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Editor’s Note: Since the writing of this post, the Writer’s Stop has changed its offerings in light of its uncertain future due to construction in that area of the park. But you can still grab a Carrot Cake Cookie at Sweet Spells!

The Writer’s Stop is an unassuming little coffee-shop-meets-bookstore at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But this small space is the original home to one heck of a BIG gem… and that’s the Carrot Cake Cookie, which is #OnTheList this week!

#OnTheList: Carrot Cake Cookie

The tricky thing about finding The Writer’s Stop is that it’s tucked in the Streets of America section of the park, which is dominated by false-fronts serving as studio settings of city streets. You could easily stroll right by and not even realize that it’s a functioning cafe and bookstore.

Writer's Stop Entrance

Writer’s Stop Entrance

Its somewhat hidden status, though, is also what makes it the perfect place to stop when you would like a break from the crowds and the heat.

Writer's Stop Seating

Writer’s Stop Seating

Writer's Stop Book Selection

Writer’s Stop Book Selection

They have a nice selection of various pastries and sweet snacks along with specialty coffee drinks and chilled bottled drinks to help you cool off. But the game changer here is the the one and only Carrot Cake Cookie.

Carrot Cake Cookie in the Display Case

Carrot Cake Cookie in the Display Case

Two carrot cake cookies —  so soft that they are almost more reminiscent of a whoopie pie —  surround a thick pile of cream cheese frosting. Oh, and did I mention it’s HUGE? Look at this thing… it takes up the entire plate!

Carrot Cake Cookie

Carrot Cake Cookie

Basically, it’s a cookie that’s also a cake that’s also practically a full meal.

The cookies (sans nuts, but chock full of autumnal spicy goodness) are always wonderfully fresh. And you can see the bits of carrot baked in, so you can pat yourself on the back for taking in some veggies while on vacay. Bonus!

Carrot Cake Cookie

Carrot Cake Cookie

The icing is sweet, thick, vanilla-y, creamy cheesy goodness.

Carrot Cake Cookie

Carrot Cake Cookie

And don’t forget the golden raisins! I  know that some of you are anti-raisin, so you can just give your leftovers to me.

Carrot Cake Cookie Cut In Half

Carrot Cake Cookie Cut In Half

I’ve been known to grab more than one, store them in my resort fridge, and munch on them throughout the week. It’s simply a Disney treasure that I just never tire of.

Now, it should be said… the Carrot Cake Cookie is a signature item at the Writer’s Stop, and indeed is what made this little bookstore famous in the world of Disney snacks. I’ve long regarded it as one of my favorite Hidden Gems in all Disney World parks.

However, with rumors surrounding the future of the Streets of America (we already know that The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights will be displayed for the last time this holiday season to make way for the construction of Star Wars Land), we can only assume that — much as it breaks our hearts to say it — Writer’s Stop may be on the proverbial chopping block as well. That’s why it’s especially good to know that you can also pick up the Carrot Cake Cookie at Sweet Spells on Sunset Boulevard.

No matter where you get it (though — frankly — I will always prefer Writer’s Stop), be sure to put it #OnTheList!

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  1. Bruce says

    Had my first carrot cake cookie on a very crowded Osborne Lights evening in December. Loved it so much we swam upstream against the Studio crowds another evening, just to get this treat!! Thanks for the tip, glad we’ll be able to get one at the Villian store.

  2. says

    Deb — Writer’s Stop is still open as of today, but we’re hearing rumors that it may close shortly. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, Carrot Cake Cookies are also available at Sweet Spells.

  3. Jodi says

    How can you order the carrot cake cookies and have them delivered? We are in Ga.

  4. says

    Jodi — I doubt that you’ll be able to have an order shipped, but you can give Merchandise Guest Services a call just to be sure. Their number is 877-560-6477.

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