Review: Two NEW Baked Pasta Dishes at Animal Kingdom’s Beastly Kiosk

Well, we knew things would be changing at Animal Kingdom in short order, but I don’t know if we quite expected this…

As the park revs up for the much-anticipated (and delayed) reopening of Flame Tree Barbecue in early July, the kiosks that have been serving as temporary locations for Flame Tree items are starting to change again, too.

That includes Beastly Kiosk, which you’ll find in Discovery Island just outside of the entrance to Asia. [Editor’s note: Since the posting of this article, the Beastly Kiosk has been renamed, and is now Eight Spoon Cafe.] This small snack stand has been serving up three Flame Tree entrees, which was a definite departure from its typical menu of Mickey and Jalapeño Cheese-stuffed Pretzels (along with the occasional appearance of Corn Dogs on peak crowd days).

Well, the pretzels have indeed returned (woot!), along with two brand new items. Beastly Kiosk is now serving Baked Pasta Marinara with Mozzarella and — wait for it — BAKED LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE!

Beastly Kiosk

Beastly Kiosk


New Beastly Kiosk menu

New Beastly Kiosk menu

Why delay? Let’s dive right into that Lobster Mac, shall we?

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Let’s talk portion first: if you’ve visited any booths at Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival or Flower and Garden Festival, you’ll be familiar with this size dish. They’re definitely on the smaller size and not full-sized entrees, which is why you’ll see them listed as a snack credit (!!!!!!!! LOBSTER MAC IS A SNACK CREDIT!!!!!!!) on the Disney Dining Plan. If you’re not familiar with the size, hopefully that picture of my fork near the dish will give you some perspective.

With a dish this rich, the

size actually worked out pretty well (though I should note I ate every. single. last. bite.). I was for sure pumped about the lobster, but we gotta check out that cheese, too!



There was a very good balance of lobster and cheese flavor — the entire dish was delicate and creamy. There weren’t any big chunks of lobster, but there were definitely nice pieces throughout.

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

As far as snacks go, it’s an awesome, filling choice.

The Baked Pasta Marinara with Mozzarella shares two things in common with the Lobster Mac.

Baked Pasta Marinara with Mozzarella

Baked Pasta Marinara with Mozzarella

First, the cheese is a major part of the story with this one, too.

Baked Pasta Marinara with Mozzarella

Baked Pasta Marinara with Mozzarella

Second, it uses the same style of pasta — that nice, “hand-rolled” kind.



This one definitely had good flavor, and was also creamy and cheesy. It’s similarly filling as well. It’s just not quite the showstopper that the Lobster Mac and Cheese is.

So that’s one I didn’t see coming… the Beastly Kiosk as an Animal Kingdom dining destination ;). But there you have it! I’m not sure that these dishes necessarily make for great mid-day-during-a-super-hot-humid-Orlando-summer snacks…but I really don’t know how to NOT eat Lobster Mac and Cheese when it’s a snack credit on the dining plan.

By the way, since Flame Tree Barbecue is not yet reopened (look for it around July 1st, per latest reports), you may want to know that some of the entrees that Beastly Kiosk was serving on behalf of Flame Tree — the Rib and Chicken Combo, and the Jumbo Turkey Leg — can still be found at the Gardens Kiosk.

We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Has the Beastly Kiosk suddenly become “Must-Do Dining” for you with these new dishes? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Gigi says

    Well, I’d definitely count the Baked Pasta Marinara as a new vegetarian option at AK. Hopefully there will be some others popping up around the park.

  2. Chelsea says


    I’ll be there in just under 3 weeks – might have to suffer through the July heat to try this! Looks so worth it.

    Thanks for spotting this AJ! :)

  3. Sandra says

    Wow, a veg option that isn’t a salad or faux burger! And my son would definitely go for the lobster mac and cheese option. We tend to snack in AK anyway, although occasionally we eat at Restaurantosaurus. Never tried Flametree because one of us is vegetarian and a fruit plate doesn’t really cut it. Hope they are still serving these when we get there this fall.

  4. Essie says

    Both look very good, AJ. I love lobster (although usually just with drawn butter) and I LOVE mozzarella, so I’s gladly try both of these.

  5. Dianna Carey says

    We were at Animal Kingdom last week. My husband and daughter both had the lobster mac and cheese. Daughter said it was good… Hubby was not a fan. Also, they are right… It is small.

  6. Rana says

    I was at AK the week of you writing this. My daughter and I tried it and loved the lobster mac and cheese. It was a sweltering hot day to eat hot baked mac and cheese, but it was soooo worth it. I would definitely recommend this.

  7. Tina says

    We were there the 3rdish week in June, and I ordered one (lobster mac), it was awesome. My 6yo wanted a bite and loved it so we had to go back for one for him. Perfect snack portion.

  8. Janet Sala says

    Nice! I really like the idea of smaller portions of something savory. It makes it easier to enjoy more flavors without over indulging!!!

    Keith, I am rolling on the floor laughing!!!! Good call!

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