Remembering Writer’s Stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Well, we had hoped against hope that it wouldn’t happen… but it has.

Last week, we said goodbye to the Writer’s Stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

In order to make way for the construction of the future Star Wars and Toy Story Lands, the closure of the Streets of America section of the park began in April, resulting in the removal of several eateries in the area like Studio Catering Co., High Octane Refreshments, and Herbie’s Drive-In. The beloved little Writer’s Stop, however, escaped the first round of closures.

It wasn’t without a change of its own, though. In April, Writer’s Stop began operating as a de facto lounge for guests awaiting their Advance Dining Reservation for the neighboring Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant instead of as the pastry, coffee, and book store it was best known as over the years.

Writer's Stop

Writer’s Stop

Through the changes, the Writer’s Stop was a small corner of peaceful respite during a very busy park day. (Since the Streets of America section of the park was an assemblage of building false fronts and film sets, many guests would pass right on by Writer’s Stop, assuming it was more of the same.)

Writer's Stop

Writer’s Stop

Writer’s Stop Devotees will remember that this location opened as an homage to Ellen’s Buy the Book from her first sit-com, “Ellen” — thus all of the TV studio lights…with a couple of strategic hidden mickeys thrown in!

Inside Writer's Stop

Inside Writer’s Stop

Hidden Mickey at Writer's Stop in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hidden Mickey at Writer’s Stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Back in the day, this area housed a little window table for one. I spent many relaxing hours sitting there watching the world go by!

Inside Writer's Stop

Inside Writer’s Stop

And regarding the food — aside from one brief lapse of time, Writer’s Stop remained the original home to the snack that put it on the map to begin with: the Carrot Cake Cookie.

Carrot Cake Cookie at Writer's Stop in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Carrot Cake Cookie at Writer’s Stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Though the spot also carried some terrific traditional cookies, enormous Danish pastries, and an array of classic Disney confections, what brought us back again and again was this single signature snack.

Here is what the Writer’s Stop — or rather, the area surrounding it — looks like now.

Construction walls surrounding Writer's Stop

Construction walls surrounding Writer’s Stop

And if you’re heading towards Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant, you’ll walk by those construction walls surrounding Writer’s Stop.

Walkway to Sci-Fi Dine-In

Walkway to Sci-Fi Dine-In

Construction walls in the area

Construction walls in the area

By the way, you can still find the Carrot Cake Cookie at Sweet Spells. And I’m sure it’s still delicious. But moving forward, I don’t think I’ll be able to taste one without a huge wave of nostalgia for its original home.

Thanks, Writer’s Stop, for all the Carrot Cake Cookies (seriously — LOTS of them), all the peaceful, happy moments, and all the great memories. You will be missed.

Do you have fond memories of the Writer’s Stop? Please let us know with a comment. 


  1. Donald says

    I really liked the Writer’s stop. We bought the book “Be Our Guest” there to help improve customer service at our business, and of course, we ate the carrot cake cookie. The cookie was so sweet that my partner and I couldn’t finish it, not that it wasn’t good, but just because we had been eating so much all day. I put it in my backpack and found it a few days later! The Writers stop was usually empty, as I could see, as much as it is beloved by the fan community! BTW, i never knew it was based on Ellen’s old show! I am a big fan of her and now I’m really sad it is closing.

  2. Mark says

    My wife says, Nooooooooooo! We really enjoyed stopping in here. Long live “Buy the Book”. We’ll see if it’s all worth in a couple years. Until then it’s a half day park. Going Friday. Interested to see how small it really is now. Oh well, at least it will be easier on my feet. :)

  3. Bruce says

    What? Its closed!

    I’m going down to Disney in a week and your telling me my number 1 go to shop is closed?

    thats cruel.

  4. Paul says

    I will always remember the Writer’s Stop as one of the few places in WDW where you could get a good cup of coffee that was not Nescafe outside of the signature dining restaurants. I think they served Joffrey’s before Joffrey’s had the present contract with Disney. It was also a great place to find Disney Music CD’s.

