News: Pork Shank No Longer on the Menu at Gaston’s Tavern

RIP, Pork Shank…

We’ve been hearing rumors about this for a while, and it has finally to pass — the Pork Shank is no more.

Gaston’s Tavern opened in late 2012 as part of the New Fantasyland expansion in Magic Kingdom, featuring a variety of snacks and beverages. Headliner items on the menu — which, until now, has remained basically unchanged since the opening — include LeFou’s Brew (the Tavern’s own signature beverage) and Warm Cinnamon Rolls (noteworthy since they are no longer served at Main Street Bakery).

The one non-snack item on the list, though, might be the one that gained the biggest reputation from the get-go: the Pork Shank. This huge serving of meat-on-bone drew immediate comparisons to the iconic Jumbo Turkey Leg. Unlike the Turkey Legs, though, which have a home in every park, Gaston’s Tavern was the only place where you could consistently find a Pork Shank (aside from being served for a stint at Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner in Hollywood Studios), and ultimately it drew a dedicated fan base of its very own.

Pork Shank

Pork Shank

The Pork Shank has recently been removed from the menu at Gaston’s Tavern. Below is a screenshot of the current menu from the Walt Disney World website.

Screenshot of Gaston's Tavern menu on Disney World website

Screenshot of Gaston’s Tavern menu on Disney World website

Say what you will about the Pork Shank (it brought on some of the same love-it-or-NO-WAY reaction as the Turkey Leg), I always thought it was wonderfully themed to its location at Gaston’s. Who couldn’t picture Gaston himself holding court in the enormous chair in the Tavern’s corner, chowing down on a Pork Shank while listing all the attributes that make him so great?

Gaston's Tavern

Gaston’s Tavern

But wait! There’s more… Thanks to one of our DFB Readers, we know that the Pork Shank was also removed from the menu at Edelweiss Snacks in Disneyland.

That’s what we know so far in the Case of the Disappearing Pork Shank. And, of course, if any other almost-a-meal menu items come up in an attempt to replace it, we’ll keep you posted here on the DFB.

Are you among those who will miss the Pork Shank? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Ashley says

    Awww, I never got to try it. They were still building the Fantasyland expansion during our last trip a couple years ago.

  2. Mickey's Girlfriend says

    I can’t say the hummus or apple slices will draw me there….or the disgusting apple juice “brew”….

  3. Vallie says

    Noooooo :-( We have been talking about the pork shank all year (as we prepare for our family trip). This is really disappointing to hear.

  4. Lori says

    Since they removed it from both parks, I think the most likely explanation is that it’s too expensive and they don’t sell enough to cover it. After falling in April, pork prices started going back up in August.

  5. Melissa Koon says

    The pork shank one of our families extreme favorites, we are so disappointed. One of the most magical foods ever known to Disney. Went this past weekend and was given the news. This was the most delicious, tender, seasoned perfectly dish ever at Disney. They need to rethink to put back on the menu.:(:( Sooooooooooooo sad

  6. jcm says

    Hope it has nothing to do with certain groups demanding pork be taken off menus…that would just be so wrong and so sad. It was a yummy thing!

  7. Carole says

    My family is so disappointed. We are going there the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Wait till my son and son-in-law hear. Bummer! What can we do to get it back quickly?

  8. john whittington says

    loved the pork shank, myself an grandaughter could not wait to eat one in MK, just told her it is gone from gastons tavern very disappointed 9 year old. Shame on you Disney world

  9. Donna says

    My family will be devastated. We would get a pork shank at Gaston’s and go down to the cart in front of The Little Mermaid for a pickle. What an awesome lunch! So disappointing…

  10. says

    Why would Disneyworld get rid of such a popular food item. My husband and I liked going to Gaston’s Tavern for the Pork Shank instead of dealing with the lines at Belle’s restaurant. Disney needs to realize change is not always a good thing!!!! If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.
    I believe the president of Walt Disney Company is Mr. Robert Iger. I wonder if he is aware of the changes being made.

  11. Joe Schrimsher says

    What a foolish decision. Like beef stew is going to be a big seller in the Florida heat and humidity.

