News: Mickey Check Meals Debut on All Disney Cruise Line Ships

Great news for families who prefer to stick with healthy food options during their Disney adventures!

mickey check for kids meals

Mickey Check Meals have now made their way to the entire fleet of Disney Cruise Line ships.

The Mickey Check is an emblem that kids and adults can use on Disney menus to quickly identify meals that meet the Disney Nutrition Guidelines. Mickey Check Meals have been available throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland. And now, you can add them to your Disney Cruise Line dining options as well.

The use of the Mickey Check and the creation of healthy, nutritious meals continues the work of the Disney Magic of Healthy Living Initiative. The project works to provide nutritious options and kid-appropriate portions.

Mickey Check Meal on Disney Cruise Lines

Mickey Check Meal on Disney Cruise Lines

Mickey Check Meals aim to provide three or more nutritious food groups, including
vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. They also use recipes and ingredients that incorporate less sodium, sugar, and saturated and trans fats.

While vacation is certainly a time to enjoy a few indulgences, it’s good to know that you have healthy options to offset more decadent choices. And really, isn’t healthy eating all about balance? ;-)

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How do you feel about Mickey Check Meals coming to the ships of Disney Cruise Line? Leave a comment and tell us if this is a welcome addition for you and your family!


  1. Janelle says

    This is awesome. I have to say that the servers I have had on all 9 Disney Cruises have been fabulous about getting what my daughter wants, such as peas for her Mac n’ cheese, now having option to order healthy option not a la cart, will be easy for us as well as alleviate servers.

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