News: Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Closing for Refurbishment on July 11

If you have plans to stay at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter this summer, listen up! The resort’s quick service restaurant, Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, is set to close July 11 for refurbishment.

Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory Sign

Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory Sign

But don’t fret — you’ll still be able to indulge in your old favorites!

Guests staying at Port Orleans will find alternative dining adjacent to the lobby and at Scat Cat’s Lounge. In addition to grab-and-go items, the menu at the “alternative dining” location will also feature Jambalaya, Gumbo, Po-Boy sandwiches, and of course those famous Beignets! Guests will still be able to use the Disney Dining Plan at the temporary dining location.



Other dining options include Riverside Mill Food Court at the neighboring Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and Boatwright’s Dining Hall (dinner only).

Buses will transport guests from Port Orleans French Quarter to Port Orleans Riverside from 7 a.m. until midnight during the refurbishment.

The refurbishment of Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory is scheduled to be completed this fall.

Is this refurbishment at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory going to impact your travel plans this summer? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


  1. Glen says

    Feel so very disappointed we have been planning this special vacation for over 2 years, 12 of us including elderly coup!e in their seventies and 5 young kids coming from UK for a very special celebration. itinerary all planned, meal reservations, fast passes, all timed we thought to perfection. Now learn there will be no drinks available at the temporary set up, and will now have to travel to Riverside either walking or in case of elderly parents having to hang around waiting for buses. We only chose French Quarter because it is advertised as being a smaller more compact resort.Has taken the shine of a holiday of a lifetime.

  2. Charlene DiSanto says

    Yes. We will be there in August and are a bit disappointed. Also a little frustrated that FQ was excluded from all discounts for the summer and now we have the added inconvenience of the refurb.

  3. Kim says

    I am planning on stopping at French Quarter for the beignets on my trip coming up. Am I reading correctly that they will still be grab-and-go?

  4. Graham Jeaaup says

    Isnt there a mothballed full service restaurant in the complex that has been closed for years they could use?

  5. Kelly D says

    Any ideas on what they’ll be doing during this lengthy refurb? I love POFQ, but this food court has never matched the quality of the rooms or exterior decor. I’d love to see a little more effort put into this space and menu – but not as much as I’d love to see a return of Bonfamille’s!!

  6. Marilyn says

    Very disappointed with this news.We will be at POFQ in September , and this is a major inconvenience. Even worse, the resort has not been included with free dining. We should get free dining packages for the inconvenience. We are happy for the upcoming improvements but it’s darn inconvenient!

  7. Lisa B. says

    I booked a room at POFQ in October. I COULD NOT BELIEVE the food court is going to be closed. We booked that moderate because they are smaller and they don’t have preferred rooms you need to pay for. My husband has Leukemia and it would really be a hassle to go back and forth to PORS. You mean do tell me Disney didn’t know this in April when I booked. Now, the other moderates are basically sold ot. Guest relations did find me a room at PORS and charged me an extra $300 dollars for preferred. Thanks for the Disney Magic!

  8. says

    Matt — we only know that the timeframe for completion is “fall.” At this time, we don’t have an exact date.

  9. Annette says

    We just got off the phone with WDW after receiving a letter about this possibly affecting our October trip. We were told the grab and go meals and other food items will be set up in Bonfamille’s, as well as a chef to accommodate special food requirements. They are supposedly bringing over the soda machines so that resort mugs are still available. And yes, grab and go beignets are promised.

  10. Kerry says

    I just received a letter yesterday about the refurbishments still going on at the Port Orleans during my 29 Oct-5 Nov vacation. We mostly eat in the parks or Disney Springs, so I’m just glad we’ll still be able to try the beignets.

  11. Diane Vento says

    Very disappointed with food court closure at French Quarter. Traveling with 9 family members (adults and children). I was notified by mail 58 days before my travel date. How is Disney going to compensate for total inconvenience . A tent with food stations would be 100 % better than having to deal with buses for breakfast and bedtime snacks. I have been trying to find out what exactly will be available at French Quarter grab n go, to no avail. I need to know because we have a gluten free guest. Can anyone help me. I did try to change my reservation. Riverside is to big and depending on building location, to far for the elders to walk. I did try to
    change to Riverside with a guarantee to be near food court but Disney cannot guarantee.

  12. Jane says

    Diane, I called about the gluten free situation, and was assured they’d be able to accommodate.

  13. Tracy Young says

    GUTTED !
    We like many others booked 2 years ago. The restaurant was s major pull for us as the kids love this restaurant. It was so easy.
    How can Disney take our bookings knowing full well they would cancel ?
    I too rang Disney but nothing can be done.
    I have a child with special needs, this whole situation sounds a nightmare.
    By them putting a bus in to transport to riverside just shows you how crazy busy it’s going to be.
    This restaurant gets packed, heaving! It’s going to be awful.
    I don’t want to get a bus to Riverside for breakfast and fight with crowds of people. Not very magical if you ask me.

    Disney sort this out !!

