Friday Happy Hour: Lava Flow at the Barefoot Pool Bar at Polynesian Village Resort

Well, wouldn’t you know it?

Right after I visited the Polynesian Village Resort’s Barefoot Pool Bar when it reopened along with the refurbished Lava Pool and I reported that the specialty drink menu hadn’t changed…

It changed.

Well, that’s not entirely true :). Everything you could previously purchase at the Barefoot Pool Bar is still available (that means the pool bar standards like the Captain’s Mai Tai and Banana Cabana). In fact, they’re all still prominently listed on the main menu.

Barefoot Pool Bar

Barefoot Pool Bar

Barefoot Pool Bar menu

Barefoot Pool Bar menu

But, lo and behold…. just days after my visit, I heard about some all-new (and if I understand correctly, mostly exclusive) drinks at the Barefoot Pool Bar!

You can spot the descriptions on a stand-up sign, and fans of the Polynesian will get a kick out of reading the well-themed drink names as much as the descriptions with titles like the Pago Pago Pain Killer, Niue Rita, Lava Flow, Tonga Tea, and Samoa Sunrise. Just click on the image below to enlarge and read the item descriptions. I love that the Samoa Sunrise features POG Juice!

Specialty Drink Menu

Specialty Drink Menu

I didn’t see this menu at all on my previous visit, but whether that’s because they were not being served yet since the pool bar had just reopened or I’d missed the roving sign, I’m honestly not sure.

Ah, well… it’s here now, and so are we! So, let’s have a drink, shall we? We’ll go with

a classic that I know many of you have wanted to see featured here on DFB — the Lava Flow.

Lava Flow

Lava Flow

Now, this is one that people have enjoyed before — not only at the Barefoot Pool bar but at other resort pool bars as well. But I couldn’t resist it for two reasons. First, because it’s very close to one of my absolute favorite Disney drinks: the Lava Smoothie. The Lava Smoothie is a frozen non-alcoholic swirled blend of raspberry puree and pina colada mix (and the closely related Pina CoLAVA on the standard bar menu has the addition of Bacardi Black Razz Rum).

The Lava Flow, however, instead features Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum, and strawberry puree instead of raspberry.

The second reason is because when I picture lounging by the pool with a drink, this one fits the image in my head pretty much exactly! How about you?

Lava Flow

Lava Flow

Just like the other drinks in the “Lava” line up, the Lava Flow is that wonderful blend of creamy coconut with a subtle tart flavor from the puree, and also the very mild pineapple in the pina colada mix. I found that I preferred the flavor after I mixed everything up (the layered pour is unique to the Lava Flow — the other variations on this beverage are swirled). Overall, the yummy sweetness of the mix and puree did overpower the taste of the rum a fair bit… but I definitely felt a little something when I stood up after, so I know it was in there ;)!

And so, with all the changes at the Polynesian from the past few months, chock this drink menu up to one more. And a welcome addition, I’d say, considering that most bars and lounges across Disney World offer the same standardized menu. While those feature several good drinks, I always love seeing a few that are unique to their locations, such as the Victoria Falls Mist at Victoria Falls Lounge, or The Shadow at Belle Vue Lounge.

Of course, you know the saying: “The more things change, the more they stay the same…”

Mickey Mouse phone at Barefoot Pool Bar

Mickey Mouse phone at Barefoot Pool Bar

Good to see you again, old school Mickey Mouse phone!! See you real soon, pal!

Which drink on the Barefoot Pool Bar specialty menu would you choose? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Sarah says

    I am a huge fan of the Pina CoLAVA. Never tried the Lava Flow, but there’s a restaurant in our area that serves what sounds like an identical drink. One of my favorite drinks ever.

  2. Hannah says

    I am all in for a Captain’s Mai Tai. The best has been on The Disney Dream, but they’re great anywhere at Disney.

  3. Madoka says

    So pleased to see them offer a classic Lava Flow! It’s my go-to drink when I visit Hawaii, so it’s very appropriate to serve it at the Poly! Interestingly, I have not had the Pina CoLAVA before and always assumed it was a fancier name for the Lava Flow but did not realize that the drink features raspberry puree instead of strawberry. The only slight disappointment is from them having poured all the puree at the bottom of the cup instead of having it “flow down through” the pina colada mix so that it looks like red lava flowing…

    I am also happy to see them offer the Painkiller and with cream of coconut. This is a true classic tiki drink and totally delicious!

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