Review: House-made Salt and Vinegar Chips at the Rose & Crown Beer Stand in Epcot

AJ’s Note: If you’re concerned about the chips vs. crisps situation in this review, please see my note in the comments. Love you!

Do you know what the Rose & Crown Beer Stand in Epcot’s United Kingdom serves?

Okay, you got me… BEER! ;) But guess what else it just started serving up recently? Potato Chips.

But not just any old potato chips… we’re talking about Disney House-made Chips! You may already be familiar with these goodies that are often served as a side for dishes like the Anchors Aweigh and Lighthouse Sandwiches at Columbia Harbour House, and the Lobster Club Sandwich at The Artist’s Palette.

That’s just a small sampling, of course. You can find House-made Chips in several locations around Disney World, but often solely as a side to an entree and rarely sold separately on the menu (though you can probably ask for them as a separately served side). No matter where you find them, the fresh quality and natural flavor often help the chips stand out as much as the entree they’re served alongside. So it was great to see these available at the Rose & Crown Beer Stand in TWO flavor options: Original and Salt & Vinegar.

You’ll receive a bag like this for $4.25 out of pocket or as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan

Bag of Salt & Vinegar Chips

Bag of Salt & Vinegar Chips

I grabbed the Salt & Vinegar because the flavor is unique to this location… and I was in the United Kingdom, after all!

United Kingdom sticker on bag

United Kingdom sticker on bag

Thankfully, the house-made chips available here lived up to their well-earned reputation for fresh quality and tastiness. Now, I know Salt & Vinegar isn’t everyone’s thing — the vinegar is quite pronounced as you might anticipate, especially if you’ve tried this flavor in bagged chip varieties. And I think this shot below gives you a decent idea of the generosity of the salt.

Closeup on Salt & Vinegar Chip

Closeup on Salt & Vinegar Chip

But the strong flavors paired quite nicely with the beer I ordered: the Innus & Gunn Draft (medium bodied, and surprisingly light and easy to drink).

Innis & Gunn

Innis & Gunn

These chips are a terrific alternative to the standard bagged chips you’ll usually find around Disney World (Doritos, Cheetos, and the like). But especially so at the Rose & Crown Stand where they work with the beer so well.

I also think it’s a nice add to the Pavilion which, while having an easily identified signature dish (Hello, Fish & Chips!), hasn’t had a whole lot in the way of grab-and-enjoy snacks. A fun find, for sure, and a welcome addition to the United Kingdom Pavilion!

Would you like to grab a bag of House-made Chips in the United Kingdom Pavilion? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. John says

    I have to say I’m disappointed. When the report talked about ‘chips’ at the UK pavilion, I thought it was referring to what people in the UK call chips- that would be fries to us. Bags of US-style chips are available everywhere. UK chips- large potato sticks, freshly cooked and tangy with salt and vinegar- are very hard to find. That would have been a snack worth lining up for. A bag of chips, not freshly cooked, isn’t anything like as inviting.

  2. Kirsty says

    Just a small correction – salt & vinegar “crisps” :P

    They are from the UK after all.

    Only kidding. They look delicious.

  3. Rune says

    Agreeing with Kirsty here, c’mon Rose & Crown, if Cookes of Dublin can serve ‘chips’ instead of fries for authenticity, you can manage to call these babies ‘crisps’ and not chips! ^_~

    Actually it’s good to see some more robust and traditional crisp flavours being offered. S&V has been a long term favourite of mine – it always seems a struggle to get malt vinegar to put on fries / chips when out in WDW. S&V crisps are really good in a sandwich or with a long refreshing drink.

    Wonder if they’ll stick at this flavour or experiment further & rotate? Cheese n onion, Bovril, Smoky Bacon, Chicken Tikka..

    And yes, it’s good to see a few more UK typical snacks popping up, and if they ever start serving the chips (fries type) with optional gravy / curry sauce / saveloys / mushy peas / crispy bits etc and popping a few more puds / cakes on the menu it’ll be even more authentic. The R&C is one thing but as it stands, as a Brit I’ve always found the sole QS offering of fish n chips and that rather sad sponge cake / cookie to be pretty embarrassing. =P

  4. Carolyn from the UK says

    Yep, agree with these comments entirely – and I was reading this whilst happily eating a big bag of Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps for my lunch!

  5. Gigi says

    @Rune – At the Rose and Crown, these are referred to as “crisps” and fries are referred to as “chips”. Probably just a nomenclature slip-up in the review.

  6. says

    John — You can get plenty of chips over at the Yorkshire county fish stand on the other side of the pavilion.

  7. says

    From AJ: Regarding the “chips vs. crisps” situation: 1) I used to live in England; of course I know they’re called crisps there :-); 2) Those of you who know they’re called crisps in the UK will not be confused if I call them chips in this review, however some folks who do not know they’re called crisps in the UK may be confused by the term if I use it here. We try to make everything as easy on our readers as possible when it comes to understanding our terminology — I know that you folks from the UK are very intelligent and can understand what we’re talking about when we say “chips” with a big picture of the item. Love — AJ

  8. Kirsty says

    Apologies if I contributed to your frustration AJ! My post was very much tongue in cheek, I was only messing. :D

    “but I hope you guys know by now that we really try to not do things willy-nilly around here right?” Of course and like always, any post is very much appreciated.

    Thanks and sorry lol

  9. says

    Ha ha Kirsty! Sometimes things just irk me! ;-D You won’t find me whining very much here on the blog (at least I hope you won’t!). Hugs, and thanks for reading!

  10. Mike says

    Funny how someone complains about the crisps vs chips thing, yet has no clue their is no UK…

  11. Wendy says

    I’m perfectly fine with the “chips” vs “crisps” issue. But just to make things even MORE complicated, I have a question about the “malt” vs “white” issue. In Canada, I can buy chips with salt and either flavour of vinegar, and I have a definite preference. Which type of vinegar would you say is used here? Thanks!

  12. Nathan says

    Oh who gives a crisp?! Look at the paper bag they come in! That’s great! Another (hopefully) fantastic walking snack and must-try for my December trip!

  13. Jan says

    Mike – ^^ What do you mean “There’s (yup, you got it wrong – ‘there’s’ not ‘theirs’!) no UK? Of course there’s a UK – it’s the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – i.e.: England, Scotland and Wales (which make up Great Britain) plus Northern Ireland = UK.

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