News: Changes Coming to Disneyland’s River Belle Terrace and Rancho del Zocalo

February of 2016 will bring BIG changes to two beloved Disneyland dining locations.

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First, Frontierland’s River Belle Terrace will change from its current status as a Counter Service location to a Table Service option serving lunch and dinner only as of February 10, 2016.

River Belle Terrace

River Belle Terrace

The menu will focus on “Southern barbecue staples” such as ribs and chicken as well as sustainable seafood offerings. Of course, this change means that River Belle Terrace will soon be accepting reservations (the date guests will be able to start booking has yet to be announced).

I’ve gotta say, with River Belle Terrace making the list as one of my favorite spots for breakfast in Disneyland, this adjustment will take some getting used to! It’s simply a beautiful, peaceful spot to start the day in Disneyland.

View from River Belle Terrace

View from River Belle Terrace

That said, you should know that there will still be a spot to grab your Mickey Pancakes, as Rancho del Zocalo will serve breakfast beginning February 2, 2016.

Rancho del Zocalo Sign

Rancho del Zocalo Sign

The new offerings will be a combination of some  breakfast favorites from River Belle Terrace in addition to Mexican-inspired fare.

Mickey Pancake

Mickey Pancake Coming to Rancho del Zocalo

We’ll look forward to bringing you reviews on the updated experiences after the New Year. In the meantime, though, I’d like to know… what are YOUR thoughts on these changes?

 What do you think of the updates coming to River Belle Terrace and Rancho del Zocalo? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Richard says

    While everyone thinks the Mickey Mouse Pancake are great I really, really prefer the Mark Twain.

    And going to Rancho del Zocalo for a traditional River Belle Terrace breakfast just seems odd…

  2. Kim says

    Add the River Belle is toted as one of Walt’s favorite places to sit and eat; I think this change is in poor taste

  3. Sandy says

    This is in such bad taste..I m sure the new meals will be more costly,too if Disneyland makes too many changes it will not be the happiest place on earth but maybe the costliest.

  4. Raegan says

    Ugh! This is where I start my day when I come to the park! I couldn’t be more disappointed in this decision! I would bet that if the powers that be asked the public what they thought we wouldn’t even be having this discussion right now. :( BOO!!!!!

  5. Katelin says

    My husband and I grab a turkey leg and sit on the River Belle’s patio to people watch in the afternoon. Not to mention the family splits a few plates there in the morning. This is a huge disappointment.

  6. Jenny says

    I find this extremely upsetting. This is where we always start our Disneyland days, for more than 30 years.

  7. Lindsey says

    This is disappointing – We used to go for special breakfasts after canoe race practice and relax before the park opened.

  8. Candace says

    I am so saddened by this because I LOVE River Belle Terrace. However, I am very happy that I will be able to still find my Mickey Mouse/Mark Twain pancakes because I truly believe they are some of the best tasting pancakes I’ve ever had.

    To the person whose comment is at the top, it’s the same pancake recipe, why are you hating on the Mickey pancake? Or are you just interested in the additional food that the Mark Twain comes with?

  9. Marian says

    I loved to breakfast at the light and cheery River Belle Terrace. Last weekend I had breakfast at Zocalo. In my opinion, Zocalo is too cold and dark for breakfast. Worse, my favorite breakfast item, make your own yogurt parfait IS GONE!

  10. Jenn says

    So disappointed in this change. The atmosphere at Rancho Del Zocala is just not great in the morning. I just ate here this past weekend and they have most definitely changed the pancake recipe. Such a bummer.

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