Review: Troll Horn and Rice Cream at Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in Epcot’s Norway

You know how I love finding out about new eats and treats all over Disney World and Disneyland, right?

Well, I can tell you it has been keeping me pretty busy lately! We’re talking Caramel Sticks in Disneyland’s Candy Palace, and Baked Lobster Mac and Cheese at the Beastly Kiosk in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (oh, and umm… poop candy at the new Zuri’s Sweets Shop, while we’re at it). We’ve got two new flavors of ice cream over at L’Artisan des Glaces, and… the list goes on and on!

And it’s super fun — it really is. But eating NEW things all the time means that I never have time — or stomach space — for my old favorites. Well, today I wanted to re-try two of my favorite snacks over at Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in Norway’s Epcot. After all, they’ve both gone through some changes since we last reviewed them, so they ARE technically “new” in some ways!

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe sign

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe sign

So recently I stopped back in for two of those classics: the Troll Horn and Rice Cream.

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe

First, a little history on the Troll Horn (well, Epcot history, anyway). It was originally known in Epcot as the Cloudberry Horn, featuring cloudberry jam mixed with cream tucked inside the horn-shaped pastry shell. Then suddenly it was renamed the Troll Horn, due to — as I understand it — a shortage of cloudberries in Norway, so the updated (at the time) Troll Horn was instead made with Lingonberry jam.

Troll Horn

Troll Horn

These days, it’s back to being made with cloudberry jam, but the Troll Horn moniker remained because… well, ‘cuz it’s more fun to say “Troll Horn,” I suppose. As long as they don’t start calling it “Olaf’s Carrot Nose” (see the shape? It could happen.), I’m cool with it.

I’m also cool with it because it’s still that same mildly buttery (but mostly sweet) pastry shell coated with coarse sugar for crunch, filled with that simple-but-delicious rich cream that offers the slightest tart hint from the berry jam mixed in.

Inside Troll Horn

Inside Troll Horn

This is one is especially nice on a cold day paired with coffee. Not that we’ll see cool days in Central FL anytime again soon, but they’ll come ‘round again one day. I promise. Just tuck that away for future reference.

Now we definitely see a change from the old standby in my next item: Rice Cream. The basic gist remains the same: the bright tang of the strawberries and glaze on top is mellowed by a creamy mildly-vanilla rice pudding base.

Rice Cream

Rice Cream

The flavor was the same on my recent visit, but the texture was…. well, more rice-y. I know that sounds silly, since it IS rice pudding we’re talking about, after all. But if you check out one of my previous reviews you might be able to tell from the photos that previously the emphasis was definitely on the cream, with a much smoother texture.

Rice Cream

Rice Cream

Whereas on my most recent visit, the bits of rice were much more evident, and while I still enjoyed it, I wanted to show you since some may find the texture more off-putting.

As we established earlier, change is quite often the name of the game. But I gotta say, it is still a little weird to walk into the Norway Pavilion and see what was previously The Maelstrom walled off as everything inside transforms into what will be the “Frozen Ever After” attraction. With all the changes that have happened and those still in store, it’s nice to be able to come back to Kringla and enjoy some classic Epcot snacks that have stood the test of time.

What’s your favorite classic treat at Kringla Bakeri? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Rune says

    We visited here recently and were disappointed to find the Gjertost cheesecake unavailable, not sure if its gone for good or not, there was something looking a little like Mexican flan there instead which we didn’t try.

    We did try the rice cream (again) and it was yummy, the berries really bring out the creamy taste of the rice. Also tried the warm waffles with jam and the Moose Kiss which we’d not seen before (I think that was it’s name) which we liked a lot, it looked like a Hershey Kiss made of very thin and soft meringue, covering layers sponge base, cream and berry puree. Quite good although the only bit with any real flavour kick was the puree

  2. Sandra says

    The cloudberry horn is one of my favorites. Much as I like lingonberries, cloudberries are a treat I only get at WDW.

  3. Richard says

    We were there last fall or winter (memory fuzzy)getting a couple of Troll Horns and coffee when the counter person asked if their was anything else.

    I ask if she could package a couple of dozen in boxes so I could send them to some friends. She smiled her best big EPCOT smile and said no but I would be surprised had how many visitors ask for that service!

  4. Bellamouse says

    RICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I love rice cream….. :D Can’t WAIT to get some!!

  5. Essie says

    A.J., I love that crunchy coarse sugar on the Troll Horns (or on any pastry), but to pick a fave? I just love all of the sweets and savories in that great little bakery. It’s one of my favorite QS spots in EPCOT.

  6. Colleen says

    The troll horn was by far the best treat at Epcot . I recently married a Norwegian. Is the recipe available?

  7. Jen says

    I just ate the Troll Horn and the Rice Cream on Saturday – my absolute 2 favorites treats at Epcot!!

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