News: Pop Secret Brand Named Official Popcorn in Disney Parks

Hmmm… so, if your bucket of Disney Popcorn tastes a little different the next time you grab a piping hot batch along Main Street, U.S.A. (or anywhere else in Disney World or Disneyland, for that matter), here’s why…

Popcorn at Disney Parks

Popcorn at Disney Parks

Pop Secret has been named the “official popcorn” of Disney World and Disneyland, and will be popped up for guests at popcorn carts and kiosks throughout Disney properties.

Maurice's Amazing Popcorn Machine in Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland

Maurice’s Amazing Popcorn Machine in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland

Additionally, Pop Secret will also be the sponsor of Fantasmic!, the nighttime fireworks spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And look for movie nights sponsored by Pop Secret to be hosted at some of the Resort hotels.

Retail promotions, on-package sweepstakes, and digital content creation are all ways in which Pop Secret expects to work with Disney going forward.

Well, whaddya think? I’d love to know your thoughts on this change.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel and PR Newswire

What are your thoughts on Pop Secret being served in the Disney Parks? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Richard says

    Well I have to admit we fix Pop Secret at home but if you tell anyone I said that I’ll deny it!!!

    I do (oops, did) like the flavor of the popcorn at the parks so now the experience won’t be as good…

  2. John Grigas says

    I’m not worried. My guess is that the popcorn kernels will be of similar quality, and the poppers will be the same. If that’s the case, all is good. Now, if they start handing over little microwave bags . . . . different story!

    As long as they keep the souvenir buckets! I get any new ones every trip and we have dozens of them!

  3. Kaz says

    Yeah, I am hoping the popcorn itself doesn’t really change — the popcorn in the parks is so good… probably just a signage thing.

  4. Barb says

    Not happy. Disney had a very unique popcorn that we loved to have everyday When we were there. Nothing special at all about Pop Secret… Disappointed! :(

  5. Michelle says

    Well, kinda sad to hear the news, we look forward to Disneylands popcorn. It will for sure change our buying habits! We probably won’t buy as much!

  6. Lorina says

    I’m sure that the popcorn will still taste similar than before Pop Secret. It’s not as if they will be making microwaveable bags and selling them.

  7. Cindy says

    I didn’t think the popcorn tasted as good the last time I was there, a couple weeks ago. Did they make the switch already? Or using up stale stock preparing for the switch?

  8. Lori says

    This is a huge disappointment for families who have food allergies to milk and wheat and possibly other allergies. This was one treat we could always enjoy! Not any more!

  9. Meghan says

    Sad news for the allergy community; the old popcorn was safe for those with dairy allergies. Pop Secret is not. I’m surprised as Disney touts itself on being so allergy accommodating, but if that’s just going to lead to more exclusion and less of Disney favorites to be allergy friendly…sad day.

  10. Cyndi says

    I have always been a lover of Disney popcorn. I am at The World right now & even noticed before anyone posted that they were using Pop Secret. Can honestly say that I really didn’t notice a difference in the popcorn. Still yummy as always.

  11. Richard says

    What is sad is if you complain or ask they will tell you its from customer demand.

    They did the same thing a couple of years ago at the DL French Market with the French Quarter Chicken. It use to be boneless and have great seasonings, now it has the bones and the seasonings are just so-so. They claimed that customers said they didn’t want boneless chicken!

    The also changed the maker of the Premium Mickey bars from Dove to Nestle and said the customers asked for the change…

  12. Liza says

    Pop Secret tastes like dirt! Yuck! I guess Orville Reddenbacher didn’t want to pony up anymore money to sponsor stuff so they lost the account. That’s a shame. Now I’ll have to find a new favorite Disney snack.

  13. Sam Winston says

    Does the allergy warning for Pop Secret extend to the kernels? Because my take away from this is they will simply being supplying the raw kernels. Disney will still be adding the butter flavoring and salt.

  14. Trudy says

    Count my family as part of the allergy community that is very disappointed. Popcorn has been a trip staple for my children and myself who all have numerous food allergies. It seems as though every time you change brands, on the regular and the allergy products, we end up with less options.

  15. Mike says

    I think those complaining about this having an effect on those with allergies are jumping to conclusions not evident. It seems like they think because a bag of microwaved has allergens that it will appear in the parks. Pop Secret does also sell raw popcorn which seems likely the product Disney will utilize.

  16. says

    Pop Secret is the only brand of popcorn that I buy. Absolutely love it and I eat popcorn a few times a week. It has a much better butter flavor than other brands. Way to go WDW!

  17. Dude says

    Like some others have said, I too am thinking that the only thing changing is the brand of kernels. The stuff that actually flavors the kernels will stay the same and most likely you won’t even notice a difference between the old stuff and the new stuff.

  18. Barbara says

    No we love the popcorn at Disneyland… Don’ t change we are going in Nov and we’re looking forward to the popcorn.

  19. Janelle says

    As long as they still have the flavored versions at Cozy Cone Hotel Pop Cone in Disneyland I will still be happy.

  20. TofuForBrains says

    Someone on the Veg Disney fb group contacted Disney and was told that, as several people surmised already, the artificial butter flavor will be supplied by Disney as before and it is just the source of popcorn kernels that’s changing. The popcorn is remaining vegan, according to what was posted. Always a good idea to ask for an allergy book to peruse just before ordering from any QS place, just in case.

  21. Melanie says

    Had it this weekend and it was TERRIBLE. We had to go looking for salt to try to make it better (it helped, but it still wasn’t great). Gosh I hope we got a bad batch…. Although for what they charge, I wont be finding out unless someone else buys and offers me some.

  22. Shirley says

    Have been buying 1 to 2 buckets on EVERY trip to Disneyland for over 10 years. Great popcorn. Have given the new product 3 different chances since the change to Pop Secret. Last week we actually threw away the rest of the box after sampling it(wasn’t going to chance buying a bucket just in case it hadn’t improved.) New product is awful!!! Will not be buying our favorite snack again. We also purchased a lot of the Holiday special containers. Will have to get them without popcorn now.

  23. Ryan says

    I eat disneyland popcorn probably 10 times a year, and last week i noticed that our popcorn didnt taste as good as usual. Then i saw the pop secret logo on the window. I’ll try it again, but if it’s anything like the last time, i won’t be buying it anymore.

  24. Steve says

    WORST decision Disney has done!!! I understand things are done for “PROFIT” – However, the old popcorn was the BEST Popcorn we have ever tasted! The Pop Secret is TERRIBLE! We have given them second chance after second chance and as season pass holders, we have tried them over and over, and EVERY TIME the Pop Secret has tasted burnt, and has a ton of flaky pieces in it, and the taste? NOT even close. We understand profit… but from here forward, what use to be an easy 5-6 bags a day for us has now become ZERO!! TERRIBLE decision Disney, TERRIBLE!!!

  25. Rich says

    For years, the first thing I’d do when I got into Magic Kingdom is buy popcorn. It was soooo good. I bought some in April and the taste was terrible. I noticed the Pop Secret logo and will not buy it again. Very disappointed because I always looked forward to that .

  26. Al says

    Again, Disney makes a bad change. I went to buy popcorn in January and it was horrible! I then noticed the Pop Secret logo. They changed the Mickey ice cream bars a while back and those are also terrible. Disney is really losing its magic with all of these unsolicited changes. Customer demand? Bull…t!

  27. Oscar says

    The popcorn is not as influential in the flavor as the oil and flavoring. Does anyone know about what Disney uses for those? One of the cast sales folks told me they use coconut oil but he did not know about the salt flavorings.

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