  14. Luz says

    Trying to keep my Disney Magic alive but can’t help feeling frustrated! Does anyone know what the “Grab and Go” menu consist of? And what breakfast items will be available? We don’t want the added frustration of having to take a bus to go grab eggs and bacon for breakfast. Our son is a picky eater. Disney we really hope this doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Please work some Disney Magic!

  15. Laura says

    Very disappointed, especially that we have not been informed by either Disney or our travel agents. I know there will be other options but had we known when booking we would’ve booked somewhere else. :-(

  16. Brian says

    Wow! These responses remind me of why I still love Disney even with the changes. Find me alternatives that are better? No? Well then….

    I booked POFQ AFTER – I repeat, AFTER I knew about the refurb. I made the choice of renewing my AP and doing a room discount, but it is about the same per night for a riverview room as the “Back-To-School” offer. If we had booked Caribbean Beach with the “FREE” Dining Plan, and 10 days PH+ tickets, we would spend EXACTLY what we are spending for the POFQ, the APs (will use 2x for sure, so 1/2 each time cost), and eating where we want – ADRs at Morimota’s, Brown Derby, Skipper’s Canteen, California Grill, Liberty Tree Tavern, 50s PTC, Boma, Tiffin’s, La Hacienda, Sci Fi (only dessert of course!), etc. Just 2 of us, and we share some of the bigger meals and don’t need the “eat every thing on the Dining Plan to get our money’s worth” weight packing-on plan. Just our way of doing it, not for everyone.

    The point is, this vacation can be done without the “Free” DP, and without the Sassagoula Floatworks. That was an outdated cafeteria-style that isn’t as good as the Art of Animation “value” resort food court, or Fort Wilderness. Many families (especially families with special needs) order food from Garden Grocer that is delivered to our room – all have a small fridge. Breakfast cereals, milk, bagels, muffins all are MUCH cheaper and healthier than runny scrambled eggs and pastries (after all, except for the Beignets, this is pretty stock pretend-Cajun/Creole). And snack bars, water bottles and other food/drink can be carried into the park – even pre-made sandwiches.

    This is a MODERATE resort, and not a DELUXE resort, and doesn’t even have a table service. But it is incredibly well located for our touring plans and fun at Disney Springs by short boat trip. The food is the last reason to pick a moderate. Animal Kingdom? Yes, Boma’s and Jiko’s and Sanaa’s OH MY! But for $2000 more, I can take Uber and eat there as fast as walking to the bus!

    Sorry for the rant, but I am really hoping all GUESTS at POFQ during this refurbishment of the food court, will remember what the people who have come back year after year come for – the Sassagoula River (my daughter called it the Coca-cola River), the access by boat to Disney Springs, Yehaw Bob, Scat Cat, carraige rides, walks along the river. Most of us don’t spend much time in the rooms anyway, and food is plentiful on property everywhere. The theming and the quiet are awesome after a long day hiking in the parks.

    Mostly, DON’T LET LITTLE DETAILS ruin what can still be a magical experience! If you would take the time to google video of the opening days at Disneyland (I was there, as a note), you can see more people, with less food options, fewer attractions, and with less complaints. Yes, we pay a ton more now. But it doesn’t stop us from going back.

    DISNEY MAGIC is like alot else in life – it’s what WE bring – a child-like imagination, a willingness to be entertained, and a desire for an escape from the real world. So my suggestion is to MAKE IT WORK – and enjoy putting down the iphones and connecting instead with family and friends.

  17. Dru says

    I totally agree with Brian. I chose French Quarter because it’s Magical and I love it. I would rather stay there with no food court (which I am doing in October) than stay somewhere else. The beignets are still available and that’s all I care about. Only you can determine how Magical your vacation will be. If you let this issue impact your vacation, then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

  18. Dru says

    Plus, while I appreciate the challenges of elderly/handicapped visitors, I thought it was interesting that many posters complained about their family members having to walk to the other hotel for breakfast and/or wait for buses to take them there. If that will be problematic for them for breakfast time, what will they do for the entire rest of the day at Disney?? Disney is all about walking and waiting for buses 24/7…

  19. Margie says

    I am very disappointed bc the little food court is one of my favs things about the French quarter resort. Disney should compensate us with fast passes for the length of our stay or free dining plan.

  20. says

    “I am very disappointed bc the little food court is one of my favs things about the French quarter resort. Disney should compensate us with fast passes for the length of our stay or free dining plan.”

    Well, there is still time to change your reservation. Port Orleans Riverside has rooms still with Free Dining – but book by tomorrow. I just booked a room there, and will have to decide between POFQ or POR with free dining. Not much difference in price after getting best room discount, and eating normally instead of gorging. Disney DEFINITELY should not compensate us with FREE DINING – entitlement, a little? That policy would make all the rest of us pay more for you as well. The main goodies (beignets and gumbo, etc.) are still available. Try to understand that if the hotels did not do refurbishments, what do you think they would look like? Howard Johnson’s or Motel 6? The fall is the quietest time to do this, I am glad they are updating. I will come back next year and enjoy the upgrade.

