Dining in Disneyland: Halloween Time Poison Apple Mugs and Poison Apple Glow Cubes

Halloween Time has arrived at the Disneyland Resort and I’m pretty sure I’ve found my favorite new item of the season! The Poison Apple Mug. Everything about it is awesome.

Poison Apple Mug

Poison Apple Mug

The mug is a stein type of style.  The little button on the handle flips up the lid. Although the stem looks like it would be a straw, it is not.  It’s just part of the decor.

The Poison Apple Mug is available all over the resort, but the tricky thing is this; it’s offered at different pricing at different places with different options to fill it with.  I purchased the mug at the first spot I saw it, which was the frozen beverage/cinnamon roll cart located across from the Haunted Mansion.  I didn’t want a drink in it, because it would be too sticky, so I bought it empty for $13.50 (costs the same empty or full).

BUT, I should have waited.  Over at the snack/fruit cart across from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad it goes for just $10.99 and you can get it filled with fresh fruit; either grapes or pineapple spears. I LOVE this fruit option and it’s cheaper than the frozen lemonade, plus no big mess.

The mug is also available at Maurice’s Treats, which we will get to in just a second.  But first, let’s check out my mug glowing while riding the Haunted Mansion!!!!

Glowing Poison Apple Mug

Glowing Poison Apple Mug

When I heard that the Pumpkin Twist was back at Maurice’s Treats, I knew that I needed to make a stop over at Fantasy Faire to get one.

Pumpkin Twist Signage

Pumpkin Twist Signage

Maurice's Treats Pumpkin Twists

Maurice’s Treats Pumpkin Twists

When I arrived, I noticed that the Poison Apple Mug was also available here.

Poison Apple Mug Signage at Maurice's Treats

Poison Apple Mug Signage at Maurice’s Treats

In addition to the Poison Apple Mug, Maurice’s Treats is also offering the Poison Apple Glow Cube as a $4.00 add on.  We did see these make an appearance last year, and they’re back! If you aren’t interested in a drink, you do have the option to buy them for $5.50 each.

These are available throughout the resort as well.  I know that Carthay Circle is offering them in a Poison Apple Martini (hope to review that SOON!), as well as the frozen beverage cart near Small World.  I’m sure there are other locations as well.  These were gone QUICK last year, so if you see one and want one, grab it.

Poison Apple Glow Cubes

Poison Apple Glow Cubes

While at Maurice’s Treats, I learned a new trick.  They will split a Boysen Apple Freeze into two cups for you.  I love this drink, but it’s pretty sweet and a whole one is hard to get through.  However, a half a cup is perfect!

We added the glow cube to our purchase and split a Pumpkin Twist as well.  I consider the Pumpkin Twist a not to miss Halloween Time treat at Disneyland.  For a proper review of both items, see last year’s post.  Pumpkin Twists can also be found at the Cozy Cones in DCA.

Perfect for Sharing!

Perfect for Sharing!

AND, in case you were debating on purchasing a Poison Apple Mug… I say absolutely go for it.  To save a few dollars, be sure to grab one from the Big Thunder snack/fruit cart.  It makes for a great Halloween decoration at home.  I’m going to display mine with a battery powered candle inside like a jack o’ lantern.  I already tested it out and it’s perfect.  I give you…  The Poison Apple o’ Lantern!

Poison Apple o' Lantern

Poison Apple o’ Lantern

Have you or do you plan to pick up any Poison Apple paraphernalia this Halloween season?  Let us know in the comments below!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. Richard says

    My wife did the same candle thing…

    We used these in both yellow and a soft white…

    12 Battery Operated AMBER LED Tealight Candles Flameless Heatless No Heat Candle Flickering Wickless

  2. Michele says

    I wish I would’ve waited until a week into HalloweenTime to go so that I could get these great ideas from you!! I went the first day and didn’t even know about the pumpkin twists! I saw the poison apple mug (at Cove Bar; I believe they also have the poison appletini with glow cubes there) but had no idea what I would actually do with it. If I would’ve thought of the tea light idea I would’ve bought one! Maybe they’ll have them again next year :)

  3. Essie says

    I love it with the candle in it…..so cute and festive. I’m surprised that they don’t have these in WDW as well.
    PS: I love the Halloween reports!

  4. Heather Sievers says

    Jill – Thanks! I love the way it looks lit up!

    Richard – Great minds think alike!

    Michele – The Pumpkin Twist is SO good! Maybe you’ll have a chance to go back before Halloween is over and grab a twist and a poison apple mug!

    Essie – I just read on the Disney Parks Blog that WDW will get them in October! Keep an eye on the blog for more Halloween fun!

  5. Michele says

    Ooh WDW is getting the mugs in October?? I’m actually going there next month before I’m going back to Disneyland! I’ll keep an eye out!

  6. Alynn says

    Awesome! I’m going to Disneyland for the first time ever next month and I’m so excited! You talked about the Poison Apple mug, but what is the glowing Chernabog?

  7. says

    Alynn – Chernabog is a souvenir sipper that’s “made with magic.” It responds to Fantasmic, World of Color, etc. like a “Glow with the Show” item. They’ve been in the parks for a few months now. During the day they are clear in color, you can turn them on to glow, then they change colors and light patterns with the evening shows.

  8. Katharine says

    I was just at Disneyland on Thursday on a mission to find the poison apple mug, but I didn’t know they were sold at so many places. The few places that I visited looking for the mug I was told they sold out on Monday. Do you know if they will be getting any more in? I will be attending MNSSHP at the end of October but I don’t want to miss out on this must have item.

  9. Heather Sievers says

    Katharine – Right now they are sold out resort wide in Anaheim. I’m not sure when more will be available. I know WDW is getting them in October, I’m not sure when though. Sorry, that’s not much help!

  10. Lexie Di says

    Do you know if these are available at Downtown Disney? I’m dying for one but don’t have the time or money to go into the park!

  11. Heather Sievers says

    Emily – Yes they are, but I’m sorry, I don’t know where. I’m only familiar with the Disneyland locations.

  12. Marmorgan says

    The mugs are super cute, but someone at merchandising seriously underestimated their appeal. Unless it’s for an intentionally limited edition, Halloween merchandise ought to at least make it into the month of October. Just saying.

    (Can you tell I’m disappointed that going to Disneyland in the last few days of September is still not in time to get one?)

  13. Marco says

    The apple martini at the Carthay restaurant was delicious! It looks really pretty as well, I went with the bf and we got tons of stares and compliments. :)

  14. Shannon says

    I found them today at WDW! They were being sold at a sweet stand that sold candy corn ice cream. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was also close to the Winnie the Pooh ride. They had a bunch too. I didn’t see any ice cubes or Chernobogs at all though.

  15. says

    Shannon – Lucky!!! They are completely sold out here at the Disneyland Resort! Rumor has it that they will be back next year though!

  16. Heather Sievers says

    Miranda – The mugs are sold out resort wide here at Disneyland. They won’t be back until next year. I last saw the cubes at the Steakhouse 55 lounge 2 weekends ago. I’m not sure if they are still there though.

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