Review: Cookes of Dublin at Disney World’s Downtown Disney

We’re stopping in for a quick, midday bite to eat at Cookes of Dublin!

You’ll find this little fish and chips shop at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney, adjacent to Raglan Road Irish Pub. In fact, it’s part of that complex and shares a kitchen with the Pub.

Cookes has been a consistently reliable stop for a quick, hot meal every time we’ve visited. And we think they serve some of the best Fish and Chips around. But I simply can’t resist their Irish Vintage Cheese and Bacon Dip (and you shouldn’t, either).

But on a recent trip, we decided to branch out a bit and try a few other menu options! Let’s check out what we sampled this time out.


You’ll find Cookes of Dublin around the corner from Raglan Road. If you’re coming from the Downtown Disney parking lots directly in front of Raglan Road, you’ll veer right, just past the gift shop and Hole in the Wall Bar.

Cookes of Dublin -- Outside

Cookes of Dublin — Outside

As you wait in the queue to order, be sure to take in Cookes Philosophy. This spot is more quick service than counter service; you can expect a bit of a wait while your food is cooked to order, but it won’t take long.



This is a really, really small space, but it’s not without charm. Trim on the floor and the counter are vintage-looking tile in classic Slytherin colors (probably coincidental), and there are plenty of brass accents as well.

Cookes Ordering Counter

Cookes Ordering Counter

Once you place your order, you can proceed to the right side of the ordering area, where you’ll pick up condiments and fill your drink cups.



You’ll find a full array of toppers for your meal, including some familiar favorites. After all, you can’t have fish and chips without malt vinegar and tartar sauce.

Additional Condiments - Gotta Have Malt Vinegar for Fish and Chips!

Additional Condiments – Gotta Have Malt Vinegar for Fish and Chips!

You’ll also get your own drinks at the Beverage Station.

Fountain Beverages

Fountain Drink Station

This old-fashioned mirror with the name of the restaurant on it has nothing neon or flashy about it, but it perfectly conveys that vintage tone achieved by the rest of the decor.

Cookes of Dublin Mirror Sign

Cookes of Dublin Mirror Sign

I’ve always been puzzled by this teeny-tiny seating area. More than once, I’ve wondered where in the world I was going to sit once I had my food (somehow, it always works out, though). But recently, while on Raglan Road’s website, I noticed that Cookes is specifically billed as a take-away spot. They never really planned for you to hang around. There are a few tables outdoors as well, but if this spot is busy, you’ll be waiting a while for a seat.

Seating Area

Seating Area

The walls are covered with portraiture and more mirrors, which lend an air of family history and make the space feel a little larger.

Seating Area Decor

Seating Area Decor

Now that we’ve taken the tour — such as it is! — let’s check out the dishes we decided to sample on this visit.


If you’ve been to Cookes — well, anytime, pretty much — you’ll notice that the menu offerings and prices have changed very little. That’s a good thing! It’s always nice to find something you love and know that you can keep getting it.

Menu - Click to Enlarge

Menu – Click to Enlarge

The Kids’ Menu stays on theme as well, but you should be able to find something for little ones to eat with a wide array of kid-friendly options.

Kid's Menu - Click to Enlarge

Kid’s Menu – Click to Enlarge

I’ve had Cookes Fish and Chips special, the One and One, lots of times. It’s some of the best fish and chips I’ve had in the States — always fresh and delicious.

Fish and Chips -- The Original One and One

Fish and Chips — The Original One and One

And while I was not equally enamored with their Battered Burger, I think there’s some serious potential there.

Battered Burger and Chips from Cookes of Dublin

Battered Burger and Chips from Cookes of Dublin

Others swear by the traditional Meat Pies that you can get at Cookes. Again — such an awesomely authentic taste of Ireland, and it’s something you can’t really get around these parts unless you’re willing to make them at home. :-)

Beef and lamb pie with chips.

Beef and Lamb Pie with Chips

These were all good, solid choices on previous visits. But today, we were out to show you a couple of new options.

My Dad went with the Battered Chicken Tenders. He wanted something a little lighter on the side though, and opted to replace the traditional thick-cut Chips with a Side Salad. The batter on the Chicken, which is the same as you get on the fish and other selections, was crisp and not greasy. The Salad was fresh and the dressing has the flavor of something made in house from scratch.

Battered Chicken Tenders and Side Salad

Battered Chicken Tenders and Side Salad

I decided to go for the Mini Irish Style Battered Sausages and Chips. Now, if you’ve ever dined and Raglan Road and you’ve ordered the Dalkey Duo, these little sausages should be familiar to you.

Mini Irish Style Battered Sausages and Chips

Mini Irish Style Battered Sausages and Chips

They’re incredibly delicious, with just a little bit of kick that I love.

They aren’t served with that killer creamy mustard sauce that you get with the Dalkey Duo, though. Bummer. Still, it’s a delicious and different take on lunch, and I enjoyed them. The chips were nicely golden and delicious, too.

Chips and Sausages -- Up Close

Chips and Sausages — Up Close

Here, you’ll get a sense of what the sausages are like — light in color, sort of like bratwurst, but with lots of good spice and flavor.

Battered Sausages -- Inside

Battered Sausages — Inside

I mentioned the Irish Vintage Cheese and Bacon Dip above earlier. It makes a great extra alongside just about anything you order. We’ve dipped chips, chicken, burgers, fish — you name it! It’s so amazing, and definitely worth a few bucks extra for something pretty unique.

