#OnTheList: ‘Ohana Character Breakfast at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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Writing about Disney Food — all of it — well, it’s kinda the point of this blog. But I am never happier than when I can share one of my truly favorite meals with you.

And ‘Ohana’s Best Friends Character Breakfast definitely qualifies! Let’s take a closer look at this experience as we head into the Great Ceremonial House and see why ‘Ohana Breakfast is definitely #OnTheList!


Recently, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort underwent a lengthy refurbishment. If you haven’t visited the resort in a while, you’ll definitely notice some changes to the lobby and other public areas.

Tiki Statue in Lobby

Tiki Statue in Lobby

With the Resort’s name change (the Polynesian resumed its original, opening day name), we also welcomed a couple of exciting new additions — the Pineapple Lanai and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.

But I was nearly as excited to find out several of my favorite food destinations would remain the same. You can still enjoy some of the best (hidden gem) food at Kona Cafe. And Coffee or Sushi or Hawaiian Shave Ice — depending on the time of day you visit — is still available at the Kona Island Sushi Bar. Tambu Lounge and Captain Cook’s also remain largely unchanged (although the latter was renovated a bit).

And so, thankfully, is ‘Ohana. By night, ‘Ohana offers a family-style, all you care to enjoy dining experience that’s similar to a Brazilian steakhouse, with skewered and grilled meats, plus side dishes to complement them. (Save room for the best part — their Bread Pudding!)

But one of my favorite Polynesian food attractions — worthy of a spot #OnTheList — is the Best Friends Breakfast.

If you haven’t visited ‘Ohana for a while, here’s the good news: not much has changed! You’ll still find the same atmosphere featuring natural finishes common to the Islands of Polynesia. And that big wood pile is put to good use at night with the grilled meats.

Main Dining Room

Main Dining Room

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Tikis! They’re everywhere.

One of the Many 'Tiki Gods You'll See at 'Ohana

One of the Many Tiki Gods You’ll See at ‘Ohana

Now that you have a feeling for the atmosphere, let’s check out who your dining companions will be.


It’s an interesting assortment of friends that you’ll encounter at ‘Ohana. One of my favorite details, though, is that you get to spend time with Mickey Mouse himself — and he’s dressed to impress in a colorful Hawaiian shirt and lei!

Say Aloha to Mickey and Friends at 'Ohana

Say Aloha to Mickey and Friends at ‘Ohana!

Because there are four characters at this meal, you’re likely to have a good amount of quality time with each one. And don’t be surprised if you see them at your table multiple times.

Mickey at 'Ohana

Mickey — Up Close

While all of the Fab Five don’t join Mickey at ‘Ohana, you will also see Pluto here. He’s always so fun with the littles! I’ve seen kiddos that are scared of Goofy (He is a giant), but Pluto always seems to elicit giggles. It’s the ears, I think.

Pluto at 'Ohana


But the other characters you’ll meet here are Lilo and Stitch. On our visit, Lilo particularly was great with the kids. It was clear to me that this Cast Member is a mom, a grandma, or otherwise has mad baby wrangling skillz. She was incredible as she interacted with the 1-year old in our party; he was completely mesmerized! He loved it especially when she started “using” his pacifier.

Lilo at 'Ohana


Stitch was a champ, too, and was super cuddly as he got down to the kids’ level.

Stitch at 'Ohana


And if the character interaction doesn’t leave you smiling like a kid again, you’ll love witnessing the controlled chaos of the Coconut Races!


While many character breakfasts are buffets at Disney, the family-style service model at ‘Ohana remains. I’m a big fan of this for one reason especially: I stay seated at my table, while the characters and the food come to me. Most parents will come to value this style of service, since they don’t have to juggle getting food with feeding and childcare.

You’ll start your breakfast with Aloha Juice/Lilikoi Juice/POG Juice…whatever you want to call it, a combination of Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava Juices.

Aloha Juice -- AKA POG!

Aloha Juice — AKA POG!

A Fresh Fruit Plate arrives next. Ours included cubed Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Pineapple, garnished with Raspberries.

Incidentally, the small child in our party made quick work of the raspberries on the platter! Our server noticed, and brought an entire bowl of raspberries for him to enjoy. And they were perfect — ripe, but not mushy.

Fresh Fruit Plate

Fresh Fruit Plate

The main Family Breakfast Platter includes all you care to eat Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Breakfast Potatoes, and Biscuits. These are pretty standard for Disney breakfasts, but the potatoes are a stand-out here.

