Review: Apple Pie Sundae and Poison Apple Mug at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

I had a BLAST running around Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party a couple of weeks ago! I hadn’t been in a few years, and it was so much fun to get back there (even though it was raining!).

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

I always love the festive atmosphere that transforms the not-so-spooky Magic Kingdom.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Naturally one of my stops was Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, since it used to be home to the Pumpkin Spice Waffle — a previous favorite from No-So-Scary Parties over the past couple years. Instead of finding the waffle, though, I stumbled upon a surprise: they were selling Poison Apple Mugs! Like I’m gonna let that pass me by… especially since we’ve only seen it in Disneyland so far this year!

Poison Apple Mug Sundae

Poison Apple Mug Sundae

The mug is — clearly — pretty awesome! But you may be wondering exactly what’s inside it ;) . So was I, since there was no signage at. all. letting guests know what  might come inside the mug. Allow me to enlighten you… it comes filled with something they’re calling an Apple Pie Sundae: essentially vanilla ice cream, canned apple pie filling, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle.

Since I lurve apple pie filling, this one was right up my alley (even though I was juggling my camera, periscoping on my phone, and holding an umbrella while I was trying to eat it, I still got a few good bites in!). But if this kind of sundae isn’t your thing, you can get the mug filled with a beverage or slush and head over to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor to grab a handmade Halloween Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich.

As far as I’m aware, it’s only available during the Party, though I did see it at several locations while I was there that night. So if you’re going this year and are interested in taking a mug home, be sure to snatch one up…

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

…before the clock strikes midnight!

Are you going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. SynA says

    i also saw it at the MNSSHP on Sept 27 but since we didn’t want to carry around after the sundae, we opted to buy it unfilled. the filled price was $13.99 if i’m not mistaken, i’m unsure what it was unfilled because i was going to buy it regardless of the price, but i do think it was less than 13.99 as an empty.
    i didn’t find the party much fun because of the heavy rains & closure of many rides due to lightning, but i was happy to get the mugs as well as our Cinderella coach popcorn bucket. i never saw the “coming soon” Mickey Vampire popcorn bucket tho.

  2. Michele says

    I saw these on the first day of HalloweenTime at Disneyland and didn’t buy one… I’ve been kicking myself ever since, so I’m really glad to know I can get one at MNSSHP in a few weeks!!

    A totally unrelated question: do you know if Columbia Harbor House is open during the party? I’ve heard that sometimes it closes earlier than other restaurants, but I definitely want to make sure I eat there at some point. I thought the party might be a good time if it’s open!

  3. Jennifer says

    To my knowledge, they sold out of this mug last week. The staff member I spoke with said that demand was much higher than supply. They were only $8 something empty. Apparently they sold out at Disneyland even earlier.

  4. Hannah Wulff says

    I went to the October 4th party and found the mug at Gaston’s Tavern. It was $8.50. They didn’t offer it with any sort of “filling” like a drink or a dessert but I was fine with that. I love that it glows in the dark too.

  5. Jessica Thurner-Byers says

    We will be there on Halloween and I am hoping they restock it. It looks so awesome. So excited!

  6. Sheri says

    We were at the party on 9/20/15 and I never saw these!
    Also, the columbia harbor house closes at 8pm on party nights.

  7. Peter says

    I was also at MNSSHP on September 27 waiting an hour ahead in town square facing the castle for the second parade. I had never staked out and waited in a spot. I was absolutely giddy. I saw someone walking out with one of these beauties and after a few minutes of debate, left my cherished spot to ask a cast member where to get one. She directed me to the Edy’s ice cream parlor on the end of main street on the right next to the plaza and assured me I had time before the parade. Off I ran. I had a choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream with either hot fudge or caramel. There was a sign inside with no option of apple pie. I couldn’t finish it. Still delicious and the mug is awesome.

  8. Miriam says

    What about the people that went to the Halloween party but they didn’t have any? Any way we can still buy one since we can’t go back to the parties since they’re sold out…

  9. Lisa says

    Any news or photos for the new 2016 Plastic Halloween themed souvenir soda mugs & regular popcorn buckets.
    I a big lover & collector of these plastic souvenir mugs. Id like to see any photos if u have any? They are always so cute. I travel six hours every year just to get one, or many, lol.

  10. Linda Morgan says

    We will be at the Unscary Party on 20 Oct! Looking forward to it as have not been before ! Need the Oogie Boogie Popcorn Container,Tiki Ghost Mug and the Poison Apple Mug !

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