Review: New Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake in Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion

It’s FUNNEL CAKE TIME!!! But this isn’t just any funnel cake… .

Now, as someone who loves a good funnel cake, I have to admit… Disneyland has cornered the market as far as Disney Funnel Cakes go. Stage Door Cafe offers consistently great toppings right down to the signature Whipped Cream Mickey. And the latest Churro Funnel Cake at Hungry Bear Restaurant really upped the ol’ ante.

Disney World, on the other hand, doesn’t have quite the same Funnel Cake game. While you can always grab a Funnel Cake at spots like Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, Oasis Canteen, or the Funnel Cake Kiosk along Disney’s BoardWalk, toppings are typically pretty standard; usually ice cream or often strawberry along with the classic powdered sugar.

The Funnel Cake stop that does change its options from time to time, though, is the Funnel Cake Stand in Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion. Double Chocolate Funnel Cakes and Pumpkin Spice have rotated over the past couple years as the seasonal options (and they used to offer a Strawberry a few years back), but even those haven’t seen any further variety for some time.

Until now, that is… because a Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake has hit the scene at Epcot’s Funnel Cake Stand!

Funnel Cake Stand in the America Pavilion

Funnel Cakes sign

The standbys remain, of course; you can still grab the standard funnel cake with sugar, or add that big ol’ slab of vanilla ice cream or chocolate sauce as additional toppings. But the new headliner is the Cookies n’ Cream.

Funnel Cake Stand Menu

Funnel Cake Stand Menu

The toppers here include each of the regular extras (rectangle slab of vanilla ice cream (why?!?) and chocolate sauce), with the addition of crushed cookies, and one full Oreo for the finishing touch.

Cookies n' Cream Funnel Cake

Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake

Okay, first things first: obviously, points for presentation still go to Disneyland Funnel Cakes. I’d love to see this one with a more traditional soft serve swirl — or even hand scooped ice cream as opposed to the vanilla ice cream slab. Because while the toppings are fun, the appearance doesn’t hit the mark. But moving beyond that…

As always, my funnel cake was made to order by the friendly cast members in the stand.

Cast Member Preparing the Funnel Cake

Cast Member Preparing the Funnel Cake

The result? A fresh, soft, nicely browned and hot funnel cake.

Funnel Cake Closeup

Funnel Cake Closeup

In spots, the thick layer of powdered sugar was almost equaled by the crushed chocolate cookie.

Coookies n' Cream Funnel Cake Toppings

Coookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake Toppings

The giant slab of vanilla ice cream with even more chocolate drizzled on top lent the whole thing that fun hot-and-cold mixture, while the fried batter helped to cut the almost crazy amount of sweet stuff happening on the top.

Vanilla Ice Cream Slab

Vanilla Ice Cream Slab

Oh, and if you have room… there’s still that final Oreo ;) .

Oreo Cookie On Top!

Oreo Cookie On Top

So was it good? Well, let’s just say that we eat a LOT of food here at DFB, and there’s no way we can finish everything. But this? This was finished — completely. :-D

With everything going on here, this is definitely an item that’s great to share (which is a good thing, because I’m thinking it’s also a little easier sharing that $11.50 price tag with a buddy or two; another feather in Disneyland’s cap where even the most extreme Funnel Cakes typically run around seven bucks).

Cookies n' Cream Funnel Cake!

Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake

Still, this is a fun treat, for sure, and it’s definitely encouraging to see them changing things up again at the Funnel Cakes Stand after a long while. Is a Funnel Cake part of your Disney vacation traditions? If so, I’d like to hear what you think about the latest addition!

Will you stopping by the Funnel Cake Stand to try the new Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    Yum!!!! Cookies and cream is my weakness, but when I saw this on the menu the other day as I was passing by, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $12 on a funnel cake. Broke college kid struggle. I’m definitely regretting my decision though because this looks incredible! That rectangular slab of ice cream looks so strange though…

  2. Cartier says

    Look at God! I should probably stop checking this site while I’m trying to get slim, because I’m seriously tempted to take a day trip (all the way from Philly) just to get this. It looks soooooo good.

  3. Lauren says

    Ice cream on a Hot funnel cake realistically will be a very soggy milky mess in less than a minute. I’m not tempted by this $12 dessert.

  4. Joy says

    I thought it was a cheesecake topping not ice cream and I thought yummmmmm. However ice cream just seems okay and soggy.

  5. Sarah says

    Glad to see it’s at least a slab of ice cream, because it seriously looks like they plopped some cream cheese on top and called it a day.

  6. Andrew Z says

    I needed to find out more about this ice cream “slab” so I ventured back to your 2010 Funnel Cake article. The only deduction I can make is slabs make for even portion sizing….perfect every time.

  7. Georgeanne says

    May this please be there in August!! Don’t mind the price tag because my family of 3 might not even be able to finish it! Disney portions are huge.

  8. Trevor says

    I wondering why they don’t have the funnel cake rings shaped like Mickey head. Also this looks really good.

  9. JM says

    Think we will pass on this one. I’m not a fan of Cookies and Cream , but the rest of the family is. I would have liked to see a chocolate cake with white creamy frosting and OREO sprinkles over, instead of the ice cream.

  10. Amy says

    I’m with those that think the ice cream on top would just make the funnel cake soggy. I wonder if they would serve up the ice cream and toppings on a separate plate from the funnel cake? Guess I never really got over that whole “food shouldn’t touch” idea from childhood!
    That is an awesome idea Trevor ~ I would totally buy a Mickey shaped funnel cake!

  11. MajorMalfunction says

    $11.50? For a funnel cake?

    $0.10 worth of pancake batter cooked in a jacuzzi of grease and WDW is charging $11.50. This almost sounds as good as the bargain of the early Fantasyland admission!

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