Best Places for a Cup of Tea in Walt Disney World

Sometimes, nothing but a nice cuppa will do.

Pour Tea Garden View

And even when you’re on vacation (which is, of course, supposed to be all about relaxing), an escape into a soothing cup of tea can be a welcome change of pace.

And that’s true regardless of weather, don’t you think? After all, serious tea drinkers don’t mind raising a cup, even in Florida heat and humidity. :-)

Are you looking to try something new or to celebrate the ritual of something familiar and comforting? Either way, we have suggestions for finding a really good cup of tea throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Come with us as we share some of our favorites.

Joffrey’s Tea Traders Cafe

Just like coffee, tea is finding a larger and more sophisticated fan base everyday. But whether you’re a lifelong lover of tea, or you’re just learning your way around it, Joffrey’s Tea Traders Cafe at Disney Springs is a welcome stop on your list of places to explore this storied beverage.

Inside Tea Traders Cafe

Inside Tea Traders Cafe

If it has anything at all to do with quality tea, you’ll find it at this boutique in Disney Springs. Trained Teasmiths will ask you questions about your tastes and preferences before blending up something just right for you.

Blending Tea at Joffrey's Tea Traders Cafe

Blending Tea at Joffrey’s Tea Traders Cafe

Or if you love the majestic tradition of tea as seen through different cultures, stick around for the Gong Fu Cha demonstration, a traditional Chinese ritual tea ceremony.

Gong Fu Cha Demo Sign

Gong Fu Cha Demo Sign

Gong Fu Cha Demonstration

Gong Fu Cha Demonstration

Prefer something creamy? Check out their handcrafted tea lattes.

Chai Latte Made Just for Me!

Chai Latte Made Just for Me!

The thing that sets Tea Trader’s Cafe apart is, well, everything. Normally, when we think of a place to go for tea, it’s a tea room with pots of tea, pastries, and sandwiches. This lighter approach that focuses almost solely on the beverage itself is exhilarating and a fascinating to a tea lover like me.

Citrus Sorbet Tea

Citrus Sorbet Tea

(But no worries…if you’re hungry, they have a great assortment of nibbles that are flavored and/or inspired by the drink itself.)

Garden View Lounge

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more than just a cup of tea, then head to the Garden View Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, where you can indulge in a proper afternoon tea service.

Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian

Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian

Tea at the Garden View Lounge has always been enjoyable, but in the past few years, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. That’s made this afternoon dining experience quite a hot ticket when it comes to scoring your Walt Disney World advance dining reservations.

Here, you’ll dine on traditional tea sandwiches as well as other fare, and you can look forward to tempting sweets and pastries as well.

Prince Edward Platter

Pate and Cheese

Pate a Choux Swan and Pistachio Cake

Pate a Choux Swan and Pistachio Cake

Tea is brewed by the potful and is looseleaf, thus making for some cozy theatre as you pour out each cup. There are lots of different blends to choose from. Whether you prefer black teas, green teas, or herbals, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

Children aren’t left out, either. If your kiddos aren’t quite ready for the real stuff, they can indulge in a pot of “Dark Tea” — aka Chocolate Milk.

Pouring Tea and Special "Dark Tea"

Pouring Tea and Special “Dark Tea”

It’s a lovely experience and the perfect way to unwind during an afternoon at Disney.

Anandapur Royal Tea Company

Looking for a nice cuppa in the Parks? Your best bet is Anandapur Royal Tea Company.

Joffrey's Anandapur Royal Tea Shop

Joffrey’s Anandapur Royal Tea Shop

Located in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom, this unassuming little kiosk is a great stop on your trek through the wilds of the Park. While I can always go for a Frozen Chai on a hot day, I love their impressive list of hot tea options as well.

New Hot Teas  at Royal Anandapur Tea Company

New Hot Teas at Royal Anandapur Tea Company

When I’m in Animal Kingdom for an early morning visit, you’ll always find me at Anandapur Royal Tea Company. It’s especially peaceful first thing in the morning, before the crowds trickle back to that part of the Park.

An Early Morning Cup of Tea

An Early Morning Cup of Tea

Ah — now I want a cup of tea!

If you’re a tea drinker, then we hope we’ve inspired you to seek out an extra special cup during your next visit to Disney. Starting your day off right, taking an invigorating afternoon break, or winding down with a cup of relaxation…whatever you’re after, I’m confident you’ll find your tea needs answered at one of these spots.

For even more information about the best spots to enjoy all different kinds of tea, check out our page dedicated to Tea at Walt Disney World!

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But let’s hear from all of you now! What’s your favorite spot to enjoy a great cup of hot tea when you’re visiting Walt Disney World? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite!


  1. Caryn says

    Don’t forget the AMAZING tea selection at Sanaa. One of the most interesting selections I’ve experienced.

  2. Janet Sala says

    They make quite a ceremony of brewing your tea at Skipper Canteen. They have a triple-tea timer with specific times for black, green, and white tea. It’s from Twinings. It is available on their UK website for about 32 pounds, which at this moment is about US$42. Personally, I’d rather put the money towards a high tea at the Garden View Lounge!

  3. Michelle B. says

    The Grand Floridian no longer does teapot cozy’s or strainers. They brew all of the tea in the back, and bring it out already strained. Definitely loses some of the charm.

  4. Shelly says

    I love going for tea at the Grand Floridian, but please check the menu before you go to ensure you can find something you like and you’re comfortable with the prices. They no longer have the pate and cheese option ( I think this was called Prince Edward many years ago) and you cannot just get a pot of tea. I love it – I find it incredibly relaxing. The service is always great, the scenery is lovely, and you can walk it all off touring the Grand Floridian afterward :)

    I heard there was going to be a tea service at the new Four Season, but I can’t find any information on it.

  5. DwarfPlanet says

    We always stop by Anandapur Royal Tea Company for one of their delicious iced teas.

    Caryn thanks for the heads up we went to Sanaa a couple years ago and didn’t notice the tea, will check them out next month while we are down there.

  6. Gillian says

    My first ever visit to Animal Kingdom was on an incredibly chilly day in February. What a treat it was to find straight Assam at Royal Anandapur! It’s my favourite now, and I always get some unless it’s blistering hot out. :)

  7. Grimly grinning says

    Tangerine cafe in the back at the pastry case even on the hottest day ask for a hot mint morachan green tea! Best in Epcot hands down !

  8. Sandra G says

    We had wanted to try the afternoon tea at the GF but with the menu change, we just don’t think it’s worth it. We do love the Anandapur Royal Tea stand; great tea, well made, and a nice change from soda or coffee.

  9. Kayla says

    I did the Grand Floridian tea on my last visit and it was such a treat. We did the package with caviar and champagne and while extremely pricey it was very enjoyable and something I would love to do again.

  10. says

    Love this blog! We live in Florida and visit Disney/Epcot as often as we can (never enough)! For us, the food and drinks are just as much a part of the experience as the attractions. The Anandapur Royal Tea Company is always a required stop with their classic Jasmine being my favorite on chilly days. But really, I’ll take any of their teas…anytime :) I’m looking forward to the high tea experience at the Grand Floridian one day soon, though I’m disappointed to hear that they don’t even do tea strainers now. Shame, that’s such a nice touch to a true high tea experience. Still worth a visit, being the Grand Floridian and all. Thanks for such a beauthiful and informative site!!!

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