Review: New Menu at Tomorrowland Terrace in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

We’re excited to bring you new menu items at an open-every-once-in-a-while favorite — Tomorrowland Terrace at Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

This counter-service restaurant is open seasonally during the busiest times, so you might not have eaten here; but we’re sure you’ve passed by it on your shortcut from Main Street to Tomorrowland!

We love this outdoor restaurant for its ample, covered seating and menu that can please any crowd. The menu has always been a mixture of hard-to-find counter-service dishes (like pasta!) and classic American items that will make even the pickiest eaters happy.

Sadly, the pasta is gone, but we’re happy to report that the new items keep the balance of ordinary and out of this world!

Entering Tomorrowland Terrace!

Since we don’t get to talk about Tomorrowland Terrace often, let’s explore the location a little more…


Wedged in the area between Main Street and Tomorrowland, the Terrace spans three levels of outdoor seating along the walkway. The lowest level has a beautiful view of Cinderella Castle!

Can you spot the castle from this upper-level seat?

Can you spot the castle from this upper-level seat?

The seating isn’t luxurious, but there is plenty of it, which is why Tomorrowland Terrace is such a convenient choice for peak season dining! Families will also love that there are two (!!) nearby restrooms and water fountains.

Second and lower level seating

You’ll order and pick up your food at one of the kiosks — the convenient bathrooms and water fountains we mentioned are to the left of the kiosks.

Ordering kiosks at Tomorrowland Terrace

So, as you can see, the decor isn’t special, and unfortunately the seating is largely covered but outdoors, so it can get warm. But if you’re in a packed park and starving, this is a good option if you don’t want to battle the crowds at Cosmic Rays, Pecos Bill’s, or the other, smaller restaurants.


Let’s check out what’s NEW!!!! The recent additions are the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Pulled Pork Bahn Mi Sandwich, Smoked Sausage Sandwich, Rocky Road Brownie and Coconut Tres Leches. Yum!

Tomorrowland Terrace Menu 2 -- click to enlarge

Tomorrowland Terrace Menu 1 — click to enlarge

And now for desserts…

Tomorrowland Terrace Menu 2 -- click to enlarge

Tomorrowland Terrace Menu 2 — click to enlarge

The new Spicy Chicken Sandwich is the most standard of the new items. The chicken breast was large and had some great seasoning. The lettuce and tomato were served on the side (another plus for picky eaters) and a large portion of fries came in a paper boat.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich and fries

Spicy Chicken Sandwich and fries

The menu notes that it comes on a sesame seed bun (mine did not) but the cast member said that they hadn’t seen the sesame seed buns yet. That said, I was there within the first few days of the restaurant being open this season, so the sesame seed buns might be there by now. However, I still really enjoyed the bread, and there was a lot of it so the sandwich never got soggy.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich Bun

Spicy Chicken Sandwich (substitute?) Bun

The sandwich was topped with pepper jack cheese that was melted onto the bun, and a yummy spicy mayo on the chicken! Basically, this will remind some of you of the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Studio Catering Co in Disney’s Hollywood Studios back in the day.

Melty Cheeeeeeeeze

Melty Cheeeeeeeeze!

This was a great option. If anything, people who love spicy food will probably wish there was a little more heat; but it’s a good option for all but the most spice-averse. Even in the hot weather it was still very enjoyable!

The Pulled Pork Banh Mi Sandwich is a stroll down Memory Lane reminding us of Tomorrowland Terrace’s early days of Asian-inspired cuisine. It’s pretty similar to the traditional Vietnamese sandwich with pulled pork, pickled carrots, cabbage, shredded lettuce and Sriracha aioli drizzled on top.

Pulled Pork Bahn Mi packed with toppings!

The roll itself was thick, and there really could have been more pork to match all that bread in my opinion. The Sriracha aioli wasn’t actually too spicy, but it tasted amazing — we think it would’ve been perfect mixed in with the pork since the meat was slightly dry!

Pulled Pork Bahn Mi cross section

Cross section!

This one was served with crispy house made chips on the side in a paper boat — yum!

House made chip boat

House made chip boat

We loved all of the flavors together, and it’s a fun quick-service option to have! But the dry meat means we’d probably go for one of the other choices on the menu before ordering this one again.

Up next is another unusual but tasty addition: the Smoked Sausage Sandwich! A smoked polish sausage with roasted onions and grain mustard drizzled on top is served on the same roll as the Pulled Pork Banh Mi Sandwich. Also like the Bhan Mi, it’s served with a boat of house made chips. This may remind some of the now-missing sausage that used to be found at Casey’s Corner across Main Street.

