News: Attraction and Dining Closures Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Editor’s Note: Disney has now confirmed that Studio Catering Co. will close on April 2 as well.

Today it was announced on the official Disney Parks Blog that the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show will be closing on April 2, 2016, in order to make way for the construction of the future Toy Story and Star Wars Lands in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

You may be wondering, “Ok… but what does that have to do with food, Disney FOOD Blog?”

Well, lemme tell ya… the Lights, Motors, Action! attraction is situated in the Streets of America section of the park, which will be getting some major changes with the updates (hence the final display of The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights this past holiday season). And the Disney Parks Blog post also confirmed that there will be more closures of “nearby locations” in that area of the park.

Streets of America

Streets of America

First, please understand that NONE of the spots mentioned below have been confirmed by Disney as facing closure. However, we can only assume that one or more of the following locations in the direct area may be affected:

Herbie’s Drive-In and the Pretzel Garden are the two nearest snack kiosks to the entrance to the attraction.

Herbie's Drive-In

Herbie’s Drive-In

Pretzel Garden at Streets of America

Pretzel Garden at Streets of America

And while each of those snack spots could presumably move to other locations around the park, that’s not the case with the Counter Service restaurant, Studio Catering Co. (In fact, sources such as the Orlando Sentinel have stated that Studio Catering Co. is indeed closing; however, there isn’t a confirmation from Disney at this time).

Studios Catering Co.

Studios Catering Co.

And we would assume that High Octane Refreshments, which is connected to Studio Catering Co., would follow suit.

High Octane Refreshments next to Studio Catering Co.

High Octane Refreshments next to Studio Catering Co.

And… our most beloved Writer’s Stop. Original home of the Carrot Cake Cookie and the Cheese Danish the Size of Your Head.

Writer's Stop Entrance

Writer’s Stop Entrance

So, if it turns out we’re correct on these, you may want to take some time on your upcoming Disney trip to grab some Chili-Cheese Nachos at Herbie’s or a Tropical Splash at High Octane Refreshments. And, of course, a Carrot Cake Cookie at The Writer’s Stop, Now, it’s true… you can also get the Carrot Cake Cookie at Sweet Spells (whew!), but how about making sure you grab it at the original location? You know, for old times sake.

What do you think of the upcoming changes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. says

    When I went to Sci-Fi Drive In late last year I was surprised how close it was to Streets of America, and also wondered if it could potentially get in the way of Star Wars Land. Or, maybe they’d rebrand it Star Wars Drive In if it was too close.

  2. Logan says

    The only one that upsets me is my beloved Writer’s Stop. I so love that cozy little place. :-/

  3. Sue says

    I’m glad I was able to get to the Writer’s Stop at least once. On our next trip we aren’t even planning to go to HS because of all of the closures.

  4. Nicole says

    Oh no! Not Writer’s Stop! That was our favorite place to go to wait out mid-day summer downpours with a cookie and some coffee. Hope they keep it.

  5. Alyssa says

    I have confirmation from the bartender at High Octane that it will be closing on April 2, as will Studio Catering Co.

  6. Aileen says

    When I saw last week that the comfy chairs and the espresso/cappuccino machines were gone from Writer’s Stop, I was crushed and figured that it would be on the chopping block soon.

  7. Michael J McGee says

    The closing of the Writer’s Stop is disappointing. That was a great place for the food and the stuff that was sold there. Hopefully they relocate it.
    I always wondered why they let that whole area just sit there. Why didn’t they have any real stores in some of the storefronts along the street?

  8. Charles F. says

    Let’s be clear…the Writer’s Stop is just speculation at this point, yes? No announcement or confirmation or anything like that?

  9. Mary Spooner says

    A little sad about the writers stop but couldn’t care less about the catering company or high octane. I love the seating area there but the food isn’t anything to write home about. As a wine drinker, as long as Disney insists on selling only Zips or Copa I have no reason to go to High Octane. :(

  10. Ken says

    As a lifelong Disney guy I can’t wait for this park to match and hopefully surpass islands of adventure.

  11. Dawne says

    High octane is the best full-service bar location for a quick cool refreshing drink (particularly in summer). I will miss it when it closes, but I’m glad I’m going to be there I arrive on April 1. Although I wasn’t planning on attending Hollywood studios because of all the closures I may have to go say a quick goodbye.

  12. Hannah white says

    Please don’t get rid of the writers stop! Our favourite spot and alway a must on any of our visits to Hollywood studios. As English visitors we love the hot tea here! And the cookies of course! A calm spot just to chill! Simply wonderful!

