premade & you could tell they were just pulled out of a refrigerator… Reminded me of a quick service dessert. The portion was also significantly smaller than before. Basically berries in the bottom of a small footed bowl with cream smeared across the top & leveled off, with a “GF” sugar stencil on top.

    The pots hold about 4 cups of tea. Can’t believe they have the nerve to charge for tea refills when you’ve paid these prices but, hey, it’s Disney! The guys next to me were able to order glasses of wine from the restaurant menu next door, but it took a LONG time to arrive. They were almost finished eating their berries before the wine was delivered.

  6. Mara says

    The Mad Hatter’s tea is a good choice for someone who does not like tea that much or is a novice tea drinker. We did this last March and enjoyed it quite a bit. It seems that the only real change to the menu is the loss of the savory tea packages? There must not have been many people choosing that. I had the strawberries and cream prepared in the dish (similar to the trifle) and found it to be very good. I thought it was plenty large enough portion. There is no doubt that this is not a value. It is a definite splurge, but I don’t think it could have been called a value before.

  7. Holly says

    I love tea at the Grand Floridian! I was very disappointed when I went last year to find they’d started charging for additional pots of tea–I’ve been to tea at several places & *never* have been charged for additional pots unless I changed the kind of tea. Tea is bottomless, generally, but you should, at a minimum get 2 pots with those prices ;). Otherwise the changes don’t affect me since I always got the Buckingham & the new one is basically the same thing, only $5 more ;).

  8. Keith says

    Probably a wise choice to increase prices….demand has gone up and the quality of service here is some of the best on property. Love the Tea Room, and hopefully the price increase will open up more availability as it appears that many of these whiners will not be partaking going forward.

  9. disney777 says

    I’m going to miss the Buckingham. In the old days, they served the tea with the leaves in the pot. (And I could ask that more hot water be added to the pot.) A few years ago I tried to do that and was told there were no leaves anymore. So the strainer is all for show, no real function to it.
    Glad to see Cassis back as an offering. When it was off the menu, they were still able to provide that for me. But if I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have known!
    While I enjoy having Tea here, it won’t be a must do for every trip.

  10. Galloping Gourmond says

    Charging for an more tea is appalling and just not done. I’ve never been to a decent tea service that has the gall to do that, and besides here I’ve been to two! But seriously, I’m told by an anglophile friend that charging for extra is like asking $5 for hot water and pretty low class.

    It’s been so long since I’ve done this – about 15 years! While it was a very different experience but the food was enough for a meal back then as well.

  11. says

    This is sounding a little crazy to me. It was disappointing when you couldn’t order a la carte so you could get just the things you liked. But now they’re jacking up the prices too. $30 is a lot for what you’re getting there.

  12. Joey says

    Oh no, my Prince Edward Tea is gone D: (though, to be perfectly honest I’m sure the pates were not a huge seller, so I understand why that one may have vanished). I’m really not a huge fan of sweets, so the elimination of the Kate and Edward is a huge disappointment. Even sadder is that both were less expensive than the most expensive one here (and both came with a drink). I’m not too outraged about the extra charge for additional pots of tea, since they have been doing that for quite some time, despite the fact that most traditional tea services -even at luxury hotels- do not.

  13. ran6110 says

    If they are not leaving the leaves with the pot could they be double steeping?

    I would imagine if they did it right many people wouldn’t notice..

  14. Sandra says

    Having had lots of teas in England, I am pretty unhappy with the idea that they will charge for additional hot water (assuming they are using loose tea) or for a couple of bags. At those prices, additional pot should be offered at no charge. They have pretty much removed the tea as an option for my family, since I think they are overpriced (I’m not spending $90 and up for tea and cakes), and we would need special accommodations for my family’s medical dietary needs. Wish they had a tea place in Epcot where you could have a nice cuppa, a scone, a couple of finger sandwiches, and a tart for a reasonable price.

  15. Gail (from NS) says

    Just had to leave a comment as there has been so many negative comments, with the changes to the menu for afternoon tea. I will admit I was hesitant in going, after all the negative comments, but we had never done this before and since we were staying on property for the week I thought no better time. My husband and I both ordered “the Cheshire”, it was lovely, plentiful, in fact when the final course of desserts arrived I had to ask for mine packaged up. In hindsight I probably should have ordered the Bedfordshire one, as it would have been plenty. The service was not rushed, and was attentive. There were couples seated along with groups of ladies, and mixed age brackets. I really enjoyed this afternoon and would most definitely do it again! Yes, it may seem a bit pricey to some, but in my mind it was worth it! Hubby deserves credit in going to this with me, we enjoyed talking to the ladies seated next to our table, but I think time I will give him a break and bring along some girlfriends!