Smoked Sausage Sandwich with House Made Chips

The sausage itself could’ve been larger. The bread kind of stole the show since the roll was so large. But the sausage had great smokiness, so it was impressive in and of itself.

No shortage of bread on this sandwich!

No shortage of bread on this sandwich!

The grain mustard tasted great with the smokiness of the sausage, and the roasted flavor of the onions really popped! It doesn’t look half bad either…

Have you ever seen mustard so pretty?

Have you ever seen mustard so pretty?

Once again with this one — the flavors were well done, but the meat portion needed to be larger.

The real MVP here is the dessert! The Rocky Road Brownie was served warm with a brownie, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, marshmallows and walnuts.

Rocky Road Brownie

Rocky Road Brownie

The brownie is actually larger than it looks in the cup and has…wait for it…a fudge center!!!

A fudge center is always good in our opinion

A fudge center is always good in our opinion

So basically, 0ur thoughts were…SO much yes. It is rich and warm and the perfect portion — and we haven’t seen this anywhere else.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Coconut Tres Leches. The coconut is a tasty variation of a traditional Latin treat. It’s a square cut of super-fluffy cake served chilled with whipped cream on top of sweetened milk.

Coconut Tres Leches

Coconut Tres Leches

Once you take it out of its dish you see there is actually a nice amount of the milk sauce on the bottom.

Close up of Coconut Tres Leches mmm....

Close up of Coconut Tres Leches mmm….

This is probably the freshest tasting baked dessert I’ve tried at a quick-service spot. The chilled temperature and subtle fruit flavors will be a refreshing treat after watching a parade on Main Street!


The menu had a nice selection of both safe options and more unique options — especially for a quick-service restaurant! Everything was delicious, well made, and the breads were very fresh. Of course, the desserts were hands down the best quick-service desserts we’ve tried.

Cast members predict Tomorrowland Terrace will be open for the remainder of the summer, and we hope you get a chance to try this one out!

Are you headed to Tomorrowland Terrace anytime soon? Whatcha gonna eat?!? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Hannah says

    We have been going to Disney World since 1993 and have never seen this place open. The coconut cake looks amazing.

  2. BD says

    Wow, we always wondered just how busy does the park have to be for this place to actually open. I guess the answer is “summer” LOL This will be our first visit during peak summer time and I think we’ll have to get something here just to say that we finally were able to!

  3. Molly says

    So the cake isn’t soaked in the milk sauce? That’s disappointing. Tres leches is one of my favorite desserts, but that doesn’t look quite up to par.

  4. Mike V says

    I am a regular summer (mid July through end of August) visitor and never experienced this open either.
    So sorry, that’s not “busy enough” time either.

    As a matter of fact when my girls were younger this was a great quiet place to go and cool down and relax.

  5. Marion says

    Please, please, please bring back the mac and cheese, or the cucumber salad, the fries and chips are not a good side when you eat all day in the parks!! The fries are gross!! Ask people!!!

  6. Cindy Martinez says

    We had breakfast here once years ago, I think it was October. Croissant-egg sandwich. I’ve never seen it open at any other time either, and I wonder why. Disneyland has a Tomorrowland Terrace that does great business all year-round. And it has Star Wars themed food – lots of fun! Please, Magic Kingdom, open up this wonderful place for more than Wishes Dessert Party!

  7. Jess says

    I recall having a good personal sized pepperoni pizza here in the 90s. Maybe it was because I was a kid and didn’t know better but I remember liking it better than other pizza. I wish this would be open for my visit as I like having the different options for a change.

  8. Anna says

    Disney, yet again, ignores vegetarians. I bet I can get the salad without chicken-what a meal.

  9. Anna says

    That banh mi is missing a few traditional ingredients, namely the pate. In any event, it would be so easy for Tomorrowland Terrace to make a vegetarian version of this sandwich: add tofu or seitan instead of pork (and pate). I would certainly try it.

  10. Mary says

    I had the spicy chicken sandwich there a couple weeks ago. It was really good! The house made potato chips were also yummy. I would definitely eat there again.

  11. Stacey says

    Wow..yet again no vegetarian options. This seems to be the way now, a lot of these new places opening up have no vegetarian options on the menu. And no thanks, I’m a bit tired of having to eating the salad with no chicken. They’re used to be vegetarian options here. Very disappointed Disney.

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