  13. Mark says

    Lots of folks will share Sue’s conclusion and either skip the park or make it a half day destination for the next few years. Will be sad if we lose Buy The Book (Writer’s Stop’s name for us oldies). Otherwise it is time to update this park. Looking forward to 2018.

  14. Brenda says

    Look, they’ll be an uprising if Writer’s Stop is closed. Either that or I’ll be crying by myself. Please don’t close Writer’s Stop, Disney. It’s bad enough that Olga retired and is no longer there when I go in.

  15. Essie says

    Believe it or not, I’ll miss a little place that will most likely leave with the streets, ‘Youse Guys Moichandise’. My friends and I always got such a kick out of that little place. I guess we got a kick out of it because it reminds us of Philly and NYC, but it is a cool little stand with souvies and ice cold drinks.

  16. Tracy says

    We visited in 2013 and have a trip planned this August, there is so much closing in DHS at the moment that its probably going to be a half day park for us. We don’t do ToT or RocknRoller Coaster, any chance they are offering discounted park tickets for the next year to compensate for the lack of attractions/food choice?

  17. Rocco says

    The only one that would really devastate me is Writer’s Stop. I have so many great memories there and it’s such a unique spot in the parks, hopefully at least that one prediction will be wrong…

  18. Laurene says

    We were at Hollywood Studios last week and it is still a full day park! The new Star Wars themed areas are great (and I’m not a huge Star Wars fan), and the usual shows are still there. We still couldn’t see all we wanted to see and were there from open to close. I will miss Writer’s Spot if it goes; it was my favourite waiting spot while my family rode Star Tours.

  19. Carol Ann Pugliani says

    Disney please do not close the Writers Shop. I would visit the shop every time I was at Hollywood Studios…cappuccino, hot tea, cookies, loved them all. The shop is so quaint and such a feel of a neighborhood place. I remember when there was a shaded sitting area outside, (earlier it was a smoking spot}, but it was great to sit and have your coffee and people watch. I guess we all have to accept changes, just hope the changes will be for the best.

  20. Mel D says

    We were in the Studios at Christmas and the Writers Stop seemed to have stripped out. There was no seating, the TV playing Classic Disney cartoons had gone and there very few books on sale.

    I’m pretty sure that in its current location at least its days are numbered. Hopefully Disney will take note of its popularity and relocate it elsewhere in the park.

  21. Mike V says

    The one thing I get from all this is that the back of the park is now almost all closed.
    Which means more congestion in the front.
    Also means the toy story ride and muppets are like dead ends on the sides.
    Suprises me that Disney is not more on top of this and the traffic jams it will cause.

  22. says

    I think Writer’s stop will stay. The thing that is interesting to me is the closure of Studio Catering Co. Considering that Pizza Planet is undergoing a very long refurbishment, this summer 2 of the bigger counter service locations in HS will not be available. I would be concerned about trying to get food around lunch or dinner time at one of the remaining CS places in HS!

  23. says

    I’ll be sad if Writer’s stop closes. That place is a must do for my husband and I. We went the first time because I heard about the carrot cake cookies on Lou Mongello’s podcast. They also had iced coffee, so we make a point to visit.

  24. MeLissa says

    Writers Stop breaks my heart! Hopefully it will remain. If not, all I can hope is that it’ll be relocated (but not “reimagined”– it’s great as-is!)

  25. Cathy says

    I’m almost always sad when any of the WDW attractions/restaurants close (still stinging from the closure of EPCOT’s Horizons in 1999). It’s like going back home and wanting everything to remain untouched since your last visit. I didn’t frequent Writer’s Stop or Studio Catering but feel for those of you that did.

  26. Artie says

    Will all these closings occur on April 2nd or will they be open throughout the day, closed for good on the 3rd?

  27. Greg says

    The date of the closing particularly burns me because in planning my upcoming April trip we had singled out The Writer’s Stop as a must visit since it didn’t register last time about 5 years ago and thus we missed it. Our trip begins…April 6. And we now expect to spend that morning at DHS because we made a lunch res at Beaches and Cream that day. So we’ll miss it by just a few days! Argh! At least I’ll still be able to get a carrot cake cookie, which is the thing that first got my attention (I knew you guys would have that info so thanks for that tip on where to get it), but I feel I’ll be missing out on the more interesting setup that once was The Writer’s Stop. Sigh.

  28. Bruce Garrett says

    Please Not The Writer’s Stop! I can get Starbucks any time I want back home. The writer’s stop has always been my morning cup of coffee and danish whenever I go to WDW. I go to Disney for the Disney experience, not the Every Shopping Mall In The Country experience.

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