News! Erin McKenna’s Bakery Signage Up in Downtown Disney (BabyCakes is Back!)

Okay, BabyCakes fans… this one’s for you!

With the ongoing construction at Downtown Disney (as it continues in its transition to become Disney Springs), there’s a lot of anticipation about the new dining spots on the way: from The Boathouse and Morimoto Asia to STK Orlando. If you’ve been following the Downtown Disney/Disney Springs food news, you may recall in November when we mentioned the possible return of BabyCakes NYC to Downtown Disney in the revitalized form of Erin McKenna’s Bakery Valentine.

We’re happy to bring you official signs of its return… with the SIGNS now hanging outside what will be the bakery!

And, according to Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC’s Facebook page, it will open this Sunday at 1PM! (Thanks to reader Heather for the heads up!)

Erin McKenna's Bakery storefront

Erin McKenna’s Bakery Storefront — Word is Out That the Bakery Will Open This Sunday!

Erin McKenna's Bakery sign

Erin McKenna’s Bakery sign

Erin McKenna is the founder of BabyCakesNYC, known for its great selection of gluten-free, vegan treats including cupcakes and donuts in a wide variety of flavors.

Babycakes Sweets and Treats

Babycakes Sweets and Treats

Fans of BabyCakes will certainly remember the closing of the original Downtown Disney location, formerly located in the Marketplace. When it was closed along with Pollo Campero and Bodie’s All-American to accommodate Disney Springs construction last March, many readers were disappointed in its closure — as were we here at the DFB. But with the continued presence of BabyCakes in small packages throughout Disney Resorts, and at Animal Kingdom’s Gardens Kiosk, there was always a ray of hope that BabyCakes would return to a new home in Downtown Disney.

Located at Pleasure Island (rather, what was Pleasure Island, now  called The Landing) the bakery’s neighbors include some retail shops that have already opened including Sound Lion (selling headphones, earbuds, and the like), Sanuk (shoes), and Chapel Hats.

Erin McKenna's Bakery storefront

Erin McKenna’s Bakery storefront

I think it already looks pretty great (I’m loving the brick, myself!), but of course I’m mostly interested in what will be behind these walls and signs once BabyCakes opens this weekend. And we can’t way to show you when it does!

Are you excited about the return of BabyCakes to Downtown Disney? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Avaitor says

    I was at Downtown only this Friday (or a week ago, based on when I’m typing this), and noticed the Bakery sign, and just HAD to look in. I caught one construction guy, but nothing else to really note. Hopefully, it won’t take too long for the place to open, though!

  2. Betsy Tollefson says

    I am so excited for the return of this bakery! I have a lot of food allergies and Disney is a vacation destination of choice because of the options they offer. Not only can I get dessert on vacation but there is a bakery that caters to my dietary needs! Love it! Can’t wait to go back!!

  3. Gaylin says

    If you are like me and allergic to all grains (including rice), be careful what you buy from there – almost all their products are made with rice flour. This means I won’t ever get to try anything from there, since the chances of cross contamination are so high.

  4. Patrick says

    You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for keeping us Babycakes NYC (now Erin McKennas Bakery NYC) fans updating on their latest projects in the World of Walt Disney… please show us images of the inside and baked goods when you can!

  5. Ashley says

    I don’t have any food allergies but we tried their cupcakes on our last trip and enjoyed them. The texture was much denser (more like a pound cake), which took a little getting used to. We tried multiple flavors and our favorite was the blondie cupcake with chocolate frosting. Glad to see they are reopening.

  6. says

    I wasn’t aware that Disney offered so many options. My concern would definitely be the texture of the cakes. I prefer a light, fluffy texture.

  7. MariMiranda says

    I went to BabyCakes this Memorial Day weekend and ordered some cupcakes, donuts and Cinnamon sugar toastie. We are all vegans and have been for some time now. The cupcake did not taste good at all. My daughter took one bite and spit it out and said it tasted really bad. I took a bite as well and it did not taste good. The donuts I will admit were good. The Cinnamon sugar toastie also did not taste well. My husband said it tasted very, very bad. I was very disappointed because we had high hopes since everyone had spoken to highly of them. We were also excited because its so hard to find a vegan bakery. I will not go back and purchase a thing from them.

  8. Char thomas says

    Our first visit from the state of WA. If you are using regular processed sugar, your sign on the wall is incorrect!! We purchased 2 donuts, as I am GF. My husband ate one & had to wash it down w/ 2 cups of coffee as it was SO sweet!! And he likes sweets! We will throw the other one away! If you want “healthy” use xylitol!!!!!

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