News: Today is the Final Day of Operation for Epcot’s Mexico Margarita Stand

It’s the end of an era! My friends, today, May 31st, is your LAST CHANCE to raise a glass full of Frozen Margarita from the Margarita Stand in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion.

Margarita Stand

Margarita Stand

For years, this spot located outside the Pavilion’s pyramid structure has served up Lime, Strawberry, and Mango Frozen Margaritas to thirsty guests. (Including the potent multi-colored Fiesta margarita!)

However, La Cava del Tequila has announced via their Twitter account that the location will be closing, and today is its last day. 

Layered Margarita

Layered Margarita

Still, we appreciate all the memories (or distinct lack thereof after one too many fiesta margaritas) this quaint stand has provided for us all over the years, and bid a fond adieu. If you’re in Epcot today, consider paying them a visit and raising a glass.

Cheers from the Mexico Pavilion

Cheers from the Mexico Pavilion

We’re hoping against hope that the team in Mexico is able to replace or relocate this iconic stop. After all — what’s drinking around World Showcase without a frozen marg? Fingers crossed… .

For now, we’re happy to pop inside the pyramid and wait in line at La Cava for our fix!

Have you ever enjoyed a Margarita at Epcot’s Margarita Stand? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Murm says

    NO! We couldn’t walk by this place without getting an awesome beverage.

    Let’s hope they put in something as cool or better!

  2. Gigi says

    Wait…WHAT?!?! Is this a lame attempt by La Cava to force everyone to buy their drinks instead?

  3. Amanda says

    Just an FYI the size of the glasses in La Cava have shrunk a good inch but you’ll notice the price of the drinks has stayed the same or even a few increased as well. Being a cm I was severely disappointed in this choice because of all the continued budget cuts all over the parks in various departments. The margaritas are my absolute favorite part of Epcot and now cutting the stand as well as the decreased size of the cups makes it really difficult to want to spend my hard earned money on a drink I can now get at Friday’s for a third of the price that’s the same size.

  4. Steffi says

    NO!!!! WHY??? An ice cold Marguerita is always a wonderful relief (with or without alcohol) on a hot Florida day. I’m sure there’s many sad folks out here now.

  5. Donna Gibson says

    This is appropo considering La Cava just recently reduced the size of their margaritas without reducing the price, of course. Another money grab by Disney if you ask this annual passholder. La Cava was a big reason for going to Epcot. Not anymore.

  6. Brian Pfefferle says

    Thanks for the heads up! NOT! My wife and I have been season pass holders for 5 years now and our favorite park is Epcot because of the around the world eatery, drinkery, and fun that ensues. One of the first places, even during Food & Wine Festival, we hit was the Margarita stand. The line, during all times of year, is always packed. Why why why would you do away with this stand??? Please explain yourself. I live by the motto, “happy wife, happy life” and this decision is messing up that way of life. Make it right Mickey!

  7. Bridgett says

    So so sad.. I will be there next week and was looking forward to my drink. Will La Cava be doing any specials for long time tiki vistors. How about email a coupon?

  8. Tim says

    I always went into La Cava for my margaritas anyway. The ones at the stand outside aren’t anywhere near as good ….. or as potent.

  9. Janet Sala says

    Sigh. I loved that place because it had a great following, and I am pretty sure it kept the crowds more manageable at La Cava del Tequila–which is my favorite attraction in all of Walt Disney World. Will they be selling those frozen concoctions that help moms hang on across the way at the counter service establishment? [Apologies to Jimmy Buffet.]

    Just stepped on a pop top. I could use an avocado margarita about now.

  10. Molly says

    I don’t think I’ve had one since La Cava opened (why have a good margarita when a fantastic margarita is only a few steps away?), so this doesn’t bother me as much as it may have a few years ago. I’ll get my slush on in China and France. And maybe Morocco.

  11. Joann Caffrey says

    We come every year and we alway got a margarita sometimes 2 as we go around the world show case wine and food festival. We will miss it for sure!

  12. Vanessa says

    NOOOOOOOOOO… I was really forward to drinking a frozen margarita on my August trip…

  13. Mike V says

    Not a fan of this idea either…..
    So as mentioned above, to get a margarita I have to fight through crowds and people being ignorant and not budging at La Cava’s bar? I’ll goto a night club if I want that.
    I get you can also get a margarita at the counter service location (once again having to get through crowds of people getting food) but this was so much easier.