  5. Lori says

    I thought I was the only one who loved this little spot–and the carrot cake cookies–soooo much! Glad to have other fans to share my sadness. ❤

  6. Courtney says

    This was my store. I worked here for a year in 2000 (floating occasionally between Backlot and The Newsstand on Streets of America). I am in tears that it’s gone but will never forget the night I learned how to use the espresso machine and burned my finger, the classic Disney movies on the tv, the rice krispy treats, the way the store was so small yet seemed to handle the crowds like the bigger stores. My heart is here in this store and I will miss it so very much.

  7. Gail says

    Nooo! So sad to see this place close. We always loved to stop in and buy a sugary treat and browse the books. It will be missed indeed :(

  8. Margaret Chapman says

    I am so sad, The writers Spot was my special place in Disney World. I was at the spot when it opened and would go every time, sometimes twice a year when I am at Disney World. There should be a place for all and this was a wonderful resting spot, and the food was wonderful

  9. Kendra says

    We’ll miss you, Writer’s Stop but I’m so glad we had a chance to get one last cup of hot chocolate and carrot cake cookie to enjoy while watching the Osborne lights last year. So many fantastic memories! We love Sweet Spells too but the Writer’s Stop was always our carrot cake cookie provider. :)

  10. Leslie says

    :( So sad to see it go. I’m still in mourning at the loss of that window seat. It was awesome.

  11. says

    This news just shattered my little nostalgic heart. Writer’s Stop, felt for me, as my own little secret hideaway even though it was loved by so so many. I loved its Hollywood feel and comfy seats and, of course, the carrot cake cookie that I’ve recommended dozens of times to friends visiting. The most disheartening part of this change is the slow eradication of what the park was known for — a glimpse into Hollywood filmmaking. Slowly, charming bits that made the park a fun behind-the-scenes journey are being replaced by experiences centered around one huge movie – Frozen or Star Wars. The charm is gone. I miss the original back stage tours, the live sets, the sound effects experiences. Thank god for IJ. Just waiting for them to take down the park sign outside and replace it with Star Wars Studios. Bye bye, Writer’s Stop. Thanks for being “my spot.”

  12. JC says

    This was one of my favorite places. The carrot cake is amazing, but this place also had what I called the “Chocolate Log” that I could not find anywhere else that was exactly like it, it was a huge chocolate croissant, that was stuffed with chocolate (it was so good it was like a candy bar in the middle of chocolate chunks) and then drizzled with chocolate and white chocolate icing. It was amazing and since they changed it and eventually closed it, I could not find anything else like it anywhere else on property. (if you could post a pic I would)

  13. Lisa says

    This was one of my family’s favorite place. They always had a nice selection of Disney DVD’s only bought food a couple of times but liked to hang out here as a hidden respite. I am sad by this but I know something good is coming.

  14. Cate says

    I knew it was coming, but it’s still so sad. There were many mornings we would rush out of the resort without getting coffee. When my caffeine withdrawal headache would hit, Writer’s Stop always saved me. I still remember the first time we stumbled upon it. We’d been to Disney 4 or 5 times before we realized that it was indeed a shop and not a façade. It was always a respite from the crowds, and I loved sipping my coffee and looking at the books or planning out the rest of our day. Thank you for the memories, Writer’s Stop. You will be missed.

  15. Paul Amico says

    A sad end for the Writer’s Stop. I will always remember it for the place in which I first met Ridley Pearson at a Kingdom Keepers book signing. Also loved the comfy couch that used to be there, the tables with their high height chairs and of course the wonderful sweet treats. The Writer’s Stop didn’t have a large footprint. Why couldn’t Disney fit it into the expansion plans? So many cherished attractions, clubs, stores, etc. have been demolished as Disney paves the way for future income generators. Change is not always good. RIP Writer’s Stop, you will be missed along with the Streets of New York and the Osborne Lights!

