Review: Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs at Disneyland’s Little Red Wagon


Disneyland's Little Red Wagon

Disneyland’s Little Red Wagon

And there’s no better place to grab your Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs in Disneyland!

Little Red Wagon Sign

Little Red Wagon Sign

Well, okay, technically there IS Corn Dog Castle over in Disney California Adventure Park, but we’re talking about Walt’s original park here.

Little Red Wagon close up

Little Red Wagon close up

Plus, you know… Main Street U.S.A. is tough to beat for enjoying…um…the BEST CORN DOG EVER.

Speaking of Main Street, you’ll find the Corn Dog Wagon parked on the right hand side of the street as you’re walking toward the Castle — you’ll pass it right before you get to the Plaza Inn.

Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart Front

Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart Front

Seating is sparse, though you should be able to snag a table outside at the Plaza Inn or across the “street” at Jolly Holiday.



The menu here is pretty simple. It’s corn dogs…and corn dogs. Or you could get a corn dog. Once you decide, you have the choice of chips or apple slices. Done and done.

Served Corn Dog

Served Hand Dipped Corn Dog and Apple Slices

So why is this classic carnival snack so beloved here in Disneyland when you can probably pick up corn dogs at the grocery store on any given Tuesday? It’s the batter. These dogs are hand-dipped in some of the best corn batter I’ve ever had. And a lot of folks clearly agree with me, since Disneyland corn dogs have pretty much gone down in history.

Hand Dipped Corn Dog

Hand Dipped Corn Dog Unwrapped

You get a slight crunch on the outside with that fried-up batter, and the inside is soft and sweet-savory. Seriously — it’s like no other corn dog I’ve ever had.

Inside the Corn Dog

Inside the Corn Dog

I hate to break it to ya…. but even though you can technically get Hand-dipped Corn Dogs at Disney World, too, thanks to the Fantasy Fare Food Truck (and I truly do think that’s very good news for the east coast diehards), they still don’t quite live up to the Disneyland version. It’s pretty much an art form — not to mention a major tradition.

And if you’re at Disneyland this weekend for the D23 Expo, don’t forget to spend a little time in line at the Little Red Wagon!

Are you a Little Red Wagon or Corn Dog Castle aficionado? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Rhiannon says

    I tried this for the first time during the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon weekend in May and it is by far THE BEST corn dog I ever ate! And it’s huge! The pics don’t show the bang for your buck (think size of Casey’s Corner Hot Dogs.) its top of the list for foods we must eat when we go back next year!

  2. Tammy says

    Best corn dog on the planet. Hands down. Even the corn dog castle isn’t as perfect. There’s something about that red wagon.

  3. Carolyn from the UK says

    Oh, I didn’t get to try these last November on our first ever trip to Disneyland! We ran out of time! I did have one from the Corn Dog Castle in DCA though, and it was AMAZING! I lurve corn dogs, and we can’t get them in the UK, so every time we visit WDW I have managed to get the corn dog nuggets from Casey’s.

    We need to stop eating our own body weight in free dining and head over the Downtown to try the Food Truck this November ……

  4. Evan says

    I’ve gotten one at Stage Door Cafe and it seemed to be the same thing as the red wagon. The nice thing is that you can get fries as your side instead of the chips or apples…because calories.

  5. Richard says

    I prefer going over to DCA and visiting the Corn Dog Castle for one (or two) of their Hot-Link Corn Dogs

  6. Diana says

    Every time we walk by the line is long but for our trip in November I am making an extra effort to wait in line to try this!

  7. Essie says

    I don’t really like corndogs (yikes! sorry); I prefer my hotdogs without the sweetness, but I love the Little Red Truck. It’s so typically Mr. Disney!

  8. Susan says

    I highly agree. The corn dogs at Disneyland are by far the best in the Disney parks. I love them and get one every time I enter DL. Sadly, I tried the corn dogs at DisneyWorld, at the Animal Kingdom, and they were nowhere near as good.

  9. elizabeth says

    It sure sounds as if someone from Disneyland needs to come for a visit to Disney World to actually bring the recipe for the Corn Dog batter and demonstrate the technique so that everyone can enjoy the same delicious Corn Dogs !!!

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