  21. says

    So sad that the food court will be closed during our September trip! Not being able to refill our mugs at our leisure is a huge inconvenience ! We need to be compensated with free dining for the inconvenience!

  22. JoAnn says

    Go to to find out what will be available for your stay at French Quarter. Renovations have to go on. Someone will be inconvenienced. We all need to make the best of the situation. Disney is providing alternatives.

  23. Brian says

    Can we all say together “WALL-E!”

    Some of you may get this, the others just ride your scooters and get all the refills of cheap soda you can handle.

    Don’t worry, I am done with THIS thread.

  24. nikki says

    just so you all know i rang yesterday to change our JAN booking to this resort after coming back 3 week ago and really enjoyed it. i asked and the person on phone checked completion dates and its 22nd of november its scheduled to be completed by

  25. Janice says

    We are also disappointed that the foodcourt will be closed during our upcoming visit in less than 3 weeks. This resort has been our homebase since 2006. We stay there because of the design, the gift shop, the size, one bus stop, the pool, …and the food court. We are also disappointed that over the last several years POFQ has not been included in any discounts. We thought long and hard this year about staying at a value resort to take advantage of the free dining and discounts. But no – we all agreed that POFQ was where we needed to be especially since our finances have changed…house needs a new roof…daughter going off to college…and we may not be able to visit next year. My husband is one of those guys who needs to be at a park when it opens. He doesn’t want to “waste precious time” trying to get to Riverside for breakfast. Hope the options offered at POFQ won’t disappoint – must have beignets, croissant breakfast sandwiches, refill mugs there, white tea with citrus iced tea…

  26. Dru says

    JoAnn is right – renovations have to happen to keep Disney running well and exciting. Visiting in the Fall is a crapshoot. Rides will be closed, hotels will be under construction. That’s the price you pay for wanting to save some money and go in the off season. I wonder if these same people demanded compensation when their favorite rides were closed down too… BTW, when I stay at the French Quarter, I often eat breakfast the other hotel. That early morning walk along the river as the sun is coming up and the bunnies are out is a wonderful way to start the day and calm your soul. It definitely helps you deal with the crowds and screaming children later in the day.

  27. Kelly says

    Not a problem at all! Disney always does their guests right with resort refurbs! We have been through many resort refurbs at several different resorts ,and it has never been an issue. This one won’t be either. Stayed at POFQ last month and back again at the end of July. If I thought it would affect my trip, I would not stay there, but it won’t. It’s all good!

  28. Julie says

    We tried to change our reservation as soon as we found out, but the alternate option was actually more expense than when we originally booked. Currently on our 4th day here and am very disappointed with the alternate dining accommodations. 2 registers with only written menus(no pics or visuals like you normally get) equals long lines and confusion. Also extremely disappointed that there is no Peak Tea machine. How do you not serve sweet tea in the South? So far we have been using our resort cups for water and have avoided ordering food because of lines. Yes, there’s a shuttle to Riverside, however we have only seen 3 while waiting for Park buses since checking in 4 days ago.

  29. Laura says

    We kept our reservation at this resort. WE LOVE IT THERE! To be honest the walk over to riverside is quick if you need to grab a full meal. I wouldn’t even bother waiting for a bus! We did order food from the Garden Grocer this time to try it however, it was not because of the refurbishment but because the breakfast selection there was horrible and expensive!!! There are so many wonderful restaurants throughout Disney World I don’t know how you can be disappointed with this food court being closed. Just take the walk or bus over to riverside or perhaps on your way to the parks or back home get dropped off at Riverside for your meal. I agree with everyone that you don’t choose a resort because of the food. You choose it because of its fantastic location! My tip check out Garden Grocer.

  30. CBrown says

    Just stayed at POFQ at the end of July (during the refurb). Guys, it is NOT a big deal. They have a HUGE full-service quick-service location set up with tables and all of your favorites, as well as a smaller area with 2 Coke Freestyle machines (an upgrade from what you’d normally get in those refillable mugs, by the way!) and lots of snack options. There is ZERO reason for this to ruin your trip and ZERO reason for Disney to offer any compensation for the refurb. You do NOT have to walk next door for drinks or food options and they have (as always!) gone above and beyond to make it easy for their guests.

  31. Karen says

    Sorry, not authentic beignets. We’re from N.O. and a piece of fried bread dough with powdered sugar is NOT a beignet.

  32. Janice says

    I was at NOFQ in Sept. Please don’t let the refurbishment of the food court bother you…it really wasn’t as bad as I expected. Yes, there is a working drink station, the food, while the menu is reduced was just fine. Still convenient, still quick, though smaller area to sit…plenty of staff to turn tables quickly and no inconvenience to our group at all. Coffee, tea, and soft drinks easily accessible. The horrors you’ve heard are false. In my opinion they did an admiral job of providing the same service with no inconvenience.

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