Dining in TOKYO Disneyland: The Chandu Tiger Tail

One of the most adorable stars of Tokyo Disney Sea is this cute little tiger named Chandu.

Chandu with Bananas

Chandu with Bananas: In this scene of the attraction, the room is filled with the aroma of bananas, yum!

He plays Sinbad’s sidekick in Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, which I fell in love with upon taking my first ride through.

Chandu is so popular in fact that he has his own park merchandise and a snack called a Chandu Tail that is made fresh daily in his honor. The Chandu Tail is served at a small counter service spot called Sultan’s Oasis in the Arabian Coast area of Tokyo Disney Sea.  It’s packaged to look like the “tail” is coming from Chandu’s body.

Chandu Tiger Tail Packaging

Chandu Tiger Tail Packaging

The description of this item is “Chicken Cream Bun.”  Which really, upon hearing, I wasn’t super on board with eating it.  I’m so glad that I went for it though. It’s delicious, and in true Japanese fashion, it’s also super cute!

Chandu Tiger Tail

Chandu Tiger Tail

The bun itself is very similar in

texture to a bao type steamed bun.  It’s shaped like a tiger tail (or a backwards question mark if you will) and has stripes to match.  The bun is stuffed with something I’d describe as a mixture of thick chicken corn chowder & chicken pot pie filling.  It’s very flavorful and I really liked the unique texture combination of the bun and filling.

Chandu Tiger Tail Filling

Chandu Tiger Tail Filling

If you are in Tokyo Disney Sea, I’d say that this is a must try snack!  It’s so unique and unlike anything we have here in the states.

I really love how the Tokyo Disney Resort goes above and beyond with themeing.  The packaging is just too cute. I almost saved it, but decided it was best just to purchase the keychain version of this snack instead!  Look at it, plastic packaging and all…

Chandu Tiger Tail Keychain

Chandu Tiger Tail Keychain

Just for fun, I wanted to include a few photos of Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage.  It’s really a great attraction and the building it resides in is gorgeous.

Sinbad's Storybook Voyage

Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage

Similar in style to It’s a Small World, guests board a boat and are taken along on Sinbad’s voyage of adventures.  The music is great and the scenery is spectacular.

Scenes from Sinbad's Storybook Voyage

Scenes from Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage

I had never even heard of this attraction until seeing it in person. So in love with its adorableness.

Would you or have you ever tried a Chandu Tiger Tail? I say, if you have the chance, go for it! And while you’re there, take a few spins on Sinbad’s Storybook Adventure. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Essie says

    I think the snack, keychain and the attraction all look wonderful, but I won’t be getting to Japan. LOL (I’d sure like to go there, though.) So, thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Agnes says

    Soooo cute! I’ve heard great things about both the ride and the Tiger Tail. And now there’s a cute keychain, too? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jenn says

    We didn’t try this particular snack, but even years later, we still miss the coconut frozen yogurt in that part of DisneySeas. So good!

  4. Heather Sievers says

    @Essie – They have so much cute “food” merchandise in Japan. It’s amazing!

    @Agnes – I bought all of the “food” keychains! I couldn’t resist!

    @Jenn – I was on a mission to get that coconut frozen yogurt and they didn’t have it when we were there!!! I was so sad!

  5. Tiffany says

    This is on my list of snacks to try when we visit DisneySea in April. Thanks for the review- didn’t really know what was in it before now!

  6. Jody says

    Oh, how I wish you could upload readers’ pictures in the reply section. I always loved a Chandu’s tail and have many a snap-shot of me and my friends enjoying them. When you ride Sindbad’s Adventure boat ride, in every scene of the voyage you can find Chandu. It’s a little game people like to play. Sometimes you can only see his tail popping out of a basket, or a pile jewels.

    I really prefer the Chandu steamed bun or “man” to the longer reigning and more popular “ukiwaman” the red and white, life preserver themed shrimp steamed bun found at the Seaside Snack Shop. In addition , the line is always much longer at the latter. So, get the Chandu tail. It’s a win-win!

  7. Heather Sievers says

    @Tiffany – You will LOVE snacking your way through TDR! It’s so much fun!

    @Jody – We spotted Chandu all over the ride too! So great! I LOVED the Chandu Tail’s flavor, I was quite surprised because by the sound of the description, I wasn’t so sure. We didn’t try the Donald one, I’m not a seafood fan. It looked really cute though!

  8. Anderson says

    I didn’t get to try this when I was there but it looks good. I also read they are available on the buffet line at Crystal Palace in Tokyo Disneyland :)

  9. Heather Sievers says

    @Anderson – I read that too! We didn’t get to eat there though. We mostly snacked our way through the day and didn’t spend much time in restaurants.

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