  12. Frances mulder says

    You’ve GOT to be kidding!!!! LOVED that option!!! Allergic to most poultry (U fortunately becoming way too common) and LOVED the pork shank as an alternative option. Now I’ve only the pineapple Dole Whip to look forward to to eating in the magic kingdom. With a very active family, this is a complete disappointment

  13. Debbie h says

    It was our favorite meal stop at Magic Kingdom. All other locations are either overpriced or too generic

  14. Allissa Letts says

    I can’t believe it! Why would they remove the tremendously popular Pork Shank? It was so popular that they began serving it in Disneyland and now it’s gone from both parks. We visit WDW twice a year and this is a must-have at least twice for my family. It cannot be because of the 1) Lack of Popularity or 2) Cost to make it. They could increase the cost and people will still purchase this fun to eat food item. I hope that it is not due to insulting those who do not eat pork. Disney serves beef, dairy, gluten and peanuts too. Are they next for the chopping block? So disappointing.

  15. Miriam says

    This is so disappointing. Just left the Tavern without buying anything as a result of discovering it was gone. :-(

  16. Gil says

    Just walked out of gaston’s……no pork shank……No reason to be here anymore……drove three hours just for this !!!

  17. Preston says

    My wife and I happened across the pork shank last fall. It was absolutely delicious. We came back a month later and it was no longer available. The young lady behind the counter acted like she had no idea what I was trying to order so we walked out in search of something more substantial than soup or a cinnamon roll. On each subsequent visit we poke our heads in the door hoping that it was a mistake or the pork shank removal was just a bad dream; unfortunately not. Please add us to the list of disappointed customers and hope Disney reconsiders in the near future.

  18. Robert says

    Well, no reason to go to Gaston’s anymore. We never escaped our week long trips to WDW without getting the Fish & Chips at Yorkshire and the Pork Shank at Gaston’s. During our annual ChristmasNew Year’s week visit in 2015, I thought something was wrong when there was no line at Gaston’s during the busiest week of the year. i soon discovered why. Having no interest in beef stew, we left empty handed. I guess its good news for fans of the cinnamon roll and the chocolate croissant because you no longer have to wait in line for one. HUGELY DISAPPOINTED ! BRING BACK THE PORK SHANK !

  19. Colby says

    Me and my family make the drive from west texas, that’s over 1300 miles. And the number one thing I look forward to is the pork shank at gaston’s tavern. All year I wait for it. Today with my hopes high I was extremely disappointed it is no longer served. “All year, over 1300 miles”.

  20. David G says

    Whaaaaaat! I had this when i went in Aug ’15 and it was probably the best thing i ate at the park! Bummer that they took it off the menu. Petition?:)

  21. Mewee says

    Noooooooooooo! This is so upsetting to our family!! We lived for the pork shank at Gaston’s!!!! I hope they bring it back!! Please Disney!!!!

  22. Bin says

    Nooooooooo. If I remember correctly, theres another place in Hollywood Studio also selling pork shank. Any idea of whether they removed it from their menu too?

  23. Linny P says

    I’m so disappointed! My husband and I discovered the Pork Shank 2 years ago and have been talking about it ever since! We are planning on going back in November of 2016 and Gaston’s Tavern for the pork shank was first on the list! Let’s start a petition!!! Bring Back the Pork Shank!!! Bring Back the Pork Shank!!! Are you listening Disney!?!

  24. DisneyFan says

    Please bring back the pork shank Disney, it wws one of the best food items in the park! I am so disappointed!

  25. Kevin Graham says

    So disappointed.. the Pork Shank was one of the best food items, and priced fairly, at MK. I’ve had the beef stew since then and it’s just not the same. The shank had the tavern and setting appeal, with great flavor for pork lovers. Now we get a lackluster small plate of stew – there’s no reason to go here anymore other than the bathrooms next door.

  26. Daniel Corcoran says

    My wife and I were disappointed when we discovered they no longer had the pork shank at Gaston’s in May. We had been telling all our friends and family about it since the year before when we first discovered it. The girl at the counter recommended we complain at City Hall on Main Street, which we did. The girl at City Hall was very gracious and commiserated with our complaint, and very obviously did not write anything down. I followed up with an e-mail and did received a polite form letter response thanking me for my feedback.

  27. Alicia Calsyn says

    Today they have a “ham and cheese pretzel” as the meal option. I REALLY miss the shank! :-( With 2 gluten sensitive teens in tow, Gaston’s is no longer an option! Still may go for the LeFou’s Brew! Maybe! May just get a frozen Butterbeer at their competitor in protest!

  28. Steve says

    I can’t believe they discontinued the Pork Shank. Why? People loved it. They should bring it back and expand its presence to Germany in Epcot as Pork Shanks are a staple in German cuisine. Big Turkey legs aren’t cutting it anymore. We want Pork Shanks!

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