Dining in TOKYO Disneyland: Little Green Dumplings

I’ve seen them on Twitter for a few years now.  Alien Dumplings, LGM Mochi, Little Green Men Dumplings, Toy Story Alien Mochi…  Whatever you want to call them, they’ve been on my Disney “must try” bucket list since I first laid eyes on them.

I ‘m here to report that I’ve crossed them off of my bucket list AND I’ve finally learned their “official” name: Little Green Dumplings!

Little Green Dumplings

Little Green Dumplings

Little Green Dumplings are obviously a tribute to Toy Story’s Little Green Men.  They’re quite possibly the cutest edible thing I’ve ever had.  Little Green Dumplings can be found at both Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland.

I feasted on mine from the Soft Landing snack stand in Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland.  It’s a small ice cream stop upstairs near Star Tours.  We used the

stairs inside Pan Galactic Pizza Port (also worth a look, amazing decor & themeing) to get there.  Soft Landing is kind of a hidden spot and when we visited, no line!  They only offer soft serve ice cream, beverages, and a few snack type items here. The current flavors of ice cream were peach, milk, or you could get a peach/milk swirl. I wish I had tried the soft serve, but at this point, the dumplings were a higher priority!

The little plastic cases you see on the bottom right are mini snack cases.  They come filled with small chocolate candies similar to M&M’s and look like mini souvenir popcorn buckets.  The large plastic alien case is an optional souvenir carrier for your dumplings.  It will set you back 880 Yen ($7.46 US), which isn’t too terrible considering that it comes with the trio of dumplings.  The dumplings alone are 360 Yen ($3.05 US).  At just over one dollar each, this is a perfectly affordable & tasty little treat!

Soft Landing Menu Items

Soft Landing Menu Items

When we stopped here, we were actually on a guided tour and on the hunt for bottled water.  For some reason, bottled water is not quite as common in Japan as it is in US parks. Soft Landing is one of the few in-park spots where you can buy bottled water.  So, with that… We purchased some water (don’t you love the Monster’s Inc. themed bottle?) and an order of dumplings.

Water & Little Green Dumplings, Please!

Water & Little Green Dumplings, Please!

The dumplings come three to an order.  From the top they all look the same, but if you flip them over you can see which flavors they are: Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla.

Little Green Dumpling Bottoms!

Little Green Dumpling Bottoms!

The actual green “mochi” dumpling is chewy & sweet.  Each alien is filled with custard.  The consistency of the custard is pretty thick; when you take a bite it doesn’t ooze out.  The dumplings are filling & rich, I had just one bite of each flavor. Chocolate was my favorite, with vanilla in second place.  I’m not a huge strawberry flavor fan, so that one was my least favorite.

Apologizing now that the “bitten” photos are a little gross looking.  When I revisited these photos I thought they looked sort of like stuffed grapes!

Chocolate Dumpling

Chocolate Dumpling

Vanilla Dumpling

Vanilla Dumpling

Strawberry Dumpling

Strawberry Dumpling

Although I really enjoyed the Little Green Dumplings, I don’t think they are something I’d get on a regular basis. If you could buy them individually, I’d probably be inclined to grab a chocolate filled cutie once in a while.  I mean how can you say no to this face?!?

Adorable Tokyo Snacks for the WIN!

Adorable Tokyo Snacks for the WIN!

Are you a mochi fan? Would you or have you tried Little Green Dumplings? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Essie says

    I don’t know. I’d have a hard time eating them because they’re so cute!!!!! But I recently had sesame balls with red bean filling and they were delicious. I’d def try these; I just couldn’t look at their cute little faces as I bit them! Thanks for the photos of all of the cute things they’re selling. I love the candy containers.

  2. says

    ! I LOVE mochi! I wish it was more prevalent here! You can get some mochis in Epcot, but mostly ice cream filled. Or there’s a box you can get in both China and Japan (raised eyebrow goes here) but it’s clearly pretty processed. Ah well.

  3. Ben Miller says

    See I ADORED these little guys, they were definitely my favourite snack in Tokyo Disneyland (and trust me when I say I tried A LOT ) lol these and the shave ice that are limited to just the summer festival were amazing! I wish the other Disney Parks would take more inspiration from Tokyo Disneyland with its amazing theming and detailing in it’s food as well as its constant rotation of seasonal delights

  4. Taylor says

    The name of these is actually a pun. The name in Japanese is “Little Green Man,” where ‘little green’ is in English (more or less) and ‘man’ is the Japanese word for dumpling. Sure, it’s pronounced a little differently, but the humor is still there.

  5. Heather Sievers says

    @Essie – They are so yummy, that after a bits you wouldn’t care about the cuteness!

    @Jenn – The only mochi I’ve seen around here is ice cream filled as well.

    @Ben – I’ve heard about the summer shave ice, I need to go back during summertime!!!

    @Taylor – Oh! Cool, thanks for sharing!

  6. Phil Vickers says

    I tried these in Tokyo Disneyland last year and they were my least favourite snack there.
    They look cute, but the texture was unpleasant and rubbery!

    I’ll stick to the soft serve with maple balls!

  7. Heather Sievers says

    @Phil – My husband didn’t like the texture either! My kids wouldn’t even try them.

    @CraigInPA – Sort of. It’s more like a pudding filling not as thick as ganache.

  8. Madoka says

    OMG WANT!!! The LGM are my favorite, and I love mochi!

    Did you get the souvenir container with the dumplings? How is their popularity compared with the popcorn buckets?

  9. says

    @Madoka – I didn’t buy the souvenir container for these ones. I opted for the LGM Santa popcorn bucket instead. I didn’t see many of these around. The popcorn buckets seemed to be much more popular.

  10. Lisa says

    Yes yes yes, I would buy these along with the cute little green man souvenir container.
    I think those mini candy cases are the best. I only wish OUR Disney Parks here in the United States would start selling these. I mean why don’t they? I’d buy them all day, everyday!
    But for now I just have to buy online from Tokyo Disney or EBay.
    Get Busy Disney World..You guys are missing the mark here!

  11. Ricco says

    Is it possible to buy outside the Disney Land Resort (outside the entrance)? Because I’m planning to go next year, but I’m not going inside the Disney Land Resort.

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