Vintage Cheese and Bacon Dip at Cookes of Dublin

Vintage Cheese and Bacon Dip at Cookes of Dublin

And don’t forget to take a tour of the dessert menu! It’s hard to pass up a Doh-Bar — a donut battered Snickers or Mars Bar. Yup. Deep fried deliciousness in dessert form. How could you resist??

Doh-Bar Cross-Section


With another delicious meal from Cookes in the books, we headed out for a little Downtown Disney Shopping.


What’s not to love about Cookes? The warm, vintage decor, the delicious and varied menu of comfort foods, the consistent quality. Simply put, we’ve never had a bad experience here. Sure, they could do with a little more seating, and it would be great if you could get a pint here, rather than having to go next door to the Hole in the Wall to grab a beer. Even so, it’s a winner.

All of its attributes — plus that amazing dip!! — work together to make this a highly recommended stop if you’re looking for some good food in the Downtown Disney area. Try Cookes. I think you’ll be happy you did.

Will you be stopping by Cookes for some delicious, Ireland-inspired eats? Leave a comment and tell us what looks good to you!


  1. Rune says

    Always enjoy eating here and always get the extra cheese n bacon sauce on the side. My favourite is probably the fish n chip butty (sandwich.) Last time around my adult daughter ordered the mini sausages and there were way too many for her to finish, its a good place to split a few plates, grab a table inside or out and watch people hurrying by.

    Also good to see free drink refills, including ginger ale – yay! Does it pop up anywhere else in the World? (I’m still mourning the lost of the free Krest ginger ale samples in Epcot.)

  2. JM says

    we ate here last week… it is amazingly delicious! We prefer quick service food…and the best part? I am on a gluten free diet,and they make any of their fried offerings GF! I haven’t been able to order food like this in SO long, so my family got the regular fish and chips and burgers, while I enjoyed the GF fish and chips….AMAZING. I can’t wait to go back.

  3. DebC says

    So the batter fried hamburger is something like a chicken fried steak? And the battered sausages might be a bit similar to a corn dog, only thinner batter?

    If so, I might have to try these.

  4. Natalie says

    I’ve attempted to eat here twice. Just take a look at the picture of the fish and chips. Nothing but grease. Disgusting.

  5. Claire Gregory says

    Wait…I saw cupcakes on the dessert menu! And you haven’t tried them??? This is one of my husband’s favourite quick service places. But I haven’t eaten there in a while because usually he eats at Cookes while I’m busy off shopping Florida Mall or Mall at Millenia….mmmm, shopping ;)

  6. Essie says

    I def would like to try the fish and chips. I like the looks of it: crispy, but not greasy. I think the EOS got rid of my fave sandwich, so this looks like my next go to place.

  7. Galloping Gourmond says

    The fish and chips here is both crispy AND greasy, the way it should be. It gives a nice crack when I hit it with the fork, and the inside has plenty of oil but it doesn’t get in the way of the flavor of the fish.



    I know it has been 5 years ago . the worst service, food, none of the workers spoke English . I got the impression they could not have cared if they had the 1st customer.

  9. Cindy Mahanes says

    We had a lovely lunch here on Sunday, Feb. 15. Sadly, we were told that the doh bars are no longer on the menu. We were really disappointed as we loved them. Any clue as to why they were taken off?

  10. says

    DebC — You’ve got the idea. I would say that the batter on the sausages is less like a bread casing that you find on a corndog, and more like what you’d find on, say, chicken fingers. It’s not as thick as the batter on the fish. But they’re SO good!

    Cindy — I actually spoke with the chef just last week. The Doh Bars are temporarily off the menu while they try some fresh new flavors, but take heart — he indicated they’d be back! :-D

  11. says

    Claire — Excellent point! I think we’ll need to do additional research. ;-)

    JM, Natalie, GG, and Dusty — Thank you for your reviews! It looks like there have been a wide range of experiences. Ours has always been good.

    Essie — I’d definitely recommend that you give Cookes a try!

  12. Kelly Everhart says

    I went there on a Saturday 2/21/2015 last week with my daughter. We had a 19.12 lunch we shared.(expensive) I did not look at the receipt in detail. I was charged a 100.00!!!! The cashier decided to give himself a $80.88 cent tip. My tally of $19.12 was in bold print. The 100 tender was in small print on the very bottom. I do have a picture. I did not discover this until I looked on my bank statement on Monday. They were contacted immediately and it was corrected with only a sorry it must have been a mistake. Was it??? I have contacted them thru emails and have recieved nothing. This is really sad for business. Never going there again and have spread this to friends , family and facebook.

  13. Eileen Jones says

    I went with my family on the 25th July this year to eat at this restaurant, we ordered our food and went to sit outside. As we were a large family group most of the food arrived and we began to eat, the last part of the order arrived which included gravy. This gravy was so hot the waitress dropped it and it poured down my arm & my 5yr old grandsons arm, leg and foot. He screamed out and quite frankly I felt like screaming myself the liquid was so hot. Although the staff dealt adequately with the burns on reflection I feel they were more concerned with covering their own backs than the injuries they had caused me & my grandson and no real apology was given. I think they should review the heat they serve their gravy at ( it was like Milton lava) and also customer service skills. We arrived home on the 8th August and we both still have burn marks.

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