Review: Cupid’s Kiss Latte at Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosks in Disney World

Once again, Joffrey’s Espresso Coffee & Pastries kiosks all over Disney World are serving up some specialty items to get us in the festive spirit. We checked out the Winter Specialty menu on our last visit, and now they’re helping us get ready for a caffeinated Valentine’s Day!

Joffrey's American Adventure Coffee Kiosk in Epcot

Joffrey’s American Adventure Coffee Kiosk in Epcot

Espresso drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas make up the menu along with tea and hot chocolate. Select Joffrey’s locations such as the one just outside of the American Adventure Pavilion at Epcot also offer opportunities to “spike” your coffee with your choice of Bailey’s, Kahlua, or Jameson.

Joffrey's Menu

Joffrey’s Menu

Want a little pinch of love in your coffee? Good! Because that’s what you’ll get with the Valentine-themed seasonal Signature Beverages. Options include the Cupid’s Kiss Latte with caramel and coconut syrups and dark chocolate with the espresso; the Valentine’s White Mocha featuring white chocolate and raspberry; and the Amoré Cocoa Latte, which blends the espresso with dark chocolate and light coconut syrup.

Valentines Day Themed Beverages

Valentines Day Themed Beverages

As always, any drink you order can be made hot or iced. The recent dip in temps made a hot option sound like it would hit the spot (don’t forget to pack those jackets and hoodies, folks!).

My choice? The Cupid’s Kiss! And check out the Disney Theme Parks cup in Joffrey’s purple! These weren’t around when we sampled the Winter Specialties.

Cupid's Kiss

Cupid’s Kiss

An important FYI for all my fellow whipped cream fanatics: I was expecting whipped cream based on the menu picture, but the barista said the only Valentine’s Day drink to automatically come with whipped cream is the Valentine’s White Mocha. However, it can be added to any beverage upon request. I got mine as-is in the name of DFB research. Now that’s what I call “taking one for the team” ;) .

Steamed Milk and Foam

Steamed Milk and Foam

Let’s get right to the heart of things (‘cuz Valentine’s Day ;) ).  All you candy fans out there should fall for this one. The dark chocolate, caramel and coconut combine really well with the rich espresso, allowing the coffee flavor to come through while still providing a definite fix for a sweet tooth.

The Cast Member shared that these Valentine’s-themed drinks will stick around for at least a few weeks…

Cupid's Kiss and Enjoying the View!

Cupid’s Kiss and Enjoying the View!

… until the next round of seasonal drinks, of course ;) . So if you’re hoping to grab a kiss from Cupid, make sure you stop by your nearest Joffrey’s Coffee kiosk in Disney World as soon as you can!

Will you be trying any of the Valentine’s Day specialty drinks at Joffrey’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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