  14. jim robinson says


    Please say it isn’t so. Drinking around the world will never be the same. :-(

  15. Rusty says

    Why but an overpriced drink on the walkway when you can pay even after a circuitous walk into a pavilion?
    Disney logic at its finest.

  16. Amy VanD says

    What a shame. I got a margarita (or two) here each and EVERY time I am in Epcot. The lines everywhere else in Mexico are usually ridiculous; I just want my quick frozen cocktail to go without all the fuss. What a shame…

  17. Stefanie says

    You can still get margaritas outside from the Quick Service, La Cantina de San Angel.

    They also added a Strawberry Margarita & Piña Colada (I know, not Mexican but thought it was interesting) to the menu at Electric Umbrella which is on the way if you’re coming from the park entrance anyway..

    I enjoyed getting the Fiesta margarita from the kiosk on really hot days but I know there are plenty of other options so to me, it’s not that big of a deal.

  18. Howie says

    Whew.. thanks Stefanie for the comment.

    Yes, we will miss the stand!. It was a go to place for the first drink of the day, especially when attending F&W, grab a margarita and walk the showcase backwards enjoying the food stands and shops.

    Really puzzled on why then would take it out. Was always a line there.

  19. Theresa says

    Not closing permanently. Their FB page says closing for remodel. They will be back in a couple of months.

  20. Glenn says

    The beginning of the end of World Showcase as we know it. Once “Frozen” gets a foothold, with little “Princesses” over running the place, all adult drink stands will be eliminated.

  21. Glenn says

    The beginning of the end of World Showcase as we know it. Once “Frozen” gains a foothold, with little “princesses ” over running the grounds, more adult drink stands will close.

  22. Mark says

    Well, I must have walked by this stand over 100 times, but it doesn’t ring any bells. Was this across from where the mariachi band plays?

  23. Spencer says

    I can’t believe that this is happening. We love stopping and get a great margarita. You raise the rates to the park and you start taking great things away.

  24. Noreen says

    End of an era. Always look forward to starting the world trip (and ending it) at the Margarita Shack. Bring it back.

  25. says

    Susan — Not sure. We hope that maybe there will be a La Cava expansion perhaps? We’ll bring you news as soon as we have it!

  26. Mike V says

    Glenn, do you know the upcharge Disney is making on drinks??????
    Likely 300-500%….think that is a thoughtless comment your making there.

    Esp seems other parks have been opening more and more places to get adult drinks.
    Set your hatred for children aside and think……

  27. says

    We only stopped here once. It was on our honeymoon. My wife wanted a margarita, but she didn’t like it. Back then, she was too shy to say so. Today, she’d just dump it. But instead, she decided to drink it as quickly as possible so as not to waste it. She drank about half of it and it hit her like a truck. She has always been a light-weight. We sat down for a bit, but I quickly realized she was in no condition to continue touring the park so we ended our day early. We were back at the Animal Kingdom Lodge by mid-afternoon.

  28. Mark says

    Lebeau, Animal Kingdom Lodge is not a bad place to have to be! When was your honeymoon?

  29. Ann says

    It has been a tradition, when we would arrive at Epcot, to always go straight to Mexico’s Margarita stand for Margaritas all around before going anywhere else in the park.
    This makes me sad.

  30. Debbie says

    No no no no no! I always stop to get a fiesta!
    Yes, I do like LaCava, however the line to get in is ridiculous,it’s not convenient, and it is pricey.

  31. says

    Mark — Comments are moderated and approved, normally a couple of times each day. Sometimes, we get a little behind on that. We hadn’t had the opportunity to approve yours yet.

  32. says


    You wouldn’t hear me complaining about AKL. the honeymoon was my first WDW trip as an adult and my first time going in years. It was my wife’s first trip ever though many more followed. This was in 2003. Domestic tourism was still down following 9/11. We had the parks all to ourselves. There were no lines. We didn’t even bother with FastPass. We didn’t need it. They upgraded our room at AKL for free. I think we were the only Americans there. We were awash in English accents. Great trip! It will never be like that again! Very affordable, no need for reservations and no lines!

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