Review: Tot-chos and Slushies at Disney California Adventure

Are you ready for some TOT-CHOS?

If you’re asking, “Um, what?” Don’t worry. I did too.

Jammin' on the Backlot Table and Our Tot-chos and Slushies!

Tot-chos and Slushies FTW!

But when we figured it out, we were all in!

Allow us to explain, thanks to the mad review and photo skillz of our Dining in Disneyland Guru Heather Sievers!

Tot-chos and Slushies at Disney California Adventure

If you’re looking for Tot-chos and Slushies, well…we hope that you can still find them. When we enjoyed them, it was at the Jammin’ on the Backlot dance party, which wrapped up just a few days ago at Disney California Adventure.

Seating and Ordering Area

Seating and Ordering Area

During the hours of the party, there were some makeshift food stations, and that’s where we stumbled upon the Tot-chos and Slushies. The Coca Cola Food Truck served as the kitchen to prep the eats and drinks.

Coca Cola Food Truck

Coca Cola Food Truck

Since this is a totally mobile eating experience, picnic tables that were partially shaded by umbrellas were located nearby so that we didn’t have to stroll and eat.



In addition to the headliners, you could also buy Bottled Beverages and an assortment of Chips.

Ordering Area

Ordering Area

Here’s a close up of the menu so you can get a better idea of what was on offer…

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

But I agree — something as completely awesome at Tot-chos totally deserve their very own sign. And photo.

Description of Tot-chos

Description of Tot-chos

It was clear that we were going to neeeeeed to try one of everything! Let’s break it down.

Our Slushies, Tot-chos, and Tots

Our Slushies, Tot-chos, and Tots

First off — the Drinks! The stand featured Slushies made with two different Coca-Cola brand flavors: a plain Cherry Coke Slushie, and a Fanta Orange and Cream Slushy.

Slushies -- Cherry Coke Frozen Slush and Fanta Orange and Cream Slush

Slushies — Cherry Coke Frozen Slush and Fanta Orange and Cream Slush

Let’s start with the fancier of the two. According to Heather, the Fanta Slush, made up of Frozen Orange Fanta Soda layered with Vanilla Whipped Cream, was nothing short of amazing.

Fanta Orange and Cream Slush

Fanta Orange and Cream Slush

But even though the Cherry Coke Slush was a little Plain Jane beside its dazzling counterpart, it was also so, so good! Both of these are perfect on a hot Disney day!

Cherry Coke Frozen Slush

Cherry Coke Frozen Slush

After a few sips of our drinks, it was time to dig into those Tots. Or, rather…our Tater Puffs. (I’m assuming Ore-Ida or some such has a lock on the “Tater Tots” name, so Disney cleverly avoids using the words “tater” and “tot” together. ;-)  )

You’re basically looking at a Nacho set up: the Puffs are smothered with Plastic Cheese (!!!!!!) and Chili, and are then garnished with Shredded Cheese and Pickled Jalapeños.

Heather was curious about the Tot Freshness Factor, and asked if they were made to order. They were not, it turned out. But they were at least “topped” to order. So, while the Tots aren’t soggy, they are sitting under a heat lamp and are replenished as needed. This is a bit of a bummer, as you can’t order them “extra crispy”, which is our preference.

Still, Cast Members were happy to make them however we liked — just Chili, just Cheese, or a combo of the toppings as pictured — which was the option we went for.


Tot-chos! — Up Close

Heather’s boys decided that they weren’t in the mood for anything compromising their Tot experience, and opted for a plain order.  They loved them, but also said they wished they were more crispy. (Like mom, like sons.)

Naked Tots -- Up Close

Plain Tots — Up Close

Even though we chose to keep one of our orders unsmothered, the idea of a side of Plastic Cheese for dippage was just too darn good to pass up. Fortunately, when you tell them to leave off aaaaalllll the toppings, scoring said side o’ cheese is no prob whatsoever.

But one thing you won’t find: Ketchup. If you want the red stuff, head to the hot dog place across the way. They have it with the napkins.

Naked Tots with Cheese Sauce for Dipping

Plain Tots with Cheese Sauce for Dipping

So — overall Heather thought they were pretty good. As she expressed it — “I mean, I ate the whole order myself.” And while the Tots could have been crunchier, she found that mixed in with all of the toppings, they were totally acceptable.

Sounds good to us!

But what do you think? Will you be making a trip to Disney California Adventure in hopes of scoring some Tot-chos? Leave a comment and tell us what you think of this fusion treat!


  1. Essie says

    I love frozen coke without cherry, so I would love to try an orange slushie……just orange! I imagine that they would pour you one and leave the cream out if you asked. That would be refreshing!

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