#OnTheList: Holiday Pecan Maple Bark in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

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The holiday clock’s a-tickin’ to check this week’s #OnTheList item off the list… Pecan Maple Bark in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion is only around for the season!


Pecan Maple Bark makes its appearance at the unassuming, rustic little popcorn wagon in Canada as part of the international snack options featured during Holidays Around the World, Epcot’s celebration of holiday traditions around the globe.

Canada Popcorn Cart

Canada Popcorn Cart

When you think about holiday candy bark, I’ll bet you think the same thing I do: some combo of crushed candied peppermint and white chocolate layered over dark. Sure, you’ll find fun variations on this festive treat now and again, and whaddya know… Pecan Maple Bark is one of ‘em ;) .

Pecan Maple Bark -- Out of the Wrapper

Pecan Maple Bark

But here’s what makes it stand out from the rest: naturally, there’s chocolate involved — sprinkled with plenty of toasted pecan along with some sea salt for good measure. But it’s all coating a layer of crunchy, buttery toffee, further flavored with maple in honor of our Canadian friends.

Pecan Maple Bark

Pecan Maple Bark

You get a pretty decent-sized bag, to boot. Perfect for sharing… or carrying around to munch on throughout the day while enjoying the extra special sights and sounds that make up the Holidays Around the World experience at Epcot.

Pecan Maple Bark in Epcot's Canada Pavilion

Pecan Maple Bark in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

Now, perhaps your holiday plans don’t include a trip to Disney World this year. You may be wondering “How on earth will I ever cross this one off the list?!” Well, never fear… we’ve got the recipe for you to replicate the experience at home!

Or, of course, you could add it to your Disney Food Bucket List for 2016. After all, we’ve all got some resolutions and goals to make, and adding all the Disney foods and restaurants you’ve always dreamed of trying should definitely be included on YOUR list for the New Year!

What Disney foods or dining experiences did you cross off your Disney Food Bucket List in 2015? Please let us know with a comment!

What’s On YOUR Disney Food Bucket List?

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  1. Lisa C. says

    We tried this a few weeks ago, and it WAS tasty, but they have apparently changed the portion sizes dramatically. For a pretty high price, we only got 3 pieces, which seems to be about 1/4 of what you had in your bag last year. :(

  2. Aloha says

    Lisa, that happened to me too! The portion size was shockingly small, I almost cancelled my order once they handed me my bag. I should have.

  3. Michele says

    We had the same experience as Lisa C., a very small portion for $8.50. In addition, there is absolutely no maple in this product. I am a maple fanatic and noticed there was no maple flavor. After checking the ingredients listed on the package I discovered it was because there is no maple in it. Very disappointing!

  4. db says

    The Maple Bark is simply mediocre toffee at best.
    Something must have changed in both the recipe and quality this year, and will not waste money on them again.
    My husband bought some due to the recommendation on the blog as a gift. We got two pieces that were not even 2×2″ which is surprising for $8.50. Pure maple syrup isn’t cheap, so the hope of something really good overrode the startling cost. Dark chocolate, few pecan pieces and a softer toffee with little flavor.
    There was ZERO maple flavor in this product.
    Save your money, this was a true disappointment and a terrible waste of money

  5. says

    Lisa C., Aloha, Michele, and DB — We’ve always really liked this one. I guess we’ll have to make it at home with this handy recipe if we want to recapture the version we’ve enjoyed. :-)

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