Family Breakfast Platter

Family Breakfast Platter

We also received a basket of fresh Breakfast Breads, which included Cinnamon Raisin and Pineapple varieties. Both were amazing, but I could have eating an entire pan of that cinnamon raisin! Super moist and sweet.

Cinnamon Raisin and Pineapple Bread

Cinnamon Raisin and Pineapple Bread

But in addition to all of that, servers also brought Mickey Waffles. Each person is served as many as they’d like, but these, to my surprise, were not left on the table to grab more as we wished. You can always request more, though.

In fact, that’s the way with everything. If you’d like more of any item, just ask. They’re happy to bring it to you.

Mickey Waffles

Mickey Waffles

There were also Stitch Waffles for the kiddos. But I’m not really sure how many kids are going to prefer Stitch waffles to Mickey waffles. Either way — they taste pretty much the same.

Stitch Waffles for the Littles

Stitch Waffles for the Littles

We took full advantage of the “all you care to enjoy” and made sure to get our fill of favorites, like Mickey Waffles and the addictive Potatoes and Sausages. With autographs and pictures checked off our to-do list, we were happy to close the books on another fantastic ‘Ohana breakfast.


There’s no doubt that a character dining experience should be on your Disney Food Bucket List. After all, how can you beat the combination of food and interaction with some of the most popular characters in the ‘World? On top of that, they come to YOU instead of you standing in line. And it all takes place in air-conditioned comfort.

But add in coconut races, decent food, and laid-back, family-style service, and you can see why ‘Ohana tops my list. If I could only do one character meal, this would be it.

Now, it’s time to hear from all of you! Will you be adding the Best Friends Breakfast at ‘Ohana to your Disney Food Bucket List? Leave a comment and tell us if it’s your favorite!

What’s On YOUR Disney Food Bucket List?

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  1. Tammi says

    ‘Ohana, Chef Mickey, and Mickey’s Backyard BBQ are the only character meals I haven’t done yet at WDW. On my upcoming trip in December we’ll be doing ‘Ohana and the BBQ. I am very excited for both. ‘Ohana easily won out over Chef Mickey because of the unique characters. I was also interested to see the Polynesian since its remodel. Last year when we went to the Spirit of Aloha there were construction walls everywhere.

  2. Kathleen says

    We had dinne at Ohana during our last visit and it was a highlight of our trip. This time we are doing the breakfast because my son has become a huge Lilo and Stitch fan! I’m very much looking forward to this one!

  3. Amy says

    We are staying at the Polynesian in January and we are doing ‘Ohana for dinner. I debated between breakfast at ‘Ohana and breakfast at Chef Mickey’s on our non-park day, and ultimately decided on Chef Mickey’s, which we haven’t done yet. I think next time I’ll try ‘Ohana, it looks fun and delicious and I love Lilo.

  4. says

    Ohana for breakfast is WONDERFUL. We’ve been multiple times – – it’s our favorite restaurant at WDW. We don’t have children but we love watching all the guest’s interactions, not just the little bitty buddies, and it is especially fun for me to see my tall, tall husband getting all sorts of great hugs from the characters! My personal “happy” is when I can get Mickey to wiggle his nose. Food is great.

  5. Sarah says

    We have breakfast and dinner reservations at Ohana during our upcoming trip in 2 weeks! My kids are super pumped to meet Lilo and Stitch! Wil be out first time for both! Can’t wait!

  6. Trevor says

    My son was completely mesmerized by Stitch the last time we were there (would not take his eyes off him). If they have some available and have certain allergies (I can’t remember which one might have been raisins/grapes) they can reheat and bring out last nights aloha bread since they use it for the bread pudding. It was still really good.

  7. Jim Harper says

    Did Ohana for breakfast, and to be honest, it wasn’t our favorite character breakfast (we liked two other character breakfast buffets we did that trip better). The family-style food was pretty ordinary. Our favorite has been Tusker House – better food variety, great A-list character mix (easy way to see Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Daisy ) plus a fun activity for the kids (they got to dance around the restaurant). Definitely worth a shot if you prefer variety and buffets vs. family style.

  8. Chris says

    Thinking about doing the character breakfast – Ohana – what time do the characters usually come out and about?

  9. Leslie says

    We ate breakfast here after check out on our last trip and it was a great way to end our trip. The food was very good and the characters were a lot of fun. That coffee cake! Yum!

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