First Look: Disney World’s Morimoto Asia Menu

Morimoto Asia — the newest dining addition to Disney World’s Disney Springs — will open its doors to guests on September 30th. Reservations are available now via, and will be available by calling the restaurant directly beginning September 30th at (407) 560-6686. Advance Dining Reservations will be available through (407) WDW-DINE beginning November 1st.

Ultimately, the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner (as well as a weekend brunch) with operating hours from 11 am to 2 am daily, but in its opening weeks it will be operating for dinner only.

Morimoto Asia concept art ©Disney

Morimoto Asia concept art ©Disney

Although, before you make that reservation for dinner you may want to know what’s on the menu :), which will be the first to feature Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s “pan-Asian” cuisine. Fortuantely, we’ve got a glimpse for you today, thanks to the Morimoto Asia Facebook page!

The first page is divvied up into Starters, Dim Sum and Sushi Rolls (I think I’m most tempted by the Spider roll). And check out the House Sake, featuring the Morimoto signature line. Just click the images to enlarge them for easier reading :).

© Morimoto Asia

© Morimoto Asia — click to enlarge

Soups (Duck Soup!) and Salads, Meat and Poultry, Noodles and Rice, Fish (Lobster Chow Fun!), and Vegetable selections make up the second page. You’ll also notice the highlighted Morimoto Peking Duck and Spare Ribs sections. Again, just click the image for better viewing.

© Morimoto Asia

© Morimoto Asia — click to enlarge

They also added the Kids Menu to their Facebook page. Thank you to Happily Ever After Disney for letting us know!

Kids Menu ©Morimoto Asia

Kids Menu © Morimoto Asia

Well, what do you think? Are you looking forward to dining at Morimoto Asia on an upcoming Disney World vacation? We can’t wait to see it when it opens up in Disney Springs next week, and we’ll look forward to bringing you more directly from Morimoto Asia soon!

What tops your list on the Morimoto Asia menu? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. julie says

    This looks totally amazing! Can’t wait to see your reviews when it opens. Numerous things I would definitely try. won’t be there until next year though, so have to live vicariously thru your reports.

  2. deAnna says

    I’ve been waiting to hear the opening of this restaurant in the menu looks amazing. Does anyone know if they except the Disney dining plan?

  3. madoka says

    Disappointed that their CA roll uses crab stick instead of real crab, but the toro tartare, duck soup, Peking duck, and Singaporean laksa sound great!

  4. alice says

    It seems you can’t actually make reservations on the website until September 30th as well. The first few weeks of any date I try to book state, “Reservations for Morimoto Asia are available starting Sept. 30th. Please reach out directly to the restaurant 407-939-MOTO (6686) should you have questions regarding reservations.” Anything after (basically October) says, “The restaurant officially opens on September 30th. Reservations are now available.” Unforunately, I think the former is the case as anything you try to book just refreshes the page and the message. So hopefully only 4 more days until we can book for our November trip! :D

  5. Amy says

    I was able to book my reservation through Open Table the day it became available. I kept refreshing my browser through out the day and was able to book it that evening.

  6. Fran says

    I was able to get a reservation through Open Table a few days after they were supposed to come live on the site. The fish selections look interesting.

  7. David says

    I know they’re not accepting DDP at present but any ideas how it’d work? Nobody wants duck without rice, and no desserts.

  8. Dru says

    I’m with Fran. I was able to get reservations via opentable last week. We’re going in two weeks. Can’t wait!!

  9. Pam says

    I have to say I’m disappointed. I was expecting to see sushi that I couldn’t get everywhere and instead I see a spicy tuna roll and California roll. And the dim sum doesn’t have soup dumplings or anything that isn’t generic I might well go to PF Changs

  10. Sarah says

    I have to agree with Pam about the sushi selection. I was hoping for a lot more variety, and instead there are a pretty limited number of items- all of which I can find at a good sushi place right down the street from me. The menu looks good, but I was most excited about finding some possibly amazing sushi items, and it seems clear that is not going to be this restaurant’s specialty.

  11. Keith says

    Update…they are finally available on Open Table, but only for reservations within 48 days. They will begin taking phone reservations when they open on the 30th.

  12. Brad says

    This is your typical dumbed-down “Pan-Asian” for the typical American palate. The comment that mentioned P.F. Chang’s was right on point. Disappointing, but understandable.

  13. yesno says

    Pam/Sarah: That sushi menu is for the main room. Unless it’s been scrapped, the parks blog implied there would be a counter for a more hardcore experience. OTOH, the sushi was the weakest part at the Morimoto outposts I’ve visited (NYC/PHL).

  14. Ashley says

    I was able to make reservations today on Open Table for oct 4. It seems they are only taking dinner time (you will get a message about them not taking reservations until Sept 30 if you put in a lunch time) reservations for the month of October. I believe once they are open they will expand the timeframe.

  15. Pat says

    Ducks are friends, not food! That being said, prices are much more reasonable than i expected. Let’s hope the quality is worthy of his name and not the same Kung Pao Cat you get at Epcot.

  16. oj says

    “This is your typical dumbed-down “Pan-Asian” for the typical American palate. The comment that mentioned P.F. Chang’s was right on point. Disappointing, but understandable.”

