News: Disney World Refillable Mug Price Change Test Currently Underway

UPDATE: In the days since this post first published, many of our readers have reported that the new price of the Refillable Mugs has rolled out to several more Disney Resorts in addition to the original locations named in this post. 

Heads up, all! A few select Disney World Resorts have rolled out an updated pricing structure for the Rapid Fill Mugs — refillable mugs that provide guests the option to purchase one mug and reuse it for fountain and other drink station beverages throughout their vacation for a pre-designated amount of time.

Rapid Fill Mugs

Rapid Fill Mugs

The price for a Rapid Fill Mug has been $17.99 for length of stay, with lower pricing options available for 1, 2, and 3 day visits since the Rapid Fill drink program debuted in August 2013. And it remains in effect at several Disney resorts currently.

Rapid Fill Price Sign

Rapid Fill Price Sign

BUT…at Pop Century, the All Star Resorts, and Port Orleans – Riverside, the price is currently $16.49 plus tax for length of stay.

Rapid Fill New Length of Stay Pricing -- Refillable Mugs

Rapid Fill New Length of Stay Pricing — Refillable Mugs

However, the 1, 2, and 3 day options are not currently available to guests, so essentially

it costs $16.49 plus tax for guests to purchase the Rapid-Fill Mugs, no matter the length of their trip.

Rapid Fill Mugs

Rapid Fill Mugs

At this time, it is unknown whether any other Resorts have — or will — follow suit, and if so, in what time frame.

If you are a current or recent Disney World Resort guest and have noticed any pricing structure changes to the refillable mugs at your resort, we’d be interested to hear about your experience (and we hope you have or had a great vacation, while you’re at it!).

What do you think having one pricing option for the Rapid Fill Mugs? Please let us know with comment!


  1. Gary ratnich says

    it’s kind of high but what else is new my blf Kate t Scott drank so much coffee and soda before meeting Anna she said wow you talk more than me and Kate em had slight accident lol and had to close the room for a few minutes. But still good sports they both tired to keep a straight face that was one memorable photo. Lesson go to restroom beforehand Gary ratnich

  2. Gary ratnich says

    Just got back and Kate t Scott had her soda high and Anna remembered her this time keeping her hands up lol l. They should a lifetime mug and charge like 200 think pot the money they could make .

    I proposed to Gianna and she liked my Bently as did jasmine who wanted a ride if I promised to stop at stop lights how did she know indont.

    Great times and got bloated in the face with the heat probably drank too much.

    Gary ratnich

  3. jane dew says

    We always stay in a Disney resort over Christmas for 16/17 nights and in the past our mugs ran out before we left. I hope this new pricing means we can have our sodas for the whole stay this year (5 nights Beach Club, 11 nights OKW).

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