News! Han Solo in Carbonite Popcorn Bucket Coming to Star Wars Weekends

UPDATE: Guest can find the Han Solo Popcorn Bucket at Watto’s Grotto inside Darth’s Mall this year.

Okay, so I thought the Darth Vader Popcorn Bucket featured during 2014’s Star Wars Weekends was pretty awesome…

Darth Vader Popcorn Bucket

Darth Vader Popcorn Bucket

But I think the Empire might have to take a back seat to the Rebel Alliance, because the popcorn bucket coming to Star Wars Weekends this year is… oh, forget it. I don’t even have words. Just LOOK!!

© Disney © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd

© Disney © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd

So, yeah. I’m pretty sure Vader’s about to get trumped with this Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Popcorn Bucket.

I’m just not going to be the one to break it to him.

Remember, Star Wars Weekends begin at Hollywood Studios on

May 15th this year. And may the Force be with you on the search for your bucket at Watto’s Grotto located in Darth’s Mall, because they’re bound to disappear from this side of the galaxy at the rate of lightspeed!

What do you think of the Han Solo Popcorn Bucket? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Georgeanne says

    Both posts from today are officially on my list for our May trip!! Thanks for the great info.

  2. Evelynn says

    I love it! My 7 year old nephew really wants one, so we will be happily be picking one up in oct.!

  3. Kristen says

    Any chance of these being available starting May 4th or are they generally only avialable starting the actual Star Wars weekends?

  4. Carol says

    Unfortunately this sort of merchandise sells out at the speed of light! I have been to this event numerous times, only to find most things like this sold out before the end of the first weekend.

  5. andrew says

    I have the r2d2 popcorn holder from 2 year ago but raging as want Han solo one but not going back till August arghhh

  6. Tina says

    I got the Darth Vader popcorn bucket during my end of September trip at Fantasmic, so hopefully there will be some left. But I am going to SWW this year, soooo getting this one!

  7. Lorne Cook says

    Let me know if you guys want me to pick up some carbonite popcorn buckets! It won’t be cheap, but at least you’ll have yours. locographs at yahoo dot com!

  8. Danielle says

    This will be great to add to my collection. I managed to get both the R2D2 and the Darth Vader buckets and we managed to time our trip with the first weekend again. I can’t wait.

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