  16. Dina says

    I’m so disappointed that they no longer offer the a la carte menu. I enjoy the tea sandwiches but don’t care for too many sweets. Also they no longer use real cream with the strawberries. I understand the price increase but that should not include diminished quality.

  17. Pippa says

    It seems like way too much food and I am sure they won’t allow you to order one package and just an extra pot to share! Sad really!!

  18. catherine says

    I’m booked to go with a friend. Do all the sandwiches contain mayonnaise? I detest mayonnaise. Not sure what they could substitute.

  19. jennifer sword says

    I love the Gardenview Tea Room experience and, while I preferred the original menu, pricing, etc. I will continue to book this. It’s a splurge. It’s decadent. I wouldn’t want it to become a “value event” as it is hard enough to get a reservation as it is. You get what you pay for and this is a supreme indulgence.

  20. Elizabeth Trader says

    Does anyone know what they consider exotic fruits and cheeses? That seems to be the only difference between the Derbyshire and the Cheshire tea.

  21. Peter says

    Well, this USED to be a good take; sadly we just sat down and told that Tables in Wonderland is no longer accepted. The 20% off is what made the prices marginally acceptable.

    Yet another example of Disney squeezing out perks at the expense of the paying public.

  22. Jess says

    Has anyone been here recently and purchased the $48 package that has the exotic fruits and cheeses? I wondered what Items were included in that course as I’m finding it hard to pay $18 more to try it as I would normally get the $30 package. I’m not sure if $18 more is worth it for my cheeses to be imported as I would already be getting cheese with the $30 one which leaves exotic fruits. What do they consider exotic?

  23. Elizabeth Trader says

    Hey Jess,
    I wondered about the exotic fruits and cheeses as well, and when I went in December I ordered it. The exotic fruits are kiwi, pineapple, mango and papaya and the cheeses are an aged cheddar, some type of blue cheese, I forgot which, and a Swiss. There was also comb honey which was nice. Personally, coming from Texas the exotic fruits aren’t exotic since I can get them at the local supermarket, but if you are from up north, where it’s harder to find those fruits, it might be interesting to try. I hope this helps! Have a great time!!

  24. Jess says

    Elizabeth, thank you for getting back to me! I am somewhat up north and can get most of the fruits but not all the time and papaya (one of my favorites) is hard to get so I might just try this! Thank you so much!

  25. John Muir says

    My wife and I are going in a few weeks and have booked. We are vegetarians (, not vegans, we eat eggs and dairy products, just nothing that had a face and a mother). Are there adequate choices for us, allowing veggie sandwiches to be substituted for meat or fish?
    I have to say that I am disappointed that the Cheshire tea does not feature cheshire cheese. I love it, but it is practically impossible to get here. Thanks!

  26. says

    John Muir — Disney is usually great about allowing substitutions like that. I don’t have personal experience with substitutions at this location, but I think you’ll be fine.

  27. says

    Sue — Disney restaurants are normally very accommodating for guests with special diets. Let the cast members know about your needs when you make your advance dining reservation, and when you check in for your reservation, be sure to let them know at the podium.

  28. Lynne says

    We had Afternoon Tea last week and were very disappointed to say the least. What’s with the having to choose upfront if you want pastries/strawberries or trifle? The sandwiches were dry around the edge, and we dared to ask for just ham sandwiches for our son. The waitress advised us that was fine – they would just ‘rip the cheese out’ No butter on the sandwiches, which may be a UK thing, but the ham fell out as there was nothing to hold it in place. I had the champagne option, it used to come with a strawberry on the side. Not any longer, and how mean is it to charge for a second pot!!! I’ve had lots of afternoon teas in the UK and have had several at the GF and this is one of the poorest in terms of value. The ‘pastries’ were a small eclair, a choux swan and one medium size chocolate dipped strawberry. I don’t call strawberries ‘pastries’ – choose whether they are dipped in chocolate or not. The scone came with a tiny amount of cream, and I do mean tiny. The lemon curd was nice though, as was the choux swan.
    By contrast, my last afternoon tea in the UK was at Coombe Abbey and cost £19.99. It came with unlimited tea and if needed, a refill of sandwiches. A glass of champagne was extra but even allowing for that, the three of us could have eaten for £70 plus being generous, 20% tip bringing it to £84. I paid in total with the tip, $150 or £110 allowing for a poor exchange rate.
    Neither my son nor husband were bothered about doing this, but did it because I really wanted to do it again. It’s a flagship hotel and it is a beautiful hotel, but I wasn’t impressed. It won’t happen again.

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