    Yes. Orange chicken? Crab Rangoon? Simple sushi rolls? There’s a couple of interesting things on there, but … And $12 for hot and sour soup? It had better get up and dance!

  17. Carol says

    I just cancelled my reservation for next weekend. This is a HUGE disappointment compared to the creativity and options at his other locations. Sorry, but it’s a dressed up PF Changs or something like that! Very sad that they have decided that catering to the Dining Plan was more important then providing a unique dining experience.

  18. Deanne says

    Went to dinner at Morimoto Asia Saturday night with my husband. Reservations were for 5:45, but we arrived at 5:15 and were seated right away. We had the edamame, avocado & eel sushi, hot & sour soup, black cod, and Morimoto buri-bop. My favorite dish was the black cod. Perfectly done. I only wish it had been served with rice so as to not miss any of the delicious sauce! Hubby’s buri-bop was prepared table side. I love the drama of table side preparation!

    Service was excellent. As food was delivered by waitstaff, each dish was carried by a single server, and all was orchestrated so the whole table was served at once. Impressive to see 6 servers descend on a nearby table all at once…each carefully carrying one diner’s dish. Then each server would describe the dish to the diner. That was another nice touch.

    Yes, the food is expensive ($90 for the two of us), but it was expertly prepared and graciously served in a beautiful setting. We will definitely be back.

  19. Ashley says

    We also just had dinner at Morimoto Asia this past weekend and were very impressed with both the food and service. We sampled lots of things and can’t wait to go back. The menu is quite large and once seated there is another menu with just drinks. There are really interesting sake cocktails, wine, and beer. My husband got the Sake Flight. We stayed away from items you can typically get other places.

    The items we would order again were the sesame balls, pork ribs and bao. We also ordered sushi, two noodle dishes and 2 kids meals. Morimoto was there walking through the dining room.

    I was also happy to be able to use our Tables In Wonderland Card here! With our discount plus tip, our table of four (two kids) paid just under $150 and both adults had alcohol, appetizers and entrees.

  20. Bob says

    Totally confused. Had reservations. Went and loved the lunch. Want to go upstairs and eat at the sushi bar. Was told by my waiter that it was $50 minimum order, then a server pitched it to me (must be trying to get people up there) and said it was $50 per person just to sit up there. Called just now and the girl on the phone says it’s $30 per person “minimum order” and then I say, “just to sit up there, plus the cost of the meal?” and she says, yes. Then I ask her how much to sit at the private dining rooms (they call it pdr there) upstairs, which are way nicer than sitting at the sushi bar, better view, and still upstairs. Shes like, nothing. Nothing? I ask her. Yeah, nothing, if there isn’t a private party up there, we just sit people up there that ask and said, when you make your reservations, just mention that you want upstairs dining in the comments.

    HERE’S MY QUESTION: How much bloody money does it cost for me to walk up to the sushi bar, sit there, eat nothing, and walk back down? Is it A) a minimum of $30 B) a minimum of $50 C) $50 plus the cost of my meal or $30 and the cost of my meal. I mean, I don’t want to pay $50 just to sit at the sushi bar? And then order my meal on top of that cost when everyone around me sitting at the awesome private tables paid nothing?? Is it possible that the employees have no idea what they are talking about? Is there an actual sushi bar menu out there? All of the menus I see, are things you can order in the main dining, so literally, I would be paying extra to sit at a sushi bar for the same menu? Is there not a sushi bar menu posted online?

  21. says

    Bob — I gave Disney Dining a call today, and spoke at length with a Cast Member. I asked her if there was a cover charge or a minimum per person to sit at the sushi bar, and she couldn’t find any information indicating either. We did determine that, even though her reservations showed an option for lunch, dinner, or sushi bar, we couldn’t book the sushi bar. She did find information that special seating requests could only be made at the podium. It does sound as though there has been a bit of confusion with the staff, but we can’t find any indication of minimums for covers. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  22. Linda says

    My husband and I dined at Morimoto Asia Saturday June 11. We had an outstanding expierence until we paid our check with cash and an American Express gift card. Our server told us the Amex gift card had been declined. We paid the balance of our bill in cash. I called American Express on our way home and was told the amount on the card had been paid to “Patina” at the exact time we dined at Morimotos. Apparently Patina is the parent company of Morimotos. I called Disney dining and was told that this restaurant although on the Disney Springs property is not a Disney restaurant and that they were unable to assist me. I called Morimotos directly and spoke to Gregory the manager. He was unable to find the card on their system and directed me back to American Express. When I called American Express for the second time, I was told that Morimotos voided the transaction, which when processing a gift card puts the card on hold. I called Gregory a second time to let him know what happened and why. He agreed to talk to our server and review the procedure of processing gift cards. He apologized and wished me a nice day. I spent an hour and a half of my vacation resolving this situation. I visit the Orlando area and Disney Springs several times a year. I was never offered a gift certificate for my time and trouble which is a good business practice. I will try the other resturants in the Orlando area and Disney Springs. Morimotos has a great deal to learn about customer service. A $25.00 gift certificate would have yielded them a satisfied customer who would have definitely come back as well as given them recommendations to others.

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