News! Walt’s Restaurant, and the Neverland Tunnels, Slated for Disney Springs

We are getting more details about possible restaurants coming to Disney Springs soon, thanks to Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide.

Concept Art for The Edison at Disney Springs ©Disney

Concept Art for The Edison at Disney Springs ©Disney

Reports say that two more projects with Disney pedigrees will join the ever expanding list of offerings in the overhauled shopping and dining district.

While details are still emerging, we are hearing that there will be a restaurant called Walt’s and a bar/lounge named the Neverland Tunnels. Both will apparently be located adjacent to the previously-announced Edison. In fact, you may have to go through The Edison and Walt’s in order to access the Neverland Tunnels.

Possible Restaurants for Downtown Disney Orlando!

Another Restaurant from the Poster Comes to Pass!

No word yet on theming for these projects. I’m wondering if Walt’s will be similar to the restaurant with the same name in Disneyland Paris — kind of a Club 33 feel.

The Neverland Tunnels will apparently be located under the former Adventurer’s Club.

Anything from the Adventurer's Club?? Can We Hope??

Anything from the Adventurer’s Club?? Can We Hope??

Also, it seems that we are closer to hearing something official about Chef Rick Bayless expanding his restaurant empire southward. Chef Bayless, well-known for his Mexican-inspired eateries in the Chicago area, has been a visitor to the Food and Wine Festival in the past. Read our review of his appearance at the 2014 Food and Wine Festival Food for Thought event.

Whew! So much excitement!

So — now let’s hear from you! What do you want the concept of these two new spots to be, and are you excited to have Chef Rick Bayless join the celebrity chef lineup? Leave your comments below!


  1. Pudge the Fish says

    Interesting, not many people may realize that there is small utilidor under the former Pleasure Island. It is located under the hill that rises from Paradiso up to the bridge to the West Side. Years ago it was used for cast access and deliveries to the nightclubs. I wonder if the new Neverland Tunnels will “utilize” that space.

  2. Kaz says

    Hope the Neverland Tunnels have some sort of entertainment like the old Library shows in the Adventurer’s Club. That would be awesome.

  3. Kimberly says

    I’m so excited for Shake Shack. I’m a big fan of the food. I always thought it would be nice to see it here in Disney. I’m curious about the Disney Character dining because i wonder which characters they would have.

  4. says

    A lot of the names on that sign were just placeholders. Don’t expect something called Disney Character Dining to actually be built there.

  5. says

    Kimberly and Becca — No word on Shake Shack at this point that we know of. This was a poster that Disney used to indicate some of the restaurants or concepts that may be coming. We’ve seen some come to pass, but not all up to this point.

  6. Deak says

    Did I miss the announcement that trader sams is coming to Disney Springs? I see the logo is on that poster..

  7. says

    I ate at a Rick Bayless restaurant in Chicago and it was splendid! I hope he opens at WDW. Love hearing about Disney Springs expansion. We may have to add an extra day to our trips soon!

  8. says

    While I am loving ALL of the improvements, I’m especially excited about the Rick Bayless project!! Disney has seriously stepped up their game with the developments at Disney Springs. I’m a lifelong fan, and these are all just incredibly yummy ‘icing on the cake’!

  9. Jenny says

    All of these places sound just amazing, I just hope that there will be a place that my pocket book can handle.

  10. says

    I miss the Adventurers Club AND the Comedy Club. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. I remember Downtown Disney when it used to be FUN.!!!! IT was always packed so it MUST have been prosperous. Why is it that when something WORKS…. the folks in charge feel they have to change it. Get a clue.. WHEN IT WORKS, DON’T FIX IT !!!!!!!

  11. Dana says

    Rick Bayless, at Disney???? I literally just squealed out loud, which is uncomfortable because I’m at work. His Chicago restaurants are THE BEST so I hope this is true.

  12. Mike says

    Disney Parks Blog just released a list of the restaurants coming to Disney Springs and neither of the restaurants in this article are mentioned. Does this mean we will never see these establishments or will they open at a later date?

  13. says

    Mike — The list that’s mentioned specifically talks about openings that will take place in phases beginning May 15, 2016, and in time for summer (with the exception of Fulton’s, which is slated to reopen in the fall). They didn’t mention STK or the re-opening of Planet Hollywood in the post or news release either. So while we can’t be absolutely positive (this is Disney after all, and they do like to change things up :-) ), we are expecting more to come.

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