  16. says

    After reading your blog, I finally stopped in for the first time on my trip last fall. My mom and I ordered the carrot cake cookie and browsed the delightful selection of books. I’m so glad we were able to visit before it closed!

  17. Dave says

    It is was a special little nook, one of those neat little places, a hidden gem you would tell only your closest friends to go to so it could stay a hidden gem. Every time we passed it or stopped in we reminisced about the first time we stopped to get the infamous carrot cake cookie. I think we got 6 between the 4 of us only to find out upon exit they were serving half cookie samples free out the exit door, lol!

  18. Frank says

    Loved the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. They haven’t had it in a very long time though.
    Sad to see the place go.
    One has to wonder how long Sci-Fi will be there. Soon it will be so out of place in the middle of what is coming.

  19. Kelly M says

    An absolute hidden gem and something really different… Like all things that fall under that headline these days – gone.
    I’ll miss you this little peaceful getaway.
    When I bought my first carrot cake cookie I also bought a book on Walt while there. I sat eating the cookie and sat on the couch watching the little TV’s. That cookie changed my outlook. I absolutely remember when it was Buy The Book too as I was quite young but had watched a few episodes of Ellen…
    You’ll be sorely missed Writer’s Stop.

  20. Beth W. says

    Sniff…you will be missed, Writer’s Stop! Your Carrot Cake Cookie was to die for, and your quiet, peaceful surroundings were a welcome respite to the park chaos that could sometimes threaten my sanity! I’ll never forget the trip where we had about 12 leftover Snack Credits, and we used them to buy 6 Carrot Cake Cookies, 3 Mickey Brownies and 3 giant Minnie sugar cookies to take home. We froze some treats and remembered our trip for weeks afterwards. :)

  21. Molly Dee says

    I enjoyed my visits to the Writer’s Stop. I liked browsing the books and having coffee. It was always a quiet moment in a busy Disney visit. Que Será Será…

  22. Frankie says

    I remember my first visit to this place – I bought a huge 90s-style Ellen coffee mug, despite the fact I had to get it home to the UK and I don’t drink coffee. I also remember my last visit, this March, on a solo visit to the park where I wandered around with my carrot cake cookie soaking it all up. Thanks for the memories, Writer’s Stop.

  23. Suncountry says

    This was a spot I never missed. I loved the selection of books, the friendly staff and good coffee. I hope Disney will find a replacement for it.

  24. Rach says

    I too spent many hours on the window-seat stool reading while my party went off to ride ToT. But my favorite thing was that as soon as I got off Star Tours I’d book down to The Writer’s Stop & Jedi “Force Wave” the doors open. ;-) I will miss this little oasis of calm very much.

  25. elizabeth says

    We visited here many times ! They had the best (and biggest) muffins and danish. Often we would stop right before we left the park and buy these to have for breakfast the next morning !!! Everything was delicious ! We are so sad so see it closed. Disney should reconsider and reopen this special store !!!

  26. Lisa says

    Carrot Cake Cookie!!!! Waaaaaaaaaa! I always had to walk in, smell the goodness of books and coffee, buy a cookie, and continue on my way. Loved this little place!

  27. Michael says

    We made it a point to always stop at The Writer’s Stop and pick up a snack or something to drink. We would spend time looking through the books as they had one of best catalogs of Disney books. The Stop was also a great place to sit and cool down for a minute. To bad they had to close, but every time we round that corner someone in the family will probably bring the The Writer’s Stop up.

  28. Greg says

    The space just re-opened as the Baseline craft beer bar yesterday – 10/10/17. Nearly a year after Disney-MGM Studios was renamed, there was still a reference to the old park name that had not been caught. You had to look under the counter at one of the bar wood walls, D-MGMS was printed on it. Grabbed a photo. Perhaps it was the last indication of the old park name anywhere in the park.

  29. Giovanna says

    I am a former cast member who used to work at the Writer´s stop. Can´t tell you how much it hurts to see all my “physical memories” from that wonderful shop go away. What a special shop it was! I´ll keep it in my heart forever!

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