News! Tickets Released for Live Tapings of The Chew at Epcot

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Editor’s Note: This post was written in 2016, and as of 7/2/17, tickets for the 2017 Chew tapings at Epcot have not been released. We will let you know as soon as they are in a separate post. However, read through this post for helpful tips on how to obtain tickets. Good Luck!

The Cast of ABC TV’s “The Chew” is returning to the 2016 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Just like last year — they will be recording episodes of the show LIVE from Epcot from October 5th through 7th!

Interested in attending a taping? If so, you’ve gotta act fast. Tickets have been released, and if last year’s ticket release is any indication, they will be snatched up faster than you can say, “The Chew!”

In case you missed our little primer, here are the steps to nab your tix!

Get Tickets to See The Chew Live Taping at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Step 1: Go directly to

Step 2: From there, click on the Get Tickets box on the bottom right to Attend a Taping of The Chew.



Step 3: Select your preferred DATE from the scroll that appears above the ticket options.



Step 4: Select your preferred TIME from the options that appear below the scroll.

THIS is the spot you will select to get tickets, or find opportunities to join the Wait List or discover if the seats are sold out.

Best of luck!

Would you like to attend a live taping of The Chew at Epcot? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Lorraine A Yorke says

    YES!!!! I would sooooo love to attend a live taping of The Chew at EPCOT!!!! I just love this show and to be able to attend a live taping in EPCOT would be a dream!!!!!

  2. Maria says

    I have watch the chew for so many years. I made sure that while I was at work the show was being taped at home. When I watch the show is like I know, Clinton, Carla, Daphne, Mario, and of course crazy Michael. Originally I am a New Yorker now living in Florida and retired. Would love to win tickets to epcot wine and food festival and meet the crew. I love to cook, as a Hispanic we use food is a family get together reunion, have tried making recipes you make in the show. Good luck in your 6th season congratulations, love you guys.

  3. Maria says

    I have watch the chew for so many years. I made sure that while I was at work the show was being taped at home. When I watch the show is like I know, Clinton, Carla, Daphne, Mario, and of course crazy Michael. Originally I am a New Yorker now living in Florida and retired. Would love to win tickets to epcot wine and food festival and meet the crew. I love to cook, as a Hispanic we love to cook. Food is a family get together, reunion, soul healer lol. I have learned so much from all of you about food and recipes you make in the show. And lets not forget lovable Clinton’s crafting and drinks . Love Carla’s and Daphne’s personality they cheer me up. Good Luck on your 6th season and in each of your personal ventures, congratulations, love you guys. Maria Rivera, Ocala, Florida.

  4. Ashley says

    I just signed up for 3 tickets! My mom LOVES The Chew so I really hope we will get these tickets, she would be so happy!!

  5. says

    Signed up for tickets and are wait listed. It would be so amazing to be able to attend. We watch The Chew quite regularly and enjoy it. We also love cooking together. Good luck Folks!

  6. Tina Dosal says

    My daughter and I would love to attend a taping. We both love Disney and I love to eat and she loves to cook.

  7. Debbie says

    I was able to get tickets for the live taping for Wednesday. Does anyone know if you have to buy tickets to enter the park?

  8. Michelle says

    I was lucky to get tickets for the taping! I noticed it says it includes one admission ticket to EPCOT. do you know if it’s a hard ticket that I can use at a later date or to renew my AP? Since I have AP I don’t need the ticket for that day.

  9. says

    Michelle — You’ll want to visit Guest Services to inquire. There were no indications online that Epcot admission was included with the taping tickets.

  10. Diana says

    I would love to attend a live taping of the Chew at Epcot! I will already be in the park just missed out on the opportunity to get tickets. Huge fan!!!

  11. Michelle says

    Epcot one day tickets are included with taping tickets. My tickets say included and I read someone’s report from last year and they got tickets. Just don’t know if they’re only good for that day or if they can be used later.

  12. Hope King says

    Does anyone know how much longer tickets are being distributed? I was wait listed even though I signed up for tickets within a few minutes of the release. It was funny on another board they were talking about tickets being released in June and July? What the heck? They were coming soon on my computer(s) when I looked EVERYDAY! Anyone else here that?

  13. Gloria Link says

    One of those things on my bucket list since I am a senior and live in Orlando. Watching the CHEW is where I invest one hour five days a week for relaxing pleasure and plenty of smiles. Hubby and family get to enjoy the food I make from the CHEW. Priceless memories around the table.

  14. Linda Schwartz says

    Would love to get tickets for The Chew live at Epcot . I signed up for Oct 5 since my aunt from Washington state is in for a visit . I got put on the waiting list . Not sure when you find out if you get tickets or not but I would love to go with my aunt. :)

  15. Sherri says

    I was also wait listed. Was wondering when you find out if you will receive any. And do they tell you either way if you did or not?

  16. Shelley says

    I also requested tickets within seconds of the window being opened, but apparently was not one of the lucky few that were chosen to recieve them. My mother is in a scooter and needed handicapped seating. I am wondering if that was why we were not chose. It said they had a limited number of those slots. I would just be nice to know.

  17. says

    Karyn — Not so far. We haven’t even confirmed at this point that The Chew will be back. We’ll let you know as soon as we do!

  18. Hope King says

    I am a “scooter girl” and my kids and I waited for HOURS for the last Huricaine Mathew taping. What a disappointment! We wasn’t a WHOLE EPCOT day waiting line only to be seated behind a camera, couldn’t see much and when we watched the show we were NEVER panned by the camera so we could at LEAST seen ourselves on TV! Gordon Elliot was really jerky and glared at everybody the whole time! I liked watching him in the old days but now a very bitter experience tainted my view. I agree, I think they don’t want to see people who are somewhat diasabled so they shove you in a corner! Cancer sucks enough, I don’t need to be dissed by jerky TV personalities!!! Good look getting TIX, hope you have a better experience than we did!

  19. Trent and Dana Hinson says

    My mother plans to bring my 15 year old daughter to Disney’s Food and Wine Festival this year. My daughter is a high school student majoring in hospitality and culinary arts at Burlington County Institute of Technology. My mom is a recent double cancer survivor and has always wanted to take my daughter (her granddaughter). They chose these dates because New Jersey school have a couple of days off for teacher conferences. Please let us know how to get tickets to the Chew since it is a favorite viewing in my home!!!. Also, my daughter and mother are religious fans of your food blog and my mom is a subscriber. Thanks so much.

  20. says

    Trent and Dana — I’m so glad to hear that your daughter and mother love the blog! We hope that they have an amazing time at the Food and Wine Festival. While we don’t have info yet on when The Chew will film in Epcot, we expect to hear that they’ll return. Stay tuned to Disney Food Blog. We’ll bring you both the dates of the tapings AND the dates that you can order tickets just as soon as we have them.

  21. Rebecca says

    I love watching the Chew everyday they really make my day they have encourage me to cook more at home and try to be a better cook it would be and honor if I can go and see the taping in person !!!

  22. says

    Oh yes, I really, really would like to attend a taping at Epcot this Oct. 2017, last year was the hurricaine warnings, but I am ready now, and would greatly appreciated it!!

  23. Beth says

    Part of the post has 2016 and 2017 in it. Can you confirm if the tickets for 2017 have been released yet ? Thank you

  24. says

    Yes I want t to be a part of the CHEW-Bration. Celebrating. Wedding anniversary and a birthday!!! 6 tickets please for the Friday show!!!!

  25. Monica Zink says

    I would love to attend the taping with my husband on 10/4 – we fly home that night.

  26. Lucille Mello says

    Yes,I would love two tickets to the Chew at Disney. My husband recently retired due to medical issues and the Food and Wine Festival is a place I can take him too. We both would love to be at a live taping of the Chew.
    Thank you!!!

  27. Amy says

    YES – we tried last year and didn’t make it! My 11 year old has taken come cooking classes and is very interested too. We LOVE Disney because they are amazing with his food allergies. We are comfortable with him eating and trying many different things there because most of the chefs have a good understanding of allergies and cross contamination. We’d LOVE to see you guys there!!!

  28. says

    I would be thrilled to go to a taping and surprise my daughter with tickets. She has taken me every year since the food and wine festival started. The chew is now our favorite spot. Every time we go, we stsrt and end with the chew.

  29. Joann Tyler says

    Oh my God I would love to attend a taping of the Chew in Disney’s Epcot. I have my plane ticket and lodging set up already, been planning this visit for several months. As a retired Grandma of 4 who has just begun to travel solo with a bucket list as long as my arm; this trip will be monumental. I will be in attendance to the Food and Wine event if I don’t get a ticket to the taping.

    My kids and grandchildren have grown up spending a weeks vacation in Florida/Disney, we always come in late August. This year it will be just me.

  30. Marlene Levin says

    Would love 2 tickets to any taping during the 2017 Food and Wine Festival !

  31. Laurajean Costa says

    We will be in Epcot 10/04/17 we are requesting 4 tickets for taping of the Chew for my girls 21st bitlrthday…

  32. says

    To see Mario and Mark (I adored “On the Road Again in Spain”) in person, in Disney would be a dream and the wish my heart makes!! My daughters (19 and 21) and I are true Disney fans and foodies and so the three of us at The Chew for the Food & Wine festival would be the ultimate Disney adventure!!! good food, good friends and Mickey…

  33. Rosemary Nimetz says

    I have been trying to obtain tickets for the Chew for the past 2 years. I try as soon as they open up but so far have not been successful. I love the Chew and watch most every day and would love to attend a taping any day any time.

  34. James Restivo says

    I am a Disney Cast Member and work mostly nights. My wife comes gome from work for lunch and we watch The Chew almost everyday together. Love it and hope that we get the opportunity to see a live show.

  35. Mary Jo says

    We will be there Oct 4-6, and would love to attend the taping! My husband and I are huge Chew and Disney fans!

  36. Pamela Kasperkoski says

    I love The Chew! I love EPCOT! What more could I ask for than to be in the audience of my favorite show at my very favorite place on earth!!

  37. Marianne park says

    Pleases, pleases, pleaseeeee send me tickets for the Chew. I have been trying for the past few years. First kept it short but sweet now I won’t write a war and peace novel why I should get tickets (don’t really want to waste your time) but I can. However in a nut shell my family know a good gift to give me is anything related to the chew. With this they always know they will eat better. I am retire now was a social worker for the state of NJ. I live right down the road from Disney. I don’t really have a big bucket list,lucky me but if I did seeing your show would be right up there. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed. Patiently waiting, Marianne. PS I can be there even if there is a hurricane, hope not.

  38. Beth says

    We would love to go! My husband and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary while there and our 40th birthdays!
    Mario’s book is the first audiobook that my husband listened to about cooking! We are going with my children and my brother,his wife dad and step mom
    My stepmom is not only celebrating with us for her 80th birthday, but being cancer free after surgery in the fall of 2016. We r so excited that she is cleared to travel and would love to go as a family and see the show and meet the cast!!!

  39. says

    Marianne– We can’t send you tickets, but hopefully we’ll be posting soon the date they’ll be available. Good luck!

  40. says

    Laurajean– We can’t send you tickets, but hopefully we’ll be posting soon the date they’ll be available. Good luck!

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