News! New Refillable Mugs Rolling Out Across Walt Disney World Resorts

Greetings from Disney’s Pop Century Resort! We stopped by today to give you all a look at the brand new Refillable Resort Mugs that are rolling out across Disney World Resorts, capturing the moment of excitement as you enter Walt Disney World property through the entrance gate!

New Refillable Resort Mug Design

New Refillable Resort Mug Design

Here is a glimpse of the rest of the mug at various angles…

New Refillable Resort Mug Design

New Refillable Resort Mug Design

New Refillable Resort Mug Design

New Refillable Resort Mug Design

I want to emphasize “rolling out” because — as you may be able to see from the picture of the display below — the new design is currently mixed with mugs that have the previous design. So, if you are reading this at a Disney Resort right now and haven’t seen the new design, the updated mugs may not have arrived at your particular Resort just yet. We spotted just a few green ones on the second to bottom shelf at Everything Pop Food Court.

Mug Display with both New and Previous Designs

Mug Display with both New and Previous Designs

Next door at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, we spotted the red and blue versions available at Landscape of Flavors.

Red and Blue Versions of the New Design

Red and Blue Versions of the New Design

Red Version of the New Design

Red Version of the New Design

So far, these are the only colors we have spotted in the new design, but I wouldn’t rule out finding yellow, black, or purple once the full changeover takes place. Time will tell (and if you’ve seen any at your Resort, we’d love to hear about it!).

It used to be that each Resort would get its own mug design for use at that location. Though that has not been the case for many years, something really fun about the new design is that individual Resorts are getting nods on the mug — from depictions of the Resorts themselves to the famous purple road signs leading you to your vacation home away from home.

Magic Kingdom Resorts and Road Sign

Magic Kingdom Resort Images and Road Sign to Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach, and Old Key West Resorts

Art of Animation, Pop Century, and All Star Resorts signs

Art of Animation, Pop Century, and All Star Resorts signs

Epcot Area Resorts Images

Epcot Area Resorts Images

Logos of Various Resorts as "Bumper Stickers" on the RV

Logos of Various Resorts as “Bumper Stickers” on the RV

The mug is packed full of “the more you look, the more you see” details… such as spotting Donald trying his best to capture the moment of arriving at the entrance to Disney World with his smartphone ;). We’ve all done it, right?!? Thankfully Donald isn’t driving… .

The Gang Arrives at Disney World

The Gang Arrives at Disney World

Kinda fun, huh :)? Again, if you’ve spotted the updated mug at your Resort, we’d love to hear about it. We’d also love to know what you think about the new design!

Read more about Disney’s refillable mug program on our Disney World Refillable Mug FAQ!

Please chime in with a comment below to let us know what you think about the latest Refillable Resort Mug design!


  1. Tim Brooks says

    I figured some thing was changing soon when the Contemporary, last week, was out of some colors of the old refillable mug and we couldn’t get a straight answer as to why.

  2. Gillian says

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I yelled out “YES!” and startled my boyfriend when I saw this post. About time for some new mugs, can’t wait to pick mine up in 3 days! :D

  3. Mark says

    Saw a couple of these today at a Culinary Demo. A nice newlywed couple on their honeymoon. Might be a good value, but seemed a bit much to lug around. Wouldn’t it be easier to just put the entitlement on the smart band and get a new paper cup each time?

  4. Essie says

    They’re really cute. I like how they pack so many resort details on them and it seems to represent them all.

  5. Andrew Z says

    I wish we could upload pics to here. I would show the mug I got yesterday at POR. (at least I think it’s a new one?). It’s different from the design here.

  6. Sandra says

    Mark, the mugs have been around for many years, long before Magic Bands. Originally they were sold as permanent, reusable on future visits, though that changed to good on the visit purchased and at the resort where purchased. Now you can use them at any resort not just the one where you are staying, thanks to the new chip system. They are for use at resort beverage stations only, not the parks, so most people wouldn’t be carrying them all day. And of course, they are a fun souvenir that many people enjoy collecting (I have a bunch in different designs lined up on top of my fridge right now). :)

  7. Tammy says

    I am so happy to see a new and improved design! Going to Disneyworld next month and looking forward to getting my new cup! I really like the fact that it has all the resorts somewhere on the cup.

  8. Emma says

    Hopefully I’ll see these at OKW in a little over a week! Do I get the mugs at Goods To Go QS or the resort gift shop?

  9. Heather says

    I’ve seen holiday mugs on the Internet, do they still do those for the winter? We will be going this Christmas, & I was really hoping that this was still something wdw would do…

  10. Kimberly H. says

    Heather- I’ve only ever seen the holiday mugs in the parks (which are about the same shape and size of the resort ones, but not refillable).

  11. Michelle says

    “They are for use at resort beverage stations only, not the parks, so most people wouldn’t be carrying them all day. ” I totally agree that MOST people won’t carry them around all day, but you do see lots of folks carrying them around because they use them at breakfast at the food courts, and then the guests don’t want to go all the way back to their rooms, so they just take them with them. Also, lots of people use them as a way to take coffee to go in the morning on their way to the parks. I sometimes do this myself. I just use a napkin to wipe out any drops of liquid left inside and throw it into my park bag. Lots of people attach them to their backpacks or strollers using clips or straps. They are very light.

    I love the new mugs and am definitely going to buy one when I get there next Thursday!

  12. Mark says

    I’ve already written a comment about this topic. Although I do not agree with this policy, I do understand there is a very big theft loss. We used to stay at the campground during the winter when Disney actually had a slow season. Let me tell you some of the theft I witnessed myself. On the weekends Disney used to give FL residents a fantistac rate. They would come in an just strip the place blind. I mean picnic tables, bbqs, shrubs, shower curtains, rugs, rocking chairs on the porches of the restaurant. I’m not exaggerating. This really happened. That being said, I’ll still be going there. I know that they will very soon price me out anyway. So all this won’t matter.

  13. Lisa says

    Very Cute! I’m glad Disney changes their mug design every couple years. Because I’m a big collector, and huge fan of these mugs. I’m happy Disney still makes these cute mugs! I use one every day. They always make me smile! :-)
    Great Job Disney!! Keep um coming!!

  14. Christine says

    I was just wondering if anyone has been to WDW and got the new mug? I am trying to find out on the blue Jeep with Pluto if the Jeep door would be able to put a small decal on it and the size to get. Also, Do the new ones have